MacBook Air.

Born free.

Wireless with 802.11n WiFi.

Without wires, you’re free to go anywhere.

MacBook Air is the notebook that allows for a fully wireless lifestyle. It all starts with the fastest-available, next-generation 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR built in. And that’s just the beginning of the unprecedented wireless capabilities of MacBook Air.

Ahead of the curve.

In redefining thin, MacBook Air has shed something you no longer need: the optical drive. That’s because MacBook Air is built for the wireless world. So instead of watching DVDs, you can rent movies wirelessly from the iTunes Store. And instead of backing up files to a stack of discs, you can back up files wirelessly using Apple’s new Time Capsule.

However, for those times when you still need to install software on MacBook Air from a CD or DVD, a new feature called Remote Disc lets you wirelessly use or “borrow” the optical drive of a Mac or PC in the vicinity. So you can have full access to an optical drive without having to haul one around. 

Remote Disc: How it works.

iMac, iMac, MacBook Air.
  1. Set up Remote Disc on a nearby Mac or PC.

    Select a nearby Mac or PC with an optical drive. On that computer, install the Remote Disc Setup software (found on the supplied Mac OS X Install DVD). It is now permanently enabled for Remote Disc.

  2. Insert the software disc you want to install.

    Insert the DVD containing the software you want to install on MacBook Air into the optical drive of the Remote Disc-enabled Mac or PC.

  3. Install the software on MacBook Air.

    In the Finder on MacBook Air, under Devices, select the icon that says Remote Disc. Click on the computer you enabled, and then double-click to open the software DVD. Now proceed with the installation just as if you had a built-in optical drive.

Even migration is wireless.

How do you transfer all of your files, music, photos, and other valuable content from your old Mac to your new MacBook Air? Forget the FireWire cable — that’s the old way. MacBook Air lets you migrate everything wirelessly.

When you turn on MacBook Air for the first time, Setup Assistant walks you through the initial setup. Install the Remote Disc Setup software on the old Mac, and it will then be available to transfer information onto your new MacBook Air. It’s all wireless. All simple. And all secure.

Time Machine.

Introducing wireless backup.

Mac OS X Leopard brought you Time Machine, the built-in backup that automatically copies files to an external drive. And now, Time Capsule — the new hard drive plus Wi-Fi base station — lets you use Time Machine to wirelessly back up your files. It’s effort free and yet another way MacBook Air lets you live and work untethered. Learn More

MacBook Air and iTunes.

Wireless movie rentals.

With iTunes, you can now rent, download, and watch the latest blockbuster hits as well as classic movies on MacBook Air. So you can have one of the world’s thinnest, lightest cinemas with you wherever you go.

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