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Eagles Knock Off Delta and Block Britney

by Paul Cashmere - November 5 2007

'Long Road Out Of Eden', the first Eagles album in 28 years, has debuted at number one in Australia, dethroning Delta Goodrem in her second week and blocking Britney Spears from the top of the chart.

The 'Long Road Out Of Eden' number one debut was made even more delightful by the fact that the album has received next to no airplay on the commercial radio networks in Australia.

Despite the lack of airplay, it has roared in front of the hyped Britney and Delta releases.

'Long Road Out Of Eden' sold 14,719 units, Delta's 'Delta' did 12,186 and Britney's 'Blackout' sold 9987 units.

The Eagles release also debuted at number one in the UK, ahead of Britney at number 2.

However, Britney did hit number one in Ireland, ahead of Eagles at 4.

Britney will take home the number one spot in the US later this week as 'Long Road Of Eden' will not qualify for the US chart. The Eagles album is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart in the United States. Wal-Mart brought 3 million units of the album to secure its exclusive deal. Wal-Mart is not required to supply Eagles sales figures to SoundScan to contribute to the chart.




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