1827 Georgia Land Lottery: Fortunate Drawers From Houston County

Land records are a valuable source for proving an ancestor's location at a specific time and often reveal parentage and other family relationships. Sometimes a single record will name members of several generations in a single family.

A deed is a document that transfers land ownership interests. It may include indentures, patents, grants, and mortgages.

Each of the following individuals received 202.5 acres in the county listed beside their name. The law providing for the lottery allowed white males above the age of 18 who had been residents of the sate of Georgia for at least 3 years, Revolutionary soldiers, widows, orphans, and others who had not drawn land in previous lotteries to participate.

It's important to determine the exact location of the land and the relationship of the individual to this land. Identifying the exact plot on a map is a step in tracking your ancestor, and there are several software programs that can help:

~ AniMap Plus County Boundary Historical Atlas Version 2.6 can identify every county boundary change in every U. S. county since 1634 and will display a map showing the county boundary changes that occurred in a particular year.
  ~ Site Finder is a geographic database that comes with AniMap Plus. It searches, identifies, and lists the county, state, and geographic latitude and longitude locations for all cities, towns, railroad stations, trading posts, plantations, country schools, stagecoach stops, ghost towns, and more.
~ DeedMapper is for plotting and managing deeds, grants, surveys, and claims.
~ Street Atlas displays current maps of all present day towns, streets, roads, trails, and cemeteries. TopoUSA is similar, but also includes topography, hills, creeks, old railroads, and other natural terrain features.
~ Early American Gazetteer contains electronic editions of two rare American gazetteers, dated 1833 and 1853. They provide information on states, territories, counties, parishes, districts, cities, towns, canals, mountains, islands, capes, bays, harbors, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and caves, as well as historical, political, and statistical information.

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ADAMS, David - Lee County
ADAMS, John - Muscogee County
ALSO, Elizabeth [Widow Revolutionary Soldier] - Carroll County
AMMONS, Sarah [Her Illegitimate] - Lee County
ASHBURN, Elisha - Lee County

BALDWIN, John [His Orphans] - Lee County
BARR, Thomas G. - Lee County
BARR, Thomas G. - Muscogee County
BARRON, Joseph [Revolutionary Soldier] - Muscogee County
BARROW, Thomas - Carroll County
BATEMAN, Benjamin - Carroll County
BATY, Abner - Lee County
BELL, Willis H. - Lee County
BILL, William - Lee County
BILL, William - Troup County
BIRD, William - Lee County
BLACKSHEAR, Nancy [Her Illegitimate] - Lee County
BOYD, John - Muscogee County
BOYET, Elizabeth D. [Widow] - Troup County
BOZEMAN, David - Muscogee County
BOZEMAN, Luke - Muscogee County
BRADLEY, Ire - Muscogee County
BRANNON, Alexander - Lee County
BRANNON, Martha [Widow] - Lee County
BROOKS, Edwards [Soldier] - Lee County
BROOKS, Jonathan - Lee County
BROOKS, Robert - Carroll County
BROOKS, Robert - Muscogee County
BROOKS, William - Carroll County
BROWN, Loam - Muscogee County
BROWN, Stephen - Muscogee County
BRUNSON, William - Muscogee County
BURCH, Edward A. - Lee County
BURCH, Edward [Revolutionary Soldier] - Lee County
BURTON, Elizabeth [Widow] - Lee County
BYNUM, John - Troup County

CAIN, Nathaniel - Muscogee County
CALHOUN, John [His Orphans] - Lee County
CALHOUN, Joseph - Carroll County
CALHOUN, Samuel - Carroll County
CAMPBELL, John [Slodier] - Lee County
CARR, Hugh [His Orphans] - Carroll County
CARTWRIGHT, Absalom - Muscogee County
CATO, Thomas - Carroll County
COLL, William - Troup County
CRABTREE, William [Revolutionary Soldier] - Lee County
CUTTS, Joseph [Revolutionary Soldier] - Muscogee County

DANIEL, Thomas - Troup County
DARNELL, John - Lee County
DIXON, Tilmon - Lee County
DOLES, Thomas - Muscogee County
DUPREE, George W. - Carroll County

EDWARDS, Cloah [Hus. Ab.] - Muscogee County
EDWARDS, Jane [Illegit.] - Troup County

