Yanagisawa is a friendly family owned business based in Japan that exists purely for the creation of beautiful saxes. Their positive attitude, creative talent and craftsmanship has brought them to the forefront of the saxophone world.

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Few sax players would disagree that the Yani soprano's are the best in the world. The Yani baritones out sell the competition many times over. In our sax tests a Yani alto came out top and is our most popular sax in its class. That leaves the Yani tenors which are simply as good as the rest of the range. These saxes are very playable with an excellent 'instant sound' and helpful, accurate intonation. Players love their Yani's and we love selling them! They arrive with us well set up and in perfect order rarely needing any adjustment. They are arguably the best made saxes - it is almost unheard of for any Yani to need after sales care in our workshop. No nonsense trouble free ownership and a joy to play - just read the testimonials at the bottom of this page!

NEW - Yanagisawa Custom Engraving Service!

 Different Yanagisawa saxes: sopranino, straight soprano (S), curved soprano (SC), alto (A), tenor (T) & baritone (B).

Different Ranges available for all models
(except sopranino):
901 - Brass body.
Available in gold lacquer, black lacquer & silver plated. Hand engraved bell. "Nice light, fast action and lively contemporary sound. Our most popular sax in it's class."


S901 soprano

A901 alto

A901B alto

A901S alto

T901 tenor

T901S tenor

B901 baritone

902 - Bronze body with gold lacquer keys & hand engraved bell. "The same great feel as the 901 but the bronze encourages a wonderful 'vintage sax' tone, very popular with the Yanagisawa endorsees and us!."


S902 soprano

A902 alto

T902 tenor

B902 baritone

991 - Brass body. Available in gold lacquer, black lacquer & silver plated. Hand engraved bell & bow. Improved mechanics with underslung octave mechanism, double connected table keys and more. "A more mature tone and a more sophisticated keying action."


S981 or S991
with high G soprano

SC991 soprano

A991 alto

A991S alto

A991B alto

T991 tenor

T991S tenor

T991B tenor

B991 baritone

992 - Bronze body
with gold lacquer keys. Hand engraved bell & bow. "Everything that's good about the 902 combined with the superior action of the 991. Pads fitted with metal reflectors for extra punch. One of our favourites."


S992 soprano

SC992 soprano

A992 alto

T992 tenor

B992 baritone

992PG - Bronze body plated with pink gold! A mix of 80% gold and 20% silver creating a stunning finish and wonderful tonal clarity. Low Bb to High F#. Extensive delicate hand engraving on body, crook, inner & outer bell make these uniquely beautiful instruments.


S992PG soprano

A992PG alto

T992PG tenor

9930, 9933, 9937etc. - Solid Silver Series. Completely solid silver or combine the silver with bronze or brass. Available with extensive delicate hand engraving over body, bell, bow, keys & crook. Some with gold plated inner bell. "The most exotic saxes we've ever seen. The air seems to flow more easily over the silver with less resistance and gives excellent projection.  Some less expensive saxes appear to have the sound trapped inside, with others it flows out of the bell, with these its focussed way out in front of you! "









SC9930        SC9937








Click here for solid silver soprano's    Click here for solid silver alto's     Click here for solid silver tenor's

Good luck if you can understand the following Yanagisawa factory produced information!  
We just know they look, sound and feel wonderful!!  Excellent Japanese build quality and the bronze models have a sound reminiscent of classic American saxes. 

Special features of Yanagisawa Saxophones

Adjustable front F key. The side F key is operated from the front, expanding the ability to produce the flageolet sound. The opening of the F key can be adjusted individually so that the optimum point can be easily found. Gold plated thumb hook & rest. Mounted with only four small points actually making contact with the body, the thumb hook as virtually no effect on the resonance of the instrument.  Made of brass, the thumb rest permits a more consistent tonal range.

