The official games for ESWC 2008!
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The official games have been released for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2008, has your favorite game been chosen?

One of the most prestigious gaming events the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) has recently released the games that will be played in the competition for 2008, ESWC is hosted in over 50 countries and is always a spectacular event.

To get into the event you have to attend a Qualifier held in your country and earn your place to go to the finals, which is an honor, you get to represent your country and play amongst the best in the world. ESWC was created by a French team which had been involved in setting up Gaming tournaments since 1999, the first ESWC tournament was held in July, 2003 where the old SK Ladies Counter-Strike team in the form of Atalante, MissHyper, Aurora, Missy, Ivy managed to take Gold

The Games for ESWC 2008:
* Counter-Strike 1.6 Male & Female (PC)
* Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne (PC)
* Trackmania Nations ESWC (PC) (c)
* DotA : Defense of the Ancients (PC)
* Quake 3 (PC)

All the tournaments are open for Male and Females to attend apart from Counter-Strike 1.6 which is separated into Male and Female.
DotA competitions will be played 5 versus 5 on last stable map.
Quake 3 will be played as 1 versus 1.

ESWC have also said they may add games to the list in the coming months, as we have already posted PES was suspended but the ESWC are trying to get the license they need. The spectacular event will be held in the summer in the United States of America which will literally be a blazing event.

ESWC have also put up an F.A.Q for any questions you may have here

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