Where is General Hospital's Gay Teen?

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There are many people who are wondering what the heck happened to Lucas Jones on "General Hospital," the gay son of Bobbi Spencer and Tony Jones. It was just this spring that Lucas came out to his friends and parents. His friends were cool with it but Bobbi's first instinct was to get him counseling. Tony easily accepted his son's sexuality.

"Bobbi was not homophobic, but it wasn't an easy situation," longtime "GH" writer Dave Goldschmid told me this week. "It was always clear that she loved him and he loved her."

So, why would Lucas go through all the trouble of coming out only to disappear from the show?

Goldschmid, who I met Wednesday at the Writer's Guild of America rally, said actor Ben Hogestyn (pictured, right), left for a full-time gig on "Bold and the Beautiful." Goldschmid was a recurring character but not on contract to "GH" which enabled him to make the leap.

"The response to the Lucas storyline was heartwarmingly positive," Goldschmid said. "We thought we'd get some people against it but we got a lot out of it. It was cool and interesting. If it's dramatic, we will consider doing it!"

carnes.jpg The role of Lucas Jones was originated by Ryan Carnes (pictured, left), who has a recurring role as the boyfriend of Andrew Van De Kamp. Carnes, who also starred in the independent gay hit "Eating Out," left the show before Lucas came out but his reps denied that it had anything to do with his character being gay.

Goldschmid told me that with the sudden departure of Hogestyn stopped the story in its tracks and they are still figuring out what to do with the character which is expected to be recast as some point. Right now, the writers are focused on the November return of Genie Francis as Laura Weber Baldwin Spencer - the love of Luke Spencer's life.

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