The teflon inner octave system.  Both ends of the octave key axis are in a ball shape and teflon is inserted in both receptacles of the ends to eliminate any looseness and ensure smooth operation. Pointed pivot screw. A precise and highly reliable pointed pivot screw is employed.  Maintains center arms steady and achieves a very high precision action.
C# - Bb connected table key.  The C# key and Bb key have adopted a seesaw system to make speedy & smooth finger traveling possible. Air tight waterproof pad.  Completely air tight pad allows stable playing without loss of breath. Waterproof pad extends its life.
C#-Bb & C#-B double connected table key.  C#-Bb keys are connected with a seesaw system, between the C#-B, and a smooth connected motion has been achieved. Metal reflector.  Metal reflectors make the tone clear and give an excellent playing response.
Round surface octave key.  The surface of the octave key has been rounded to fit the finger shape and movement to achieve a smooth touch.  Needle spring.  Steel spring is more resilient than stainless.  Quick on the start up, it accommodates the highly dexterous playing needed for difficult passages.
White shell lined indented keys.   Keys are lined with white indented shell to enhance their beauty and the natural touch from finger fitted shapes of the keys.  The keys also prevent finger slippage from perspiration. Double Arm Key.  Two separate arms combine their strength to prevent twisting or distortion of the cup.  Durability is also improved. 
Adjustable low C# balance stopper.  Low B, Bb (A in the case of the Baritone) prevent the floating of the low C# key while playing.  Use of the adjustment screw also makes possible appropriate adjustments. Tri-point balanced bell brace.  The bell and the body are firmly positioned by a tri-point balanced brace to achieve a strong resilience that ensures a firm resonance even when fortissimo is sought.
Single unit seat (base). A post on the long seat (base) supports an independent key.  It gives a solid sounding medium range whilst still maintaining excellent note stability. Sway free F auxiliary key mechanism.  The system prevents the resonance of the right hand balance key when playing low notes.  Makes possible the playing of stabilized low notes.

(Not all features apply to all models.  Get in touch for clarification)

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Please feel free to e-mail any of these previous Yanagisawa customers for reassurance. They have all given their permission and will be happy to correspond with you.

From: Ian Elmer
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 11:45 PM
Subject: A992
Just a quick note to thank you for the excellent service I received when visiting your shop recently and especially to Jim for his patience and understanding. I am absolutely delighted with my new Yani 992 Alto and the Meyer piece. I never knew a sax could be this fantastic! Kind regards, Ian Elmer

Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 2:07 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa S992 WOW!!!!!!
Hello to everybody in
I would really like to thank you for the MAGNIFICENT service! I ordered a Yani soprano straight S992 and several accessories for it and they arrived in less than 1 day and in perfect condition! The sax is in perfect condition and it really plays GREAT! It�s bright and perfectly intonated! Your reviews and comments on you site helped a lot � you see in Greece we do not have the chance to test many instruments before we actually make a purchase (unless we travel abroad!!). The only ones that I have played before was a Yani from the 80�s, the S992, a Yamaha and a Selmer III. I am a Selmer fan (and really don�t like Yamahas!!!) but for a sop. I think Yanagisawa is better � according to my taste!  From your site I realized that the S992 is the one and now I am sure that I was right. I can truly say that the one that I bought from you guys is better than the one I tried in Greece! I don�t know why but I suppose that the adjustment might be the reason! Thanks again and if you wish to use my email as a reference (please don�t show the address!) then go ahead! I am a VERY satisfied customer!
Cheers!!!!! Panagiotis Christofis Greece

Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 11:20 AM
Subject: Yanagisawa bronze 992
I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice.  I received my lovely 992 last week and I absolutely love it.  Unfortunately, it hasn't turned me into the saxophone maestro I wish to be but I think it has improved my playing due to a number of improvements (not least being the better positioning of certain keys) and the tone is certainly much better. My tutor agrees and was very envious of it after I let him have a go. Many thanks, Sharon Skipper

Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2007 10:26 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa T992
hi guys just to say thanks for the excellent and prompt service sax arrived next day as you said , well what can i say about the yani T992 its awesome thanks, craig.
From: Joe Gallant
Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2006 9:15 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa A902 Alto. WOW!!
Hey I just have to thank you so much for your service. I came in on saturday, found a wonderful yanagisawa sax for me, ordered through the school on monday and there it was first thing tuesday morning!! and what a sax!The service at your warehouse was second to none, and the outstanding range of saxes amazed me!! thank you soooo much for all of your help, I will go straight to you if I need anything else sax related in the future. Brilliant! thanks!!!
From: Mike Elliott
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 2:45 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa 991
Hi, Just received my new sax. How on earth did you get it to Berwick-upon-Tweed so quickly?!?  I have tried it and it sounds fantastic and much easier to blow and play than anything else I have tried. I do buy my reeds etc from you and would love to pick them up personally and look around your showroom, but it is a bit of a drive from the most northerly town in England. Anyway, many thanks for superb service. Regards Mike.

Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 11:07 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa A902
Hi guys, Just like to send a message of thanks to Jules for his kind help and advice in helping me choose my new Yanagisawa A902, it was so nice to be able to visit you on Friday and try various Saxes of which the choice I made with Jules's help I'm delighted with, I wish you all the success with your new showroom which is highly impressive and will recommend to anyone who can make it to your showroom to do so, being a novice of the horn, I felt very comfortable and reassured by your service and didn't feel intimidated at all,  many thanks Ian Phillips

From: Rudolph Schoonwinkel
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2006 4:07 PM
Subject: Yanagisawa A991 Sax
Just a short mail to let you know that we are very satisfied with the new sax we bought from you last month. It took my son a week or so to get used to the new instrument, but the excellent sound quality made it worthwhile. Thank you once again for your excellent service and advice during the whole process. Regards 

Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 11:59 AM
Subject: Satisfied Customer Yani T992
I wanted to thank you for your very considerate customer service, which resulted in my having a sax which suits me. The Tenor Yanagisawa in bronze with the silver crook is just right, and its sound and looks are already much admired. I heartily recommend the T992 for its light action and rich tones, and will happily recommend your company for your outstanding service and very competetive prices. Thank you again, Alice McNaughtan

From: andy bluff
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 10:28 PM
Subject: Yani A991 purchase
Hi to all at My new Yani arrived, as promised, the next working day in perfect condition (very professionally packed. This is the second horn I have bought from yourselves and yet again I must thank you for your help and advice and for the first class service you provide, you are, without doubt the best and most helpful supplier of all things saxophone in the UK. The Yani 991 with the Bronze Crook really does sing, and I am looking forward to the many years of use I am sure I will get from this horn. Please do not hesitate to pass my email address to any prospective customers, I do know how worrying it can be making such an important purchase over the internet and a call to previous customers can help put peoples mind at rest. Once again thanks, I will, as invited, drop in to see you all when I am in your area one day. I remain; sir�s your very satisfied customer. Andy Bluff
P.S. You were bang on with your advice over the mouthpiece and reed setup.

From: Richard Gabbrielli []

Sent: 08 June 2004 09:22

Subject: T902 

I absolutely love my Yanagisawa T902 (Bronze) tenor sax.  It has a great response and plays like a dream with my Otto Link mouthpiece.  It is perfect for jazz and fusion/new age. As your site mentions, it does actually sound like the old classic American saxes with its mellow, yet robust tone. I will never part with this baby! Thanks so much. Regards, Richard Gabbrielli

From:    Andrew Quayle []
Sent:    23 July 2003 16:18

Subject: Lawton Mouthpieces & Yanagisawa Sax
WOW! I cannot believe quite how much of a difference this new mouthpiece has made to my alto! WOW! Its fab!  It was really nice to have so much choice and to be able to properly try them all out, even if it did take 2 hours to get a tenor mouthpiece as well as an alto one but it was definitely worth the 500 odd mile round trip. I've not got my new tenor with its mouthpiece and my alto out on display in my room just to look at them.  I love the T992 you guys had with the silver keys, and now its all mine! Can't wait to get back to school/college now to play in the bands and stuff again
Thanks for all your help, Regards, Andrew Quayle

From:    Kurt Bacher []
Sent:    10 July 2003 08:12

Subject:    RE: saxophone order
Hi Jim,
Just wanted to let you know that the alto arrived safely Wed morning.  I love the horn!  One of the best altos I've ever played.  The A9932Z is very similar to the 992, obviously, but with the differences, (silver neck+bell, etc.,) its response and holding of the tone is very similar to my vintage King Super 20 Silver Sonic alto.  It's like playing a brand-new modern "King" with much better intonation and action.  Thanks so much for all your help!
Kurt Bacher. Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Composer, Arranger 134 Claremont Ave. #505 New York, NY 10027 NY (917) 952-7186 MA (508) 543-3287

