The Upper Moreland High School Alumni Hall of Fame was created to honor those graduates who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen careers.  It gives us great pride to present them to you, knowing that our school community has played a vital role in their preparation for success.

The induction ceremony is held in November each year and is attended by the student body and the school community.  It is preceded by a breakfast for the inductees, their family and friends, student representatives, and staff.  Visiting classrooms and having lunch with our students completed the school day.  

The culmination activity, a dinner reception at Williamson Restaurant, afforded our inductees an opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.  A Wall of Fame constructed in the High School's Main Lobby, recognizes the members of our Hall of Fame. Scroll down the page or click on a year to view the Inductees.

1996 Inductees
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1996 Inductees: (left to right)
Albert R. Yackle, 1940; Dr. Paul W. Beck, 1960;
Patricia (Smith) Williams, 1948;
Dominic LaRosa, 1950; and
Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf, 1957
1997 Inductees
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1997 Inductees: (left to right)
Franklin Russel, 1950; L. John DeLaurentis, 1955;
Max Hankin, 1932; Lisa Grebner, 1979;
and Peter Boukalis, 1957,
(posthumously, mother and sister
accepted the award on his behalf).

1998 Inductees
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1998 Inductees: (left to right)
Dr. Paul Bateman, 1935;
Dr. Lisa Rose (Sammaritano) Selvaggio, 1977;
Dr. Ned A. Smith, 1958; Judge Bonnie Shockley, 1968;
and Charles W. Guenzel, 1963
1999 Inductees
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1999 Inductees: (left to right)
Earl H. Brill, 1943; Dr. Christopher M. Pezzi, 1977;
Anita (Rothwell) Smiley, 1933;
Stacy (Schneiderman) Chatley, 1979;
and James A. Sharman, 1977
2000 Inductees
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2000 Inductees: (left to right):
Frank Schiesser, 1943; Wendy Worthington, 1972;
Michelle (Wagman) Sokoloff, 1968;
Henry Faulker, III, 1967, and Scott Temple, 1967
2001 Inductees
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2001 Inductees: (left to right)
James Stehli, 1950; Thomas Husband, 1972;
Susan (Faunce) Lindemann, 1976;
Wayne White, 1967; and Larry Burton, 1958
2002 Inductees
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2002 Inductees: (front row):
Mark and Madeline Hankin,
accepting  posthumously for Perch Hankin, 1936;
Christine Wagner Carrelli, 1965;
W.E. (Bill) Schiesser, 1951
Back Row:  
Mark Swiski, 1978; and
Dr. Susan (Scharmann) Bitner, 1966
2003 Inductees
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2003 Inductees (left to right):
Dr. Joseph Bubinak, 1960; Karl Kramer, 1975;
Janet Searight McWilliams, 1969; Jon Clark, 1970;
and June Bechtel Shirey, 1972
2004 Inductees
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2004 Inductees: (left to right):
Drew Darrah, 1955; "Jay" Koiwai, 1971;
Linda (Boehm) Weller, 1968; Dr. Donald H. Merkin, 1963;
and Dr. Thomas D. Burton, 1965
2005 Inductees
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2005 Inductees: (left to right):
Bob McDowell, 1976; Dr. Laurie Kennedy, 1975;
Dr. Larry Magargal, 1959; Bill Power, 1979;
and James Detree, 1949



2006 Inductees

Hall of Fame 06

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2006 Inductees: (left to right):
Jonathan Bradbury, 1960; Dr. Lisa Hilsee, 1976;
Dr. Richard Stead, 1978; Dr. Robert Strauss, 1955;
and (not pictured), Dr. Linda Haegele, 1964

2007 Inductees

Hall of Fame 2007

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2007 Inductees: (left to right):
Harry B. Benninghoff, 1949; George Marin, 1968;
Dorothy Michael Morales, 1968; LCDR Ralph G. Barrett, 1974.
  Not pictured:  Lawrence R. Taliaferro, Class of 1934
Hall of Fame