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Jane Murdoch is the daughter of shoemaker Samuel Lowdon Murdoch and Jane Young. She was born on the 26th of March 1816 at Barcloy Mill and died aged 78 on the 12th of Oct 1894. She married Captain John Sloan on the 9th of Nov 1838 at Urr. John was born in Urr on the 17th of March 1815 and died aged 51 from Disease of the heart on the 22-8-1866 at Union Street, Dalbeattie. Captain John sailed the 'John and Sarah' for some time and also the "Importer" which he had 16 shares in.

On the 1861 census John and Jane where living at 56 High Street, Dalbeattie and many months later moved to Union Street, on the 1891 census Jane was now living at 38 Maxwell Street, Dalbeattie.

Jane Murdoch and Captain John Sloan had 8 children.

(1) Captain Nathaniel Sloan was named after his grandfather, his dad's dad. He was born on the 11th of Sep 1839 at Urr. He died aged 41 on the 5th of Jan 1881 at 38 Maxwell Street, Dalbeattie, of Softening of the brain (Result of stroke or hemorrhage in the brain) his brother Charles was the informant, Nathaniel never married. On the 1871 census he was skipper of the 'Heart of Oak' and other local vessels, but afterwards went to take command of coasting steamers.

(2) Domestic Servant Jane Sloan was born 25th of April 1841 and died of Cardiac disease aged 39 on the 26th of Feb 1881, at 38 Maxwell Street, she never married. Jane had an illegitimate child called Andrew Murdoch Sloan and he was born the 6-12-1861 and died aged 5 months 6 days of Phthisis (TB) at Union Street on the 12th of May 1862. What is so sad is Jane also lost her sister Agnes one month later from the same horrible disease. The family must have been devastated.

(3) John K Sloan was born in 1844 and died aged 43 in 1887 in Richmond, U.S.A.

(4) Agnes Sloan was born in 1846 and died of Phthisis (TB) aged 15 and 7 months on the 19th of June 1862 at Union Street, Dalbeattie, her father was the informant.

(5) Granite Hewer Samuel Murdoch Sloan was born in 1849 and died of (TB) aged 34 on the 2nd of May 1883 at 38 Maxwell Street, Dalbeattie, his brother Charles was the informant.

(6) Granite Hewer Charles Alexander Sloan was born in 1853 and died aged 37 in 1890; he married waitress Elizabeth McCredie on the 14th of November 1879 at the parish of Crossmichael, Scotland. He was aged 27 and his wife was 24 and Charles's brother Samuel was the best man.
Their children are (1) Charles Alexander Sloan who was born on the 14th of April 1882 at 41 Maxwell Street, Dalbeattie. (2) Nathaniel Sloan was born on the 16th of April 1884 at
41 Maxwell Street and it appears that he joined the 1st Battalion Highlanders Light Infantry. I have found a Nathaniel Sloan in the Service and War Returns who was born the same year from Scotland and died aged 33 on the 15th of December 1917 from Disease in Mesopotamia; (Mesopotamia is now known as Iraq)
And the third child born to Charles Alexander Sloan was Jane Murdoch Sloan who was born at Maxwell Street, on the 24th of July 1889. She married David Gibson in Edinburgh on the 26th of September 1919. She died aged 39 on the 19th of May 1929 at Stirling, Scotland from Salpingitis

Jane Murdoch and Captain John Sloan last two children are.

(7) Elizabeth Ann Sloan was born in 1854 and died aged 3 in 1857

(8) (Druggist Journeyman) George Blair Sloan was born 22-3-1857 and died of (TB) aged 32 on the 1st of Dec 1889 at 38 Maxwell Street, George married Bessie Clark Ross.


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