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PAC-MAN World Championship

PAC-MAN World Champion Crowned!

Published June 5, 2007

Mexico's Carlos Daniel cdborrego Borrego beat out Robert vibemaster79 Glashuettner from Austria to claim the title of PAC-MAN World Champion. The two players were also among the first people in the world to play Toru Iwatani's new game created just for this competition: PAC-MAN Championship Edition.

PAC-MAN World Championship Finalists and execs

The action was fast, the pressure was on. Carlos lost a life with seven seconds on the clock but had pulled far enough ahead of Robert that he was still able to win the championship and the grand prize. Iwatani himself stepped onstage to present Carlos with the custom one-of-a-kind PAC-MAN themed Xbox 360.

New PAC-MAN Game Unveiled
Original PAC-MAN creator Toru Iwatani surprised the world June 5 when he unveiled the PAC-MAN Championship Edition, featuring the first new PAC-MAN mazes in more than 26 years, available only on Xbox 360. PAC-MAN Championship Edition is the same beloved PAC-MAN game played in pizza parlors and arcades of the eighties but is updated with new features that former PAC-MAN fanatics and new generations of fans alike will love. It includes new mazes that dynamically change shape during gameplay, six new timed game modes, new soundtracks and high-definition graphics. More details.

TriXie's Travels: New York City Will Never Be the Same
Our Xbox.com Community Girl, TriXie, went to New York City to cover the PAC-MAN World Championship. She had an absolute blast and sent along some great photos of the event, the special PAC-MAN console, and the medal ceremony. More details …


Videos & Interviews

Final RoundThe Exciting Final Round
Watch Robert from Austria and Carlos from Mexico eat dots and chase ghosts for the big prize.
Interview with the Winner, Carlos BorregoInterview with the Winner
Meet the best PAC-MAN player in the world, Carlos Daniel Borrego.
The CompetitionThe Competition
From 10 global finalists down to one PAC-MAN World Champion.
Monday Night Pac-ManFinalists Play New Mazes
The world’s best were the first to play PAC-MAN Championship Edition.
Toru Iwatani InterviewInterview with Toru Iwatani
Major Nelson with the creator of PAC-MAN Championship Edition.
Billy Mitchell InterviewBilly Mitchell Interview
Major catches up with PAC-MAN's legendary perfect-score dude.
Jeff Bell InterviewJeff Bell Interview
Major interviews an Xbox VP and gets him to say"Wakka Wakka Wakka."

World Championship Winner & Finalists

Champion Carlos Borrego

Grand Prize Winner
Mexico Champion:
Carlos Borrego cdborrego
Hometown: Pachuca, México
Language spoken: Spanish
Years playing video games: 21 Years
First played PAC-MAN: 1986
Hours spent playing PAC-MAN on Xbox LIVE Arcade during Tournament? 16 Hours
Hobbies besides PAC-MAN: Programming video games
Do you think you can be the first-ever Xbox 360 PAC-MAN World Champion? "Of course."


Second place went to Robert Glashuettner, third place to Dwayne Richard and forth place to Jason Gahler. Meet all the finalists.


PAC-MAN at Xbox

Someone’s been stealing Jeff Bell’s fruit … and he's mad.
Pac-Man Doing His ThingPAC-MAN: Doing His Thing
The new guy shows off his impressive skills to his co-workers.
PAC-MAN World Championship

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