FAN, Francis [His Orphans] - Muscogee County
FOREHAND, William W. - Lee County
FREDERICKS, John [Orphan] - Troup County
FROST, Sarah [Widow] - Muscogee County
FUDGE, Solomon - Lee County

GARDNER, Jason - Carroll County
GARDNER, Thomas - Lee County
GILES, John - Muscogee County
GIRTMAN, William [Soldier] - Carroll County
GODDIN, Stephen C. [Minor] - Troup County
GRADY, Arthur [Revolutionary Soldier] - Carroll County

HADDOCK, Luke [His Orphans] - Carroll County
HADDOCK, William - Coweta County
HADDOCK, William - Muscogee County
HALL, Thomas and Espy [Orphans] - Troup County
HARRELL, Morgan - Carroll County
HART, Samuel [His Orphans] - Lee County
HATHHORN, William - Lee County
HAYES, James - Muscogee County
HENDERSON, Jeptha - Carroll County
HENDERSON, Rice - Lee County
HIGH, Samuel - Lee County
HOBBY, James - Lee County
HOBBY, James - Muscogee County
HOLLOMON, William [Soldier] - Lee County
HOLLY, Temperance [Illegitimates] - Carroll County
HOLT, James [Sen. Revolutionary Soldier] - Muscogee County
HOLT, Robert - Muscogee County
HOLTON, John and William and S. [Orphans] - Lee County
HOWEL, Masheck - Muscogee County
HOWELL, John - Coweta County
HOWELL, John Sr. - Muscogee County
HOWELL, Mary [Widow Revolutionary Soldier] - Coweta County
HUNT, Benjamin [His Orphans] - Lee County
HUNT, Lewis - Lee County

INGLET, Hezekiah - Lee County

JAMESON, George T. [Illegitimate] - Lee County
JENKINS, Charles M. - Lee County
JOHNSON, Albert - Lee County
JOHNSON, Elizabeth [Widow] - Lee County
JOHNSON, Green - Carroll County
JOHNSON, Jacob - Muscogee County
JOHNSON, John A. [Minor] - Coweta County
JOHNSON, Martin [Revolutionary Soldier] - Muscogee County
JOHNSON, Richard - Carroll County
JOHNSON, Thomas [Soldier] - Lee County
JONES, Nancy [Widow Revolutionary Soldier] - Lee County
JONES, Wiley [Soldier] - Lee County
JORDAN, Enoch - Lee County
JORDAN, Lewis J. - Troup County
JORDAN, William H. - Lee County
JUSTICE, Aaron - Muscogee County
JUSTICE, Aaron [Revolutionary Soldier] - Lee County

KEENER, Lawson - Muscogee County
KELLY, Catherine and J.P.D. [Orphans] - Muscogee County
KEMP, Mark - Coweta County
KENNON, James - Troup County
KNIGHT, Abel [Illegitimate] - Lee County

LAIDLER, John [Soldier] - Lee County
LEWIS, David - Troup County
LEWIS, Moses F. - Lee County
LISCOE, Robert [His Orphans] - Muscogee County
LISENBEA, Silas - Carroll County

MANNEN, Larry - Lee County
MCCORMICK, Jeremiah - Muscogee County
MCDANIEL, Page - Carroll County
MCDUFFY, James N. [Orphan] - Lee County
MCKINNEY, Benjamin - Carroll County
MCMANUS, Robert [His Orphans] - Muscogee County
MCMANUS, Robert [His Orphans] - Troup County
MERCER, Meridith - Muscogee County
MIDDLETON, Hugh [ Revolutionary Soldier] - Carroll County
MILLS, Susan and Betsey M. [Orphans] - Muscogee County
MIMS, Joseph - Carroll County
MOBLY, Elizabeth [Orphan] - Muscogee County
MOORE, Henry D. - Lee County
MOORE, Tamar [Min.] - Lee County
MOZINGO, Giles - Carroll County

NICHOLS, John - Lee County
NICKELSON, Duncan - Lee County
NICKLISON, Duncan - Troup County
NORRIS, Enoch - Lee County
NORRIS, William - Lee County
NORRIS, William - Troup County [Was This a Fraudulent Draw?]
NORRIS, William [Sen.] - Muscogee County

OLLEN, Joseph and RATLIFF, Luke R. - Troup County

PAGE, Thomas - Carroll County
PAINE, Sarah [Widow] - Muscogee County
PATESALL, Joshua - Muscogee County
PERRY, Simon - Carroll County
PITTS, Daniel - Troup County
PITTS, Lunsford - Troup County
PRICE, Whitmore - Coweta County
PRICE, Whitmore - Muscogee County

RALEY, Henry W. - Lee County
RAMBERT, Scarborough - Carroll County
RAWLS, Moses - Carroll County
REED, M. and E. and Jane [Orphans] - Muscogee County
RICHARDSON, C. [H. A.] - Troup County
ROBINSON, Alexander J. - Lee County
ROYAL, Isaac [His Orphans] - Muscogee County
ROYAL, Stephen [His Orphans] - Lee County

SANFORD, Abner - Lee County
SCOTT, Aquilla - Lee County
SCOTT, Joel B. - Lee County
SIMPSON, Arthur - Muscogee County
SIMPSON, Euphamy [Widow Revolutionary Soldier] - Troup County
SIMPSON, John - Lee County
SIMPSON, Thomas - Carroll County
SINGLETON, William - Lee County
SINGLETON, William - Muscogee County
SMITH, Alexander - Troup County
SMITH, Benjamin - Lee County
SMITH, Henry - Muscogee County
SMITH, Isaiah - Muscogee County
SMITH, John - Troup County
SMITH, Neadom - Troup County
SUMMERFORD, Henry - Lee County
SUMMERFORD, Henry - Muscogee County

TANTON, Charly [Ins.] - Muscogee County
TANTON, Nathan [Soldier] - Muscogee County
TAYLOR, Figers - Lee County
TAYLOR, Tekal - Carroll County
THARPE, Benjamin A. - Lee County
THARPE, Benjamin A. - Troup County
THEMBY, Thomas [Revolutionary Soldier] - Muscogee County
THOMPSON, Robert M. - Troup County
THOMPSON, William - Carroll County

VINSON, Isaac - Coweta County

WADSWORTH, Hiram - Troup County
WALKER, Jane [Widow] - Lee County
WALKER, Jeremiah [Soldier] - Lee County
WALL, Jesse - Lee County
WARREN, John M. - Coweta County
WATERS, John E. - Lee County
WATSON, Michael - Carroll County
WEARS, Robert - Lee County
WELBORN, Johnson - Troup County
WEST, William [Soldier] - Coweta County
WHEELER, W. [Son of B.W.] - Lee County
WILLIAMS, John W. - Lee County
WILLIAMS, Wesley - Lee County
WILSON, Ephriam - Lee County
WIMBERLY, Abner - Lee County
WIMBERLY, John - Lee County
WIMBERLY, Perry - Lee County
WIMBERLY, Perry - Troup County
WOOD, Louis [Widow] - Lee County
WRIGHT, Ezekiel - Lee County
WRIGHT, Ezekiel - Muscogee County

YARBOROUGHS, R. [Widow] - Carroll County

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More Georgia Land Records:

Land Grants to Georgia Revolutionary War Veterans
The state of Georgia did nothing for its Revolutionary War veterans until
1820 when veterans were allowed to enter the Third Land Lottery of Georgia.
Requirements for entering this lottery included residence in the state of
Georgia for at least three years and service in the United States military
during the Revolutionary War. This military service was not limited to
service in or under the state of Georgia. Subsequently, Revolutionary War
veterans were also allowed to enter the Fifth and Sixth Land Lotteries of
1827 and 1832, respectively, with the same requirements as in the Third
Land Lottery. This database contains a list of all the veterans who won
land in the Third, Fifth, and Sixth Land Lotteries of the state of Georgia.
Along with the name of the veteran the list also includes the county name
in which the veteran resided as of the date of the indicated Land Lottery,
the year of the Lottery in which the veteran won land, the Land Lot
number, District number, occasionally the section number, and county of the
draw, and the date the land was granted.

Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery, 1832
Of all the states, Georgia has the distinction of being the only one to
distribute parcels of land by lottery. This database is a listing of
persons allotted land in 1832 from what was considered "Cherokee Land."
Located in the northeastern part of the state, over 18,500 parcels were
distributed by lottery in that year. Each record of this collection
contains the individual's name, residence, and county. Additionally, it
provides the district and section number of the parcel of land. For
researchers of early Georgian ancestors, this can be an enlightening database.

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