The True Human Design - 1997

01. Sane
02. Future Breed Machine (live)
03. Future Breed Machine (mayhem version)
04. Futile Bread Machine (campfire version)
05. Quant's Quantastical Quantasm (ambient techno by Quant of DOT)
06. Friend's Breaking and Entering (ambient techno by Friend of DOT)
07. CD-ROM data, including the video for "Terminal Illusions"

Tomas Haake: Drums, lead vocals on Futile Bread Machine
Jens Kidman: Lead vocals
Fredrik Thordendal: Rhythm guitar, solo guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Mårten Hagström: Rhythm guitar
Gustaf Hielm: Bass Guitar on Future Breed Machine (live)

NB 268-2 MCD (Nuclear Blast Europe) - digipack
CD 1683 6268 2 (Nuclear Blast America)

The title "The True Human Design" was named after the cover picture.
The CD-ROM data includes some background music taken from Sol Niger Within.
The live version of "Future Breed Machine" was recorded May 1997 in Umeå.
The mayhem version of "Future Breed Machine" was mixed in May 1997 together with Jocke Skog of Clawfinger. According to Jens, it is so hard it makes "Aztec Two-step" sound like tepid milk. Fredrik says, it makes "Aztec Two-Step" sound like cotton or toilet-paper.
The American version has some typos and other flaws, for example the cover picture is crooked.
The strange sound in the 13/8 part in FBM live is a smoke machine.