Surfin' in Pichilemu


Pichilemu is the South American version of California's Santa Cruz. The waves are world class and the water is cold. A 4/3 mm wetsuit will keep you plenty warm. The main differences being unlike Santa Cruz you will not find crowds of surfers in the water nor will you wake up to morning fog. Pichilemu has a very wide swell window from NW all the way around to SSW thus ensuring that the surf is almost never flat. The best conditions can be found December through April, but good surf can be expected year round. The surf is often very large. Interestingly, Pichilemu is also an excellent place to learn to surf. The town is home to several surf schools that offer instruction and a full line of rentals including longboards, high performance shortboards, and wetsuits.

The main break in town is Chile's longest wave. When the wave is connecting, it is over a kilometer long. "La Puntilla" protects the wave from the prevailing southerly wind ensuring that the surf is clean all day. In fact, the wind gradually bends more offshore as the day progresses. On the inside, small waves reform off a sandbar providing an excellent spot for beginners honing in their skills. Windsurfers and kitesurfers should note that "La Puntilla" blocks the wind chop but not the wind providing some of the cleanest down-the-line wave sailing to be found on the planet. The best time for consistent southerly wind is in the spring to early summer (November to January).

For those that want to put their surfing skills to the test, the world-class point break Punta de Lobos is 3 Km south of Pichilemu. This wave is also protected from the prevailing southerly winds. The surf is usually bigger then in Pichilemu and is a true big wave surf spot. The main break is fast and tubing with numerous rocks on the inside so is for expert surfers only. However, like Pichilemu there is an inside beach break protected from the big swells that is great for beginners. Beginners are advised to seek instruction from the surf schools before entering the water.

Another 3 Km south is Playa de Cahuil. Cahuil has a beach break that is protected on the rare days that the wind blows from the north. More importantly, Cahuil has a salt-water lagoon that is separated from the ocean by a sand bar. For kitesurfers looking for buttery smooth water with steady winds, Cahuil is as slick as it gets.


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