Sent:   09 July 2003 03:28

Subject:   excellent job guys!
I've got to hand it to you guys.  I ordered my new Yanagisawa SC-902 on Thursday and it's in my hands on Friday.  Awesome.  The price was hundreds cheaper than I could have gotten anywhere in the U.S. and the service was excellent.  And the best part is I've got an ass-kickin' soprano that wails.  You've got the best sax web-site there is.  Keep it up fellas.  Troy Corley, Philadelphia, PA 

Sent: 12 April 2003 21:07
Subject: RE: Alto Sax
I finally decided to go for the Yani A992 and received it from you this week. It sounds great and I am over the moon, as well as skint! Thanks for all your help and prompt response to my order - will recommend you to others. Regards Kevin

From: Jim & Vicki Lynch []
Sent: 17 March 2003 19:02
Subject: RE: Order Number: JL153210003779
Jim - thanks for your reply & info. this morning. The horn arrived at approximately 10:30 this morning - wow, you guys know how to pack an instrument for (safe) shipping! EVERYTHING is perfect and just TERRIFIC about the instrument - thank you so very much! Obviously, you checked it over before you shipped it, because it plays wonderfully, is air leak-free, action is fluid and even - just plain great!!! I appreciate your great communication and taking care of matters to eliminate any possible "hang-ups", etc. You guys are terrific, and I will tell anyone that! Feel free to use me and my comments as a testimonial, from a highly satisfied customer. Take good care & thanks again!!! - Jim Lynch (Yanagisawai T991S) California.

Subj: Yani A901
Date: 06/12/02 20:04:05 GMT Standard Time

I just wanted to let you know that we received the sax this morning in Columbus, GA as promised by FedEx. Thank you for a seamless transaction that was flawless. I still can't believe that we received the sax within 18 hours from order processing time, given the vast distance between us. Thank you again. -Karla Hinkley

Subj: Yani 902
Date: 02/12/02 20:18:08 GMT Standard Time

I have just been bought a Bronze Yani 902 for xmas (i know its really early but hey!) and i LUV it. The sound is amazing and it feels so easy to play. Thanx for the excellent service and i must say that Tristan Clifton is an AMAZING player. thanx again Joey Britton

Subj: Yani A901
Date: 30/11/02 03:52:27 GMT Standard Time
From: Bricycling
 Just received my sax this afternoon. Only took two days to arrive here in Southern California. Amazing!  It is beautiful!  Look forward to many years of musical enjoyment. Thank you for your assistance and patience with a newcomer to the saxophone biz! Will definitely refer anyone looking for a sax to your company! Thanks again!  Brian Schuetrum

Subj: Yanagisawa SC902
Date: 15/07/02 00:39:05 GMT Daylight Time
From: (John Strong)
I would also like to tell you how happy I am with your service. I ordered a special offer Yanagisawa SC-902 from your site and it arrived in about 4 days, ready to go right out of the box. I love the sax, it is a hoot to play, and I hope to use it for many years to come. I appreciate your commitment to good service. Thanks again.

Subj: Yani A901
Date: 06/07/02 21:26:16 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Trevor Steele)
Many thanks for the sound advice you gave when I purchased my first ever saxophone the Yanagisawa A901 just over 8 weeks ago. I am very pleased with the instrument which is built to the highest quality, sounds great and it provides great value for money. I did a lot of research to get the best instrument, which was down to your excellent web site and the professionalism you showed when visiting your showroom, the time and effort you afforded me was first class. The sound advice you gave me helped me make up my mind to buy the Yani, therefore I am very grateful for helping me buy a first class saxophone which sounds great. Many thanks. Trevor Graeme Steele.

Subj: jason's black Yani T991 and my berg larsen mouthpiece
Date: 08/03/02 17:33:25 GMT Standard Time
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we were with the service you provided, the black T991 we bought Jason was not sure about at first, but I can tell you that it sounds great. The berg larson mouth piece is working well with my Yani B901 bari, again thanks for the good advice, We will be telling everyone we know how good you are, your service, advice, the set up at the shop, there's nowhere like it for many a mile. it was worth the hour and a half drive, however we think you should change the name to TOY'S R US. MANY THANKS TO YOU PHIL. NEVILL & JASON

Subj: Yani T991
Date: 17/02/02 15:33:27 GMT Standard Time
From: (Peter Kirshen)
I am pleased to say that the sax was delivered to me on Thursday last in sound condition. Thanks for your good advice and efficient service. Peter Kirshen (Israel)

Subj: Thank you !
Date: 26/01/02 16:10:08 GMT Standard Time
I just want to inform you that my Yanagisawa baritone sax arrived at my door yesterday. It is in great shape after the long journey to Norway. It is a wonderful instrument , that looks and plays very well . I really enjoy the sound and the ease with which it is being played!! ( Not to talk about the elegant case in which it comes). I am looking forward to put it into daily use - Thank you once again.
Regards from Hans Kr. Andresen

Subj: A901 Alto Sax
Date: 18/01/02 20:18:14 GMT Standard Time
From: (Paul Boehmke)
Last summer it became apparent to me that my 1931 Dick Stabile alto was beyond repair, so I started shopping for a new horn. I quickly discovered that the used Selmer market had attained price levels comparable only to NASDQ in 1999, so I started looking at new altos. In short order, I realized that, for me, the A901 was it. After shopping around, here at home and on the internet, I made my first-ever on-line purchase with your company. I am fully satisifed with both the treatment I received, and the quality of the product. I am now telling everyone I meet to get their horns from you. I hope my efforts on your behalf do not totally destroy the US balance of trade!!!

Subj: Yanagisawa A901B
Date: 26/12/01 14:11:15 GMT Standard Time
From: (Richard Lagomarsino)
Thanks for your help with the saxophone purchase. The sax was beautiful and perfect for my son. I was amazed that it arrived in California so quickly. Thanks again., Rich Lagomarsino

Date: 08/10/01 08:55:17 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Smith, Craig)
To: ('')
Just a short message to say a big thanks for your expert help in buying my Yani T901B. The sound and playability of the sax has exceeded all expectations!! I'll definitely come back to you if I need anything else. Thanks for the alto Runyon mouthpiece as well....BIG SOUND! Thanks again, Craig

Subj: Yanagisawa A901
Date: 31/08/01 08:40:36 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Tony Dolby)
Just a word, the Yanny is everything and more. It has increased my fluency by at least 50%, I am now just starting on the altissimo range, I can hit the low notes cold about 98% whereas before never, I had to roll into them. The high notes are much sweeter too.  Again, Many Thanks, Tony.

Subj: Thanks Date: 14/03/01 13:18:36 GMT Standard Time
Thank you for the wonderful service you have provided. We ordered the Yanagisawa alto sax over the internet on Sunday and it arrived just after 9 on Tuesday morning. The instrument is excellent and my sons teacher is most impressed. Best wishes, Pam Harris

Subj: Yani soprano
Date: 28/02/01 01:58:22 GMT Standard Time
From: (Steve Carmichael)
I got the Yani silver curved soprano yesterday. It's great! Thanks! You can use me as a reference. I'm extremely happy with the service you provide!   - Steve Carmichael

Subj: Re: Yanagisawa T902
Date: 13/07/01 12:49:48 GMT Daylight Time
From: (Gary Lachapelle - Canada)
Received the T-902 perfect condition and played perfectly straight out of the adjustments necessary! I could not put the bloody thing down!! Such a nice tone and a dream to play... This is a beautiful horn that felt it was made especially for my hands. You're company provided me with great service AND a great price. Thank You!

Subj: Hi all!
Date: 04/07/01 16:32:33 GMT Daylight Time
HI all, just a quick belated note to say how much of a winner the black & gold Yanagisawa T991's FANTASTIC! I've stage tested it since I bought it, much to the delight of many people. Apart from the cool looks, the horn blows mean! I've had a lot of comments......Everything you said about it is true, it blows well, it's well balanced........a good choice I think. I see you've advertised them on your site, well take it from me, anyone who wants a cool sax looks and sound wise, tell them to look no further....I'm impressed. The B901 Baritone isn't bad either!! Rob Podmore.

Subj: Silver Yanagisawa A901S
Date: 27/09/01 02:55:16 GMT Daylight Time
Hi there, I apologize for not sending you a thank you letter regarding the wonderful silver yani that I received from you a couple of weeks ago - I've been so busy playing it! The sax is so beautiful and it plays like a dream! It feels extremely natural to my hands, allowing me to play those extremely fast passages with more ease. Plus, I can't say enough about how great your company is. I ordered my sax and received it all within a week. I was so surprised to see it at my doorstep one day and even more surprised to see how perfect it was! I can't thank you guys enough!

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