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World Tag Team Title

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Edouard Carpentier & Ernie Ladd64/02/01San Bernardino, CA
Defeat Art Neilson & Stan Neilson to win International Television Tag Team Title; renamed WWA World Tag Team Title.
Fabulous Kangaroos: Al Costello & Roy Heffernan 64/02/27Bakersfield, CA
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres64/04/28Long Beach, CA
The Destroyer & Hard Boiled Haggerty64/07/30Bakersfield, CA
Fred Blassie & Mr. Moto64/10/27Long Beach, CA
The Destroyer & Hard Boiled Haggerty [2]64/11/03Long Beach, CA
Edouard Carpentier & Bob Ellis64/12/09Los Angeles, CA
Kurt Von Stroheim & Karl Von Stroheim65/05<
Assassins65/05/13Los Angeles, CA
Kentuckians: Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith 65/08/08Los Angeles, CA
Assassins [2]65/09<
Kentuckians [2]65/09/14Long Beach, CA
Repeated on 65/09/16 in Bakersfield, CA.
Gorilla Monsoon & Luke Graham66/01<
Gorilla Monsoon & El Mongol66/01/23
Defeat Luke Graham & Moondog Lonnie Mayne.
Alberto Torres & Thunderbolt Patterson66/02/09Los Angeles, CA
Buddy Austin & El Mongol66/04/18Los Angeles, CA
Pedro Morales & Luis Hernandez66/06/24Los Angeles, CA
Hard Boiled Haggerty & El Shereef66/10/28Los Angeles, CA
Pedro Morales & Mark Lewin66/12/10
Hard Boiled Haggerty & El Shereef [2]67/02<
Pedro Morales & Ricky Romero67/02/10Los Angeles, CA
Mike DiBiase & Killer Karl Kox67
Mr. Moto & KIM Il (Kintaro Ohki)67
Mike DeBiase & Karl Gotch67
Pedro Morales & Victor Rivera
Buddy Austin & Fred Blassie67/10<
Pedro Morales & Antonio Pugliese67/12<
Medics68/05/04Los Angeles, CA
Renamed NWA Americas Tag Team Title when WWA joins the NWA on 68/10/01.

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