Well, as you may have already deduced, I'm Tracy, and this is my strange little web page. This 'about the artist' thing is a great excuse for me to talk about myself so, if you'll bear with me for the next couple of paragraphs, that's what I'm going to do.
I was born in August in 1980 in a funny place called Springfield (the one in Massachusetts) and grew up in Agawam (also the one in Massachusetts...in case there's any confusion as to which Agawam I'm referring to). From what I can remember of my childhood, I spent most of my time pining away for a horse...and drawing them. This went on for a decade or so until I met Jo-anne. She kinda slapped me around a little and got me to draw horses and cats. But to give Jo-anne proper credit: She taught me just about everything I know about traditional artistic media and kept me so interested in art that I chose it as a career. She also tolerated my presence weekend after weekend for many years--and that in itself is quite a feat. It's a good thing I met her...because otherwise I might have become a lion-tamer (my career objective circa age four...at the time of this photo) and that, my friends, is a path that leads to nowhere.
I spent my high school years drawing stupid comics to amuse my friends, studying martial arts, riding horses (that horse thing never went away), working for an orthodontist, playing crab-tag (don't ask), and collecting books....about stuff. By the time I graduated I knew I wanted to go to art school, but my guidance counselors played a silly trick on me and I found out I couldn't afford to do that. Instead, I attended Our Lady of the Elms College for a year where I studied biology and complained a lot. I kept drawing, though...and I put up a web page that, despite its crappiness, changed my life.
Fortune had smiled upon me, and I was spirited away to St. Louis, Missouri to work as a 3D artist and illustrator for a computer game company. Good deal. I get paid to learn what I wanted to learn in college...and I don't have a gargantuan student loan to worry about (not yet anyway). Now I spend my free time hanging around with my best pal, Candy, buying more books than I have room for, criticizing movies with David, playing a game called airsoft (like paintball only cooler), answering email, catering to my two felines (the orange one claims to be the Anti-Christ..see reference photo), and of course drawing and painting--and generally doing anything that counts as obsessing over this here web page thing.
Many thanks to Dad, Mom (hi, Mom), David W., Jo-anne, Chris C., and Candy....who all, in one way or another, helped make this web page a lot less embarassing than the last one. =)