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General Lawton at his desk(Note: The original report, a part of the Culbertson Mansion Collection, was Lawton's own copy of his125 page typewritten report with included appendices, signed by General Lawton with his hand-written corrections.  Since it is unknown if other copies exist, we post it here as primary source material for people researching this aspect of the Spanish-American War.



of an
to the
April 8th to April 17th 1899


The Main Report (31 original typewritten double-spaced pages)

List of Appendices (91 original typewritten double-spaced pages plus 2 page table of contents, ending with an original copy of the proclamation (in Spanish) delivered to the population of the region.)

List of Appendices
  • Appendix 1  Detail, Medical Department for Expeditionary Brigade
  • Appendix 2  Launches supplied for the Expedition
  • Appendix 3  Formation of the Fleet
  • Appendix 4  Assignment of duty to Launches
  • Appendix 5  Major Shields report, General King's illness.
  • Appendix 6  Order for return of General King to Headquarters.
  • Appendix 7  General Lawton's report of the movement against Santa Cruz
  • Appendix 8  Letter from Adjt. Genl. of Division to Commanding Officers, different organizations
  • Appendix 9  Letter from Captain Grant to Adjutant General
  • Appendix 10  General Lawton's report of the capture and occupation of Santa Cruz
  • Appendix 11  Report of Lieutenant Franklin to Captain Grant on the operation of the gunboat "Napindan"
  • Appendix 12  Report of Lieutenant Webb to Captain, Grant on the operation of gunboat "Oeste".
  • Appendix 13  Letter from Major Weisenburger to General Lawton, (Sharpshooters returned to Companies)
  • Appendix 14  Captain Patton's report of the Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 15  Captain Hasbrouck's report of the Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 16  Major Figgins report of Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 17  Captain Gale's  report of Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 18  Lieutenant Koehler's report of Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 19  Major Fraine's report of Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 20  Captain McKenna's report of Santa Cruz fight.
  • Appendix 21  Letter from Major Murray introducing Mr. H. A. Ramsden,  H.B.M. Vice Consul
  • Appendix 22  Captain Grant's report of movement of gunboats to mouth of Pagsanjan River.
  • Appendix 23  General Lawton's report, movement against Pagsanjan, capture of launches etc.
  • Appendix 24  Letter from Colonel Barry to General Lawton
  • Appendix 25  Major Weisenburger's report of movement on Pagsanjan and Lumban
  • Appendix 26  Lieutenant Brooke's report of Paete fight.
  • Appendix 27  Letter of Maj. Weisenburger enclosing reports of various officers:  Reports of Paete fight by Major Fraine, Lt. Tharalson, Lt. Hazzard and Lt. Koehler
  • Appendix 28  Captain McKenna's report of part taken by Signal Corps in Paete fight.
  • Appendix 29  Major Weisenburger's report Paete Fight
  • Appendix 30  General Lawton's report of Paete Fight
  • Appendix 31  Extract from Letter of Col. Barry to General Lawton, (Congratulating Gen'l Lawton & troops)
  • Appendix 32  Letter from General Otis to General Lawton
  • Appendix 33  Letter from Major Cardwell, explaining delay in Manila,
  • Appendix 34  Major Weisenburger's, Lieutenant Koehler's, Captain McCammon's, Captain Patton's, Captain Hasbrouck's, Major Figgins', Major Fraine's and Lieutenant Hazzard's final reports.
  • Appendix 35  Letter from Major Fraine to the Adjutant General.
  • Appendix 36  "Proclama"  Proclamation (in Spanish, to the civilian people touched by this expedition)

       Cover         Page 1       Signature Page

47/16 When you find these superscript numbers:  Red = page number of total report, orange is appendix page number



Thumbnails of sketches of this expedition
Thumbnails of photos, some from places visited on this expedition


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