The Bomis FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Bomis.

What is Bomis.Com?

Bomis.Com is an Internet ring index and portal site. We index web pages into Bomis Rings. We also offer features such as free email, weather, news, and email discussion lists.

Can I become a Bomis member?

Anyone can become a Bomis member. Membership is free. Go here to sign up.

What can I do as a Bomis member?

As a member you get to build rings yourself. You also get free web-based email, and the other features mentioned above.

Do I have to be a member to use Bomis?

No, anyone can use our search engine and play on our site. If you are a member you get to add stuff into our search engine database as well, by building rings.

What is a Bomis Ring?

A Bomis Ring is a collection of web pages on a related topic, linked together with our special Bomis software. A Bomis Ring combines features of a web ring and a web index.

How do I get my site listed in a Bomis ring?

Most rings accept submissions. Go to the appropriate ring and click on the link that says "Suggest URL!" and just fill out the form. If you cannot find an appropriate ring, consider signing up as a member and building a new ring.

Bomis is linking to copyrighted material and I want to complain about it. What do I do?

Visit our copyrights and copyright agent page for information on how to file a complaint.

What does 'Bomis' mean?

Pursuant to subsection B of Part 3, Section 12 of our exclusion agreement with the Republic of Canada, this information cannot be divulged. You can try to guess though. Go here .

How is Bomis pronounced?

Bomis rhymes with Thomas.

Does the world need Bomis?

No, but here we are.

What is the least frequently asked question about Bomis?

This one. For more, visit the Bomis iFAQ.

How do I contact Bomis?

Send email to

Can I see a list of all the Bomis slogans?

Yes. You can even suggest a new slogan. Just go here.

Can I take the Bomis Quiz?

Yes, but only if you promise to give it back.

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