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Extropia is an online community in the world of Second Life, built around a positive, near-future science fiction theme. Click on the About link for an overview.

Latest News

2008-07-22: Website renovation

As you can no doubt see, we've given the website a face lift. The new site was designed by Vidal Tripsa and turned into a MediaWiki skin by Galatea Gynoid. We found that our old site was just too dark, and that for what we want to run our own website for, disseminating information about Extropia, MediaWiki works much better than Drupal, and for those features that MediaWiki doesn't handle as well, other sites (like Wordpress and Ning) do a much better job. So, new image and new engine. Enjoy!

Event News

2008-07-22: Catherine Asaro

Sophrosyne’s Saturday Salon is proud to welcome novelist Catherine Asaro, for a special discussion event on Saturday, August 9, from 1 - 2:30pm SLT. Please join us and bring your questions for Catherine!

Catherine is an astrophysicist, ballerina and award-winning author.  Her recent novel, Alpha, focused on the rights of artificial persons, built around a romance [...] (read more)

2008-06-22: Charlie Stross Packs the House!

Brought to us courtesy of Delos Books, Charles Stross drew a crowd of 74 yesterday in the Salon Room of the Central Nexus, Extropia Core. The event was as smooth as can be, free of incident, and with an informed, enthusiastic audience who kept Charlie peppered with questions throughout the session - without even queue jumpers, [...] (read more)

2008-06-09: Charles Stross Comes To Extropia!

Award-winning novelist Charles Stross will be our guest at Sophrosyne’s Special Salon, Saturday, June 21, from 1-2:30 pm SLT, in the Salon Room, Central Nexus at Extropia Core, Second Life (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Extropia%20Core/128/124/22). (New to Second Life?  With the Second Life client installed, and an account set up, click on the link above to teleport to the lobby [...] (read more)

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