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Gretchen Wilson

All Jacked Up  Hear it Now

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Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman set a new country-radio record for how many times a woman could say the word "hell" -- even Tammy Wynette had to spell it out. Wilson boozed and brawled her way through an excellent anthem, boasting that she keeps up her Christmas lights all year long. She doesn't get so lucky on All Jacked Up, a mediocre follow-up with nothing as great as "Redneck Woman" or "Here for the Party." She does a few hasty drinking songs ("One Bud Wiser," "All Jacked Up"), a condescending Merle Haggard duet and a weird, jazzy version of Billie Holiday's "Good Morning Heartache," though it can't touch Ol' Dirty Bastard's. But the only keeper is "Skoal Ring," where she leers, "That worn-out circle on his jeans makes him my kind of man."


(Posted: Oct 6, 2005)