Loco-Hauled Rollingstock

Tuesday 22nd August 2006

New V/Line Logo



In the past few weeks, newly released V/Line posters and brochures, and pocket timetables have had the below new logo (left) used on them in place of the previous logo (right)

New Logo
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Previous Logo
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The new timetables effective September 2006 (for the Northern, North Eastern, South Western and Western regions) and October 2006 (Eastern Region) also feature the new logo.

The new logo is very similar to the previous logo, however, has lost the line underneath the letters V and Line and has had an angled purple line put above the graphic - the purple believed to be from the livery of the VLocities. The stroke between V and Line has also had a small change in shape.

It is unknown whether this logo will be used on rollingstock or staff uniforms yet.


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