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     Bob Rozakis, former Executive Director of Production at DC Comics, spent twenty-five years with the company and in the comics industry.

     During his seventeen years as head of DC's Production Department, Bob guided his staff into previously unexplored areas of computerized color separations and typesetting, electronic page preparation, and computer-to-plate printing. These efforts earned DC Comics over one hundred awards for printing excellence and resulted in Bob being profiled and cover-featured in PUBLISHING & PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE twice.

     As a writer, Bob is perhaps best known as the co-creator of 'Mazing Man, but his credits include almost four hundred stories featuring Superman, Batman and virtually every other DC character plus dozens of features, puzzles, and activities pages.  He served as DC's Answer Man for several years, using his vast knowledge of the company's history and characters to respond to all sorts of readers' questions. Adapting to technology of the 90's, Bob continues to utilize his credentials as a master of comic book history by hosting a weekly trivia on America Online. [Monday nights at 10:00 ET. IM or e-mail for the exact location.] Outside the comic book business, he co-authored "The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Office Politics" with his wife, Dr. Laurie Rozakis.

     In his spare time, the former "meanest man in comics" teaches a creative writing course for the Farmingdale (NY) Youth Council and another in a Johns Hopkins University summer program for gifted students. He plays softball and volleyball, has served as Advancement Chairman for Boy Scout Troop #601 for seven years, runs "Dad's Taxi Service," donates blood and/or platelets as often as they'll let him, and even sleeps occasionally.

The bibliography--with additional information about characters in the stories--is available as a Word 7 file. Download it here.

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