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Bicycles Victoria 'Great Victorian' - All Sizes

Date: 25/10/2004

Supplier Name: Bicycle Victoria

Product Info: Bicycles Victoria 'Great Victorian' - All Sizes (26" x 16", 18", 21" and 23") Purple/Orange Colour, No serial numbers available. Model FC30CS. Bike dispatched between 4 October and 11 October 2004.

Defect Details:  The front fork is designed to be fitted with a bolt on hub but has been supplied with a quick release hub. The product fails the Front Hub Retention Test in Appendix C of the Australian Standard with this configuration. The associated risk is if the qui

Consumer action: Customers should cease using the bike until the new skewer is fitted. For information on how to receive the new skewers contact Bicycle Victoria on Free Call 1800 639 634.

Market Coverage: National

Recall Coverage: National

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