A Proper Trifle
a duple proper contra by David Kirchner

First corners allemande right 1-1/2; take partner's hand to form short wavy lines (8)
Balance in lines; allemande left once around (8)

Hey for four, starting first corners right shoulder (8)

Balance and swing partner (16)

Ladies chain across (8)
Actives half figure eight above (8)

Notes: This dance appeared in CDSS News (May/June 1995). First corners are the active gent and the inactive lady. I have found it helpful to tell dancers during the first walk-through to align themselves across the hall when they form the wavy lines; if they end up in diagonal lines, less experienced dancers may become confused at the progression. Although aligning this way feels a bit clunky in the walkthrough, it ends up flowing nicely when dancing. The title derived from a friend's cookbook recipe for "A Proper English Trifle".

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