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How Does An Asian Commons Mean


This paper seeks to raise a set of conceptual questions around what it may mean to think of an Asian Commons. The metaphor of the commons as it is used in debates on information emerges from a specific history of the enclosures movement in Europe. The task of articulating an Asian Commons will have to do more than merely translate existing initiatives such as Creative Commons. This paper argues that the idea of an Asian Commons will have to answer larger questions of what it mean mean to provide an epistemological account of the commons in Asia.



Lawrence Liang

Alternative Law Forum

Lawrence Liang is a legal researcher with the Alternative Law Forum (ALF) in Bangalore. His key areas of interest are law, technology and culture, the politics of copyright and he has been working closely with Sarai, New Delhi on a joint research project Intellectual Property and the Knowledge/Culture Commons.

A keen follower of the open source movement in software, Lawrence has been working on ways of translating the open source ideas into the cultural domain. He has written a number of articles on copyright, free software and media practices, and in collaboration with Sarai also wrote the license for OPUS, an online collaborative platform for artists and media practitioners. In 2004 he was a Research Fellow at Media Design Research, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam.

Text above by Piet Zwart Institute, CC:BY-NC-SA 2.0


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