How much Sickness Allowance do I get?

Payment rates appear below as a guide only and are effective from 1 July 2008. Contact your nearest Centrelink Customer Service Centre for a personal assessment.

This payment is made as a fortnightly payment into your bank or other account. Payment can be made for the period of incapacity on each medical certificate (up to a maximum of 13 weeks) and payment stops as soon as the medical certificate finishes.

Sickness Allowance Payment Rates

Status Allowance Rate Per Fortnight
Single, no children $437.10
Single, with children $472.80
Single, aged 60 or over, after 9 months (includes *PhA) $472.80
Partnered (each) $394.40

Please Note: * PhA rate is $5.80 per fortnight.

Additional payments and benefits you may be entitled to:

Accessing Online Services

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