Arm Position Extended A.P.E. V-REX
Owners of the V-Rex, Rocket and Vivo with the top loader risers may want to try the arm position extended A.P.E. It is fun and simple to do. Just remove the bars, loosen the riser, and pop out the cables. Flip the riser around backward so it is now pointing forward, re-install cables and bars.

Set the tilt on your flip-it so it is more upright. Be careful not get the riser too far forward, it will make the bike overly sensitive in steering. The idea is to allow your arms to extend a bit, approximately 6 to 8". This opens up the cockpit, aids in mounting and dismounting. It has a neat feel to the handling, we think you may like. With the bars forward and just clearing the knees you will have no worries about knees hitting the bars.

It only takes a few minutes to try APE, and costs nothing if your bike is top loader equipped, if not just visit your nearest dealer, or order  the standard handle bar BPHB0026, and riser BPHB0027 online. The change will impress you how instantly comfortable and natural the set up feels. Enjoy!

Remember the 3 inch rule: ensure that 3 inches of overlap exist where handlebar segments meet. Also be certain handlebar clamps are properly re-tightened before riding.

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