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About Us

David Pickup is the creator of The WorkOUT, and serves as its lead Life Coach. Recently, David discovered that many men who were dealing with homosexual desires needed   a Life Coach. He realized many men didn’t want a therapist or a best friend, but a mentor who could support

Professional Qualifications
David has a Masters degree in Psychology, is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist intern, and is pursuing his doctorate in Psychology. David is a professional tutor with the Professional Tutors of America. He also has served for three years as Training Coordinator for the local community of the Mankind Project in Los Angeles. David is a member of the church of Christ in Los Angeles.

A Call for Life Coaches
Dave has a passion for helping men be men. He wants to help as many guys as possible and invites men who have the same desire to join with him. If you are interested in joining the Life Coaching team, please contact David for an interview and training program details.

challenge them to take more healthy risks to defeat the “roadblocks” which keep them from personal growth.

From Healing to Helping
After facing and resolving these issues in his own life, David created The WorkOUT for men who want to change their sexual orientation by securing their full manly identity. David has made The WorkOUT available to all men wherever they live in the world no matter what their personal or spiritual belief systems may be. The WorkOUT exists to help men to feel their sense of masculinity and manhood so they can move more fully into heterosexuality.