UNIONDALE, N.Y.Edge approached Sunday’s WWE Title Match against champion Triple H as a desperate man, and, as he himself admitted: “When I’m desperate, I’m dangerous.” (Watch the exclusive slideshow)

Unfortunately for the Ultimate Opportunist, a man with nothing left to lose has never been much of a match against a woman scorned. That was the case Sunday night as well when a wild turn of events led Edge to spear his wife, Vickie Guerrero, and lose the match to Triple H.

The trouble all started last Friday night on SmackDown when Triple H offered his wedding gift to Edge and his Vickie Guerrero during their reception. As the newlyweds looked on, The Cerebral Assassin unspooled a video of Edge sharing a passionate kiss with wedding planner Alicia Fox.

The damning footage ruined the couple’s nascent marriage and sparked a concentrated hatred in the jilted bride.

The first flash of that animosity shown brightly Sunday night. It looked like Edge had finally gained an advantage in the match when Fox entered ringside and tried to hand him the WWE Title to use, presumably, as a weapon. Guerrero, however, charged down after her, leveling the homewrecker with a stiff clothesline. 

The two women battled into the ring, where both men were exhausted and flat on their backs. As the referee tried to separate Fox and Guerrero, the Ultimate Opportunist rushed the ref, who dodged his spear at the last moment. What happened next was stunning.

The R-Rated Superstar speared his wife, slamming her frame to the canvas. The stunned former champion could hardly believe what he had done and stood in silence for several moments.

As Edge wandered about the ring in an effort to compose himself, Triple H overcame his exhaustion and managed to administer a match-ending Pedigree to ensure his title reign continue. 

It was a wild conclusion to an already rowdy night, costing Edge his chance at the WWE Title and possibly sabotaging any hope of a reconciliation with Guerrero. It also allowed Triple H to retain his WWE Championship, keeping The King of Kings nestled upon his throne.