V/STOL Aircraft Systems Technical Committee

Advancement of the arts, sciences, and technology that are applied to the design and operation of VTOL and STOL aircraft systems, including life systems, attitude control systems, airframe configurations, subsystems, handling qualities and safety, navigation and air traffic control, noise and pollution suppression, ground handling, and ground time minimization.

Chairman: Mr. John R. Sprague
10901 SW Hawk View Cir
Stuart, FL 34997-2712
Phone: (561) 283-6888

V/STOL Center of Excellence


Newbold V/STOL Award

AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Forum

TC Charter (Revised Sept 02)

V/STOL Highlights 2002 [PDF]

V/STOL Highlights 2001 [PDF]

V/STOL Highlights 2000 [HTML] [DOC]

V/STOL Highlights 1999 [HTML] [DOC]

History: Built V/STOL Concepts

History: The V/STOL Wheel (650 KB)

History: Unbuilt V/STOL Concepts .

International V/STOL Historical Society

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