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Our structure



Office Of The Chief Executive

The Office of the Chief Executive coordinates and provides executive support and secretariat services to the Chief Executive Officer, the WorkCover Executive, the WorkCover Board and the Workers Compensation & Workplace OHS Council of NSW.


Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit provides overall management and control of WorkCover NSW’s internal audit and corruption prevention function to improve the operation of the organisation’s operations, systems of internal control and ethical culture. The Director, Internal Audit reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.


Strategy And Policy Division

The Strategy and Policy Division provides a central point of contact, assistance and advice covering national and state policy, parliamentary business, ministerial submissions, briefing notes and correspondence, and freedom of information applications.  It also manages WorkCover NSW’s corporate planning, performance and research activities, and its consolidated data function and records management.


Occupational Health And Safety Division

The Occupational Health and Safety Division (OHSD) promotes safe and healthy workplaces in NSW through a broad approach that aims to support industry capabilities to improve OHS performance while complying with their statutory obligations.

Industry is also encouraged to fulfill their statutory obligations and improve OHS performance through: the provision of advice; delivery of targeted intervention activities; workplace inspections; investigations of workplace incidents and complaints; and, where necessary, the application of sanctions such as penalties and prosecutions.

The division supports OHS outcomes that keep people safe, including the management of health and safety processes related to registration, notification, authorisation and licensing including safety licenses/ permits. The Laboratory and Testing Services Group provides internationally recognised safety testing and research services delivered by a team of experts in technical and scientific fields.

The division is responsible for the development and review of legislative supporting material such as codes of practice and other instruments.


Workers Compensation Division

The Workers Compensation Division is responsible for the continuous improvement of the NSW workers compensation and injury management systems, including the development and implementation of a major reform program that includes:

  • improved service delivery for injured workers and employers,
  • better return to work outcomes,
  • better claims management,
  • a more financially viable Scheme,
  • increased market competition.

The division ensures that the workers compensation and injury management systems assist in providing:

  • prompt and effective treatment for injured workers,
  • medical and vocational rehabilitation so that injured workers can return to work as soon as possible,
  • income support for injured workers and their dependants during incapacity, compensation for reasonably necessary treatment and other expenses, and compensation for permanent impairment or death as a result of a workplace injury,
  • workers compensation premiums for employers that are fair and equitable, and provide incentives to improve occupational health and safety, reduce workplace incidents and better manage claims when they occur.


Investment Division

The Investment Division is responsible for administering the management of the Workers Compensation Insurance Fund’s investments.  It:

  • ensures the efficient and effective administration of the Insurance Fund’s assets,
  • monitors the compliance of the Insurance Fund against the approved investment strategy, statutory and other requirements,
  • manages the cash flow model within the Insurance Fund and the ongoing management of cash flows between Scheme agents and the Insurance Fund,
  • monitors service delivery to ensure the effective investment and performance of the Insurance Fund,
    assists the Investment Board in discharging its legislative functions in relation to the Insurance Fund, specifically by assessing and providing advice on
  • investment and strategic recommendations submitted by the Asset Consultant and other parties, and by assessing the performance of the Insurance Fund against these objectives,
  • manages key investment stakeholder relationships including those with the Investment Board, Funds Managers, Master Custodian and Asset Consultant.


Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division provides specialist services to the operating divisions of WorkCover NSW as well as providing a range of services to other government agencies under service level agreements.

The division manages WorkCover NSW’s:

  • communications and marketing, including media liaison
  • development, implementation and review of legislation
  • legal functions including its prosecutions activity
  • information and communications technology
  • finance, including
    • financial accounting and reporting
    • budget formulation and control
    • investment accounting, and
    • taxation compliance
  • human resource management
  • property, purchasing and fleet management
  • business risk management and site services


Workcover Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors of WorkCover NSW is constituted under the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.

Under the Act:

  • the WorkCover Board determines the administrative policies of WorkCover NSW and ensures activities are carried out properly and efficiently,
  • the WorkCover Board consists of seven part-time directors (including the Chairperson) and the Chief Executive Officer.  The directors are appointed by the Governor of NSW on the recommendation of the Minister for Commerce,
  • the Chief Executive Officer controls and manages the affairs of WorkCover NSW in accordance with the policies of the WorkCover Board,
  • both the WorkCover Board and the Chief Executive Officer are subject to Ministerial control and direction.

Greg McCarthy

Jon Blackwell (ex officio)
Sue Clark
Mark Lennon
Donna Staunton
Doug Wright AM

The WorkCover Board was reappointed on 1 June 2007 for a 3 year period to 29 May 2010.


Workers Compensation Insurance Fund Investment Board 

The Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Act 2004 constituted the Workers Compensation Insurance Fund.

The Investment Board consists of six directors and is responsible for determining the investment policy of the Fund and reporting to the Minister for Commerce on its investment performance.

David Spruell

Deputy Chairperson:
Nicholas Whitlam

Kerry Adby
Jon Blackwell (ex-officio)
The Honourable Peter Collins AM QC
Terry Downing

The Investment Board was recommended jointly by the Minister for Commerce and the NSW Treasurer and appointed on 18 February 2005 for a three year period.


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