UNIONDALE, N.Y. – Tonight, before a capacity crowd at The Great American Bash, Michelle McCool defeated Natalya to become WWE’s first-ever Divas Champion. After a long road of sacrifice and hard work, McCool finally cemented her place in history, setting an incredibly high bar for any Diva bold enough to come after her and the gold.

The new championship was contested in a match every bit as praiseworthy as the title itself. It was a question of who wanted it more in this battle of fierce blows by both Divas combined with a barrage of painful submission holds by Natalya. But, despite Natalya’s vicious technical skills, the hand of irony intervened. Michelle McCool managed to reverse Natalya’s second Sharpshooter attempt to win with a submission hold of her own.

Going into to the event, a victory by Natalya seemed almost inevitable. She was trained in the Hart family Dungeon where she picked up an arsenal of dangerous maneuvers – including the Sharpshooter. Natalya earned her opportunity to fight for the title in the first Golden Dreams Match on the very night the new title was announced, giving her time to form an effective strategy and scout out her possible opponents. On top of that, McCool was forced to undertake an uphill battle for weeks to prove herself to SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero before winning the second Golden Dreams Match which qualified her to face Natalya.

However, after several heated exchanges on Friday Night SmackDown, it was clear that neither Superstar would was going to go down without a fight.

After beating the odds, Michelle has established herself as the top Diva on Friday nights. But now that she has reached the top of the mountain, she can rest assured that the Sexiest Woman on Television will be coming to knock her off her throne.