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Poughkeepsie, NY City Directory, 1856
Poughkeepsie, NY City Directory, 1856
Surnames A-F

ABBREVIATIONS. - In consequence of the defective numbering of the Streets, which the Publisher has in vain sought to correct, it has been found necessary to increase the number of Abbreviations in this year's Directory, to make it more intelligible than the last.
av. Avenue  -- res. residence  --  bds. boards  --  n. near  --  b. between  --  c. corner  --  op. opposite -- clk. clerk   --  mkr. maker   --   manf. manufacturer   --   Wash. Washington   --   Man. Mansion -- D. Dutchess  --  Ham. Hamilton, &c.   The word street is implied.


Ackerman, Morris, cooper, 66 Church
Ackert, Edward, laborer, Montgomery
Ackert, Jacob, 59 Cannon
Ackert, William H., laborer, Cottage
Adams, Jacob, furnace, Union n. Iron Works
Adams, John, furnace, Union n. Iron Works
Adams, John, 68 Washington
Adams, Mrs. Olivia, 15 Market
Adams, Robert, laborer, Albany
Adkins, Lucy Mrs, tailoress, 495 Main
Adriance, Charles P., Oakley S. College Hill
Adriance, George B., Lafayette Place
ADRIANCE, JOSEPH T., coal, wood etc., 15 Wash h Lafayette Place
Adriance, John, bds at Simpsons
Agan, Mary Ann, nurse, Mill
Agen, Mrs. Martha, 145 Mill
Ainly, W. Lucy, boarding, 105 Main
Akins, George, hostler, Church c Water
Akins, Joseph, hostler, D.Avenue
Albert, F.J., carriage painter, 13 Academy
Albertson, Andrew S, painter, 499 Main
Albertson, Burrow, edge tool manf. Catharine
Albertson, Caleb, Tulip
Albertson, David, cooper, Union
Albertson, John, farmer, 499 Main
Albertson, Sylvester, sboe mkr, Main
Albertson, Uriah, farmer, North-st
Albertson, Mrs. Eliza, tailoress, Smith
Alexander, Giles, painter, 19S Church
Alexander, John, butcher, 123 Main
Alexander, Thomas, printer, Examiner office, bds 198 Church
ALLEN, JOSEPH E., hardware, 246 Main h 401 Mill
Allen, William B., ship carpenter, 14 Bayeaux
Allen, Miss E. A., 67 Academy
Allen, Misses, dress mkrs, Cannon
Allan, Henry, dye wood mill, Union
Alsop, William I., jeweller, cor Main and Market
Almada, Antonio, flagman, Delafield
Alverson, Caleb, painter, Tulip
Alverson, David, cooper, market square, Union
Alverson, Jacob, South av
Alverson, Japhet, brick mkr, S Avenue
Alrick, Agustus, mechanic, Delafield
Ames, Jonathan, clock repairing, 55 Union
Anderson, A., laborer, Delafield
ANDRUS, R. C. & Co., cabinet mkrs, 351 Main
Andrus, R C., cabinet mkr, h 450 Main
Andrus, C. H.,cor Mansion and Catharine
Andrus, Enoch C., painter, S. Clover
Andrus, Sylvester, chair manf., N. Clover
Andross, Hine, laborer, Bayeaux
Angeline, George, teamster, Perry
Angevine, Henry, lawyer, cor Market and Main
Annie, William H., clerk, 324 Main
Annan, Andrew, blksmith, D. Avenue
Annegan, James, carpenter, 134 [street not named in book]
Anney, Benedict, painter, Perry
ANTHES, CHARLES, shoe store 274 Main, h 27 Noxon
Anthes, Charles G., shoe store 274 Main, h 27 Noxon
Anthes, Jacob, shoe mkr, 46 Noxon
Arbogast, Jacob, brewer, Jefferson
Armour, Sarah, teacher, 73 Market
Armour, John, painter, N. Hamilton
Armstrong, George W., lawyer, 18 Market, bds 129 Main
Armstrong, Merrimack, jeweller, 19 Cannon
Armstrong, Stephen, joiner and machinist 127, 129 Main
Armstrong, Stephen, Jr., joiner and machinist 127, 129 Main
Armstrong, Pbebe, wd of Charles, 50 Washington
Arnold, David & Co., chair manf’s N. Water
ARNOLD, DAVID, chair manf’s  h N. Water
ARNOLD, WM. C. & Co. lumber yard, Water
Arnold, William C., N. Water
ARNOLD, LEVI M., Po. foundry 374 Main h 17 Conklin
Arnold, Charles N., clerk, N Water
Atkins, Benjamin, carpenter, bds 70 Noxon
Atkins, John S., clerk, 330 Main h 17 Noxon
Atkins, Oliver S., clerk, 302 Main b 17 Noxon
Atkins, William, tailor. 122 Catharine
Atkinson, Agnes, variety store, 137 1-2 Main
Austin, S H., boarding, 406 Main
Austin, Edward, mason, cor Ham. and Holmes
Augusmann, Augustus, beer saloon 165 Main
Aubin, M., tailor, Mansion
Averly, Christian, clothier, 207 Main
Aweng, Adolphus, Prof. French, 27 Conklin
Ayers, Samuel, H R R R, Delevan
Ayers, William, chair mkr, Union
Babcock, Cortlandt, salesman, 229 Main bds 69 Wash
Babcock, Rufus. Rev 53 Market
Bagley, M.. laborer, Bridge
Bahrett, Andrew, laborer, Jefferson
BAHRETT, JACOB, mer tailor, 266 Main h Hudson
Bailey, Mrs. Richard, cor Academy and Livingston
Baker, Henry, grocer, 442 Main
Baker, Henry, tailor, 213 Church
Baker, H.. carpenter, Cottage
Baker, Hyman, tailor, 213 Church
Baker Isaac W.. clerk, 279 Main
Baker, Isaiah, clerk 76 Garden
Baker, J.. farmer, North av
Baker, Jacob, clothier, 229 Main b 6 Wash
BAKER, LEVI, clothier, 317 Main h 8 Garden
Baker, Leonard, cooper, Delafield
Baker, Peter, wagon mkr, 375 Main
Baker, Valentine, tanner, S Water
Baker, Emily R.. Academy
Baker, Sarah,21 Cannon
Baker, Mrs. --, 417 Main
BALDING, ISAAC I., Northern hotel, cor Mill and Wash
Balies, Philip, carman, N. Clinton
Ball, Hiram, agent, 36 Market
Ballard, Caleb, inn keeper, East av
Ballard, Peter, cabinet mkr, 461 Main
Ballard, W.A., vet. sur., 458 Main
Bandle, Leander, carpenter, 163 Main
Banker, Jeremiah, grocer, 348 Main
Banker, Jeremiah, Jr. clerk, 348 Main
Banker, Charles, clerk, 348 Main
Banker, William, clerk, 348 Main
Banks, Francis, file fac, Main n Rose
Barculo, Mrs. --, w. of Seward, Mansion Sq
Bard, Adam, engineer, 171 Main
Bard, Jacob, paint fac, 158 Main
Barget, John D, shoe mkr, Perry    125
Barker, George T, salesman, 300 Main
Barker, Esther, milliner, 316 Main
Barker, H., carpenter, Catharine
Barker, Isaiah, clerk, 76 Garden
BARMORE, HENRY J., confectioner, 305 1-2 Main
Barney, William H, merchant, South Liberty
Barney, Avis, wd. of Charles, South Liberty
Barney, Josephine Miss, tailoress, 31 Catharine
Barnes, David, 75 Washington
Barnes, James, laborer, N. Water
BARNES, PETER, physician, 5 Market, h 16 Cannon
Barnes, William C., farmer, Plank road
Barnes, Maria, wd. of Dr. John, 44 Market
Barnes, Mrs. Jane Ann, 20 Pine
Barnard, Frederick, Capt., 47 Cannon
Barnard, Joseph F., lawyer, 18 Market
Barnard, Mary, wd. of James, Smith
Barner, Victor, cooper, S. Clover
Barnum, Mrs., wd. of C. B., 43 Garden
Barnum, Mrs. Mary, Smith
Barret, Mrs.--, wd. of Thomas, 64 Market
Barrer, Louis, chair fac, Perry
Barratt, Andrew, laborer, Jefferson
Barratt, John, gardener, 501 Main
Barratt, John W., clerk 266 Main, bds 501 Main
BARRY, WILLIAM H., book binder, cor Main & Garden, h Perry
Bart, Adam, paint fac, 185 Main
Bartlett, Charles, Prin. College Hill Seminary
Bartlett, Charles B, peddler, Cranell
Bartlett, D. E., Prin. deaf & dumb Institute, N. Avenue.
Bartlett, D. K., 332 Main
Bartlett,, Dudley, S. Ham. n Cannon
Bartlett, Edward O., 332 Main
Bartlett, Joseph & Son, bakers, 332 Main
Bartlett, Henry, bakers, 332 Main
Barton, Henry, farmer, 505 Main
Barton, Mrs. Catharine, nurse, Union
Basley, Elbert F., painter, S. Clover
Basnett, Jonathan, carriage smith, 428 Main
Bassender, Thomas, mason, S. Clover
Bates, Burdett, carpenter, 88 Academy
Bates, David, carriage manf, 423 Main, h 371
Bates, D. R.,  12 Union
Bates, Lyman, cooper, S. Water
Bates, Mrs. Thomas,  Bridge
Bates, Catharine, wd. of Jeremiah, 12 Union
Bates, Eliza, milliner, 309 1-2 Main
Bauerbach, Aug. , tailor, Jay
Baxter, John, tailor, cor Man. & Garden
Baxter, Theron, gas fix, 11 Cannon
Baxter, T. D.. mechanic at 437 Main
Bayer, Charles J., tobacconist, 319 1-2 Main, h N. Ham.
BAYER, JOSEPH, tobacconist, 319 1-2 Main, h N. Ham
BEACH, EDWARD, dry goods, 262 Main, h 212 Mill
Beach, Phineas H., carpenter, Whinfield
Beach, --, painter, 4 Union
Beach, J. W., Rev., Hudson with Rev. Kettell
Beard, Moses, cooper, Delafield
Beardsley, Laura, wd. of Jonathan, Perry
Beardsley, William, sash & blind manf, Delafield
Beaumont, George, carder, N. Clover
Bech, Edward, Danish Consul, 57 Market
Beesmer, William, clerk, 11 Cranell
Bedle Leonard, cooper, Delafield
Behrens & Wiggins, piano forte manf, 439 Main
Behrens, Charles, piano forte manf, h Smith
Belden, Henry F.,  South Liberty
Bell, Robert, blksmith, N. Clinton
Bell, Samuel, engineer H R R R, 132 Main
Bell, Elizabeth Ann, wd. of James, 72 Garden
Bellamore, Frank, laborer, 76 Union
Belton, William, soda  &c.,  157, 159 Mill
Belton, William, laborer, Jefferson
Benedict, Russell, Capt., N. Clover
Benedict, R. Jr., 27 Noxon
Beneway, James, farmer, 28 Noxon
Beneway, Peter, mason, Academy
Bennett, Amah W., 16 Mansion
Bennett, Reuben, laborer, Laurel
Benson, wd. Mary, laundress, 315 Mill
Benrider, John, tanner, Smith c Mill
Benrider, Jacob, tanner, S. Hamilton
Benton, William M., har. mkr, res 7 Union
Bentley, Schuyler, chair mkr; Mansion
Berberick, Philip, refreshments, 22 Pine
Berrigan, John, laborer, Bridge
Berrigan, Mrs. Mary, Bridge
Berry, William H., engineer, S. Water
BERRY, WILLIAM,  variety store, 313 Main
Berry, William H., gunsmith, 313 Main
Berry, Gilbert W., clerk, 313 Main
Best, Jacob, gas fix, N. Clinton
Bice, William, baker, Union
Berry, George G., clerk, 313 Main
Bieber, John, shoe mkr, 137 Main
Bier, John, shoe mkr, Market
Binks, Joseph, laborer, Man. Long row
Bingham, Shubal C., H R R R, 288 Main
Bingham, Mrs. and Sisters, milliners, 288 Main
Bingle, Eli, soap mkr, S. CIinton
Billy, Godfrey, grocer, 147 Main
BISBEE, OTIS, high school, cor Mill and Ham.
Blake, Alfred, California, family 16 Mansion
Blake, Samuel, Albany
Blakeley, Adams, laborer, n Red Mills
BLANCHARD, JAMES, grocer, 239 Main, h 66 Wash
Blanchard, Edward, salesman, --
BLANKENHORN, JACOB, butcher, centre market 237 Main
Blankenhorn, Ferdinand, 237 Main
Blessington, Patrick, cooper, Tulip
Bliven, Charles L., cor Mansion & Catharine
BLIVEN, MRS. H.W., Prin. Mansion Sq. Institute
Blizzard, Joseph, tanner, S. Water
Bloodgood, Daniel, file mkr, 47 Noxon
Bloodgood, George, tailor, S. Clinton
Bloomfield Daniel, 56 Church
Bloun, Jacob, lamp blk manf, N. Ham.
Blythe, William, carpenter, S. av.
Bockee, Henry, furnace, Union
Bockee, Jacob, physician, 288 Mill
Bogardus, Francis, Capt., S. Ham.
BOGARDUS, J. W., sad. & har. mkr, 303 Main  h 337 Mill
Bogardus, John L., carriage mkr, 84 Smith
BOGARDUS, STEPHEN H., sad. & har. mkr, 334 Main, h 49 Smith
Bogardus, Stephen Jr., sad. & har. mkr, 334 Main, h 49 Smith
Bogardus, William H., shoe mkr, 362 Main, h 21 Smith
Bogart, Daniel, farmer, Man. Long row
Bogart, Richard, farmer, Man Long row
Bohrer, Charles, tailor, 150 Main
Boles, George, tailor, 14 Pine
Bolles, George, soap boiler, Rose
Boles, John, book binder, Rose
Boling, W., Cannon
Boliver, George, ship carpenter, D. av.
Bolster, Adam, chair fac. 128 Main
Bond, Thomas, Tulip
Booth, Mrs. Maria, 284 Mill
Booth, Oliver H.,.M. Vassar & Co., bds 284 Mill
Boreum, Amelia, wd. of David, 43 Noxon
Bornaman, Lewis, shoe mkr, 23 Pine
Boshart, Jacob, jeweller, Jefferson
Boughton, James Addison, brass turner, 92 Washington
Boughton, John, carpenter, 280 Mill
Boughton, William S., mechanic, 280 Mill
Bouman, J., shoe mkr, 83 Church
Bowerman, Joseph, 312 Mill
Bower, Thomas, laborer, S. Ham.
Bowlin, Abraham, laborer, Harrison
Bowling, --, tailor, Pine
Bowne, James & Co. dry goods & carpets, 318 Main
Bowne, James, dry goods & carpets,  h cor Ham. & Cannon
Boivne, Charles Edward, dry goods & carpets, h 98 Cannon
Boyark, Robert, twine manf, 119 Main
Boyd, James, weaver, Albany
Boyd & Wiltrie, leather manf. and store, 360 Main
Boyd, John G., leather manf. and store, h 21 Catharine
Boyd, James, furnace, Church
Bradenburgh, Louis, baker, 332 Main
Bradford, Joseph, driver, 119 Main
Bradford, Abraham, coachman, 3 Pine
Bradford, Mrs, Union
Bradley, Edward, laborer, 11 Mansion
Bradley, James, shoe mkr, Wash
Bradley James, shoe mkr, 312 Mill
Bradley, James, boot mkr, Jay
Bradley, John, laborer, 13 Mansion
Bradley, Michael, laborer, 13 Mansion
Bradley Wakeman, 93 Academy
Bradley, Susan, wd. of William, 24 Conklin
Brannin, James, harness mkr, 365 Main
Brazier, James, carpet weaver, Delafield
Brewer, Charles, blksmith, N. Ham
Brewer, Thomas M., teacher, 23 Conklin
Brewster, Gilbert, 204 Church
Briggs, Benjamin S., plumber etc., h 214 Church
Briggs, B. L., Mansion
Briggs, George D., clothier, 134 Main
Briggs, Isaac, tailor, 294 Church
Brink, Lazarus, carpenter, Main
Brinkerhoff, Daniel D., clerk, foot Main
Brinkerhoff, Garrett B., coal yard, foot Main h N. Clover
Brinkerhoff, Tunis, 82 Cannon
Brinkerhoff, Benjamin, chair fac, John
Brittain, Richard, mer tailor, 2.51 Main h 34 Union
BROAS, ANDREW J., oyster saloon, 284 Main  b 21 Perry
Broas, Benjamin S.. clerk, 324 Main
Broas, Isaac, mason, 21 Academy
BROAS, JOHN, variety store, 27 Market
Broas, William, merchant, h cor Cannon and Liberty
Broas, William H., merchant, 324 Main h Liberty
Broddrib, Benjamin, gardner, Quaker Lane
Brockway, Herman, mason, Pine
Broley, David, laborer, Mill
Brooks, Charles, clerk, Perry
BROOKS & MARSHALL, carriage manf, 401, 403 Main
Brooks, John J., carriage manf, 30 Catharine
Brooks, John, grocer, cor Main and Perry
Biooks, Thomas, grocer, 119 Main
Brooks, Mrs. --, Mechanic st
Broom, Charles, insurance, 4 Park place, Garden
Broom, G. W. L., clerk, Gregory House
Brower, James, carpenter, 86 Cannon
Brower, Margaret, wd. of Robert, 120 Catharine
Brower, Mrs. --, laundress, 310 Mill
Brown, F. A., clothes cleaner, Mont
Brown, George R. clerk, bds cor Ham. & Mont
Brown, John, painter, Delafield
Brown, J. H., harness mkr, 97 Cannon
Brown, S L., cigar mkr, S. Hamilton
Brown, Thomas, basket mkr