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We have created the Shogo Ring to be a quick and easy way for people to have a "web ring" of Shogo sites. If you are unsure of what a "web ring" is, please read our detailed description here.

After reading about what the Shogo Ring is, please add your Shogo Site to the Shogo Ring. After you add your site, please add the following HTML Code in this file, shogo.txt, to your Shogo Page. With the simple task of adding your site to the database and putting our supplied HTML in your page, you can be a part of the Shogo Ring!

Step 1
Add your site to the Shogo Ring here.

Step 2
Add this HTML to your page.

View the Ring
Here you can look at all of the sites in the Ring.

Remove your Site
If you need to remove your site, please do that here

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Leave the ring if you need to leave the Shogo Ring.

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