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UK News

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No link between child porn and sexual abuse

Thursday, 15th December 2005, 14:47
Category: Crime and Punishment

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - There is no link between looking at child pornography and sexual abuse of youngsters, a senior police officer told a conference today.

Studies have found no correlation between those who download graphic images of youngsters via the internet and child molesters.

Dr Stuart Kirby, Detective Chief Superintendent with Lancashire Police, told the International Investigative Psychology Conference: "When you look at all the research that has been done nationally, the consensus is that there has not proven to be a link between the viewing of pornography and the committing of hands-on offences.

"In a follow-up study by Lancashire Police, that was found to be clearly the case."

He added: "Viewing child porn is illegal and there is the issue that if people did not view it, then people would not take the pictures and those children would not be abused in that way. We are not making light of child porn."

The study by Lancashire Constabulary and a PhD student from the University of Liverpool looked at 18 men with an average age of 41 who had downloaded child porn. The study labelled 70 per cent as 'enthusiasts' who spent a lot of time online, often lived alone or with their parents, without any children and had no previous convictions.

30 per cent were labelled 'paedophiles' who were in long term relationships, had children but did not live with them, were unskilled and likely to change their job frequently. None of the 18 fell into the 'predatory' category.

This British research and others before it contradicts an American study which stated one third of people who used graphic images were 'actively abusing children.'

Dr Kirby, who has a PhD in Psychology, said: "We have not found that in our research."

Operation Ore in 2002 was an international crackdown on child pornography across the world and it implicated 6,000 in the UK.

Dr Kirby said there needed to be more research focusing on educating potential victims.

Four per cent of the population suffer from 44 per cent of all crimes and Dr Kirby said there needed to be a better understanding of the victim and location.

He added: "We have focussed a lot on the offender and we know a lot about them and have a good understanding of them. But crime is affected by the dynamics surrounding the victim.

"This is an area that still needs to be explored. We need to make public services think what rings those warning bells with the victim - that they might carry on putting themselves at risk. We are in no way saying the victim plays any role in instigating the offence and the culpability always lies with the offender.

"But as we learn more about the dynamics of the offence the more we can do in terms of prevention."

Another study by Dr Kirby focussed on 219 sex offenders which found only one fifth had re-offended in a 15 year period
Caprice drink drive case adjourned

Friday, 16th December 2005, 10:45
A drink-drive case against reality TV star and model Caprice was adjourned at Highbury Magistrates this morning.

The celebrity Big Brother star was arrested in her Mercedes at around 4am on Saturday morning on Tottenham Court Road.

She was allegedly stopped by police for driving with her fog lights on.

The glamorous Californian allegedly told police she had had only a single drink at a... Read More
'Women Who Take Time To Get Pregnant Have Boys'

Friday, 16th December 2005, 09:46
Women who take a long time to get pregnant are more likely to have a boy, according to new research.

The Dutch study of 5,283 single births found the 498 mothers who took more than a year to conceive had a 58 per cent probability of bearing a male infant.

The proportion of sons born to the 4,785 women with shorter conception periods between July 2001 and July 2003 was just 51 per cent,... Read More
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