Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the IBM 5150 PC.

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Hello and welcome to Vintage IBM, this site is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the IBM 5150 personal computer that forever changed the history of computers. The goal of Vintage IBM is to help people to preserve and restore these ground breaking machines. Let’s keep them out of the scrap heaps and up and running. Here you will find everything from advertisements to a step by step how-to guide on restoring your 5150 to diagnostics information.

A Little About This Site

The Vintage IBM header is designed in monochrome green in honor of the IBM monochrome 5151 display. It was the only officially supported graphics card and monitor when IBM released the 5150 PC. Thanks to Gerry Doire for the new header.

If you would like to donate anything to this site, feel free to use the contact us forum.  If you have any other information in which you would like to share or add to this site, please let me know. If when viewing this site, you find an error, please make me aware of it.

I want to thank Mr. Rozycki for donating this web space for me to create this site.

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Big Sky Country
Anaconda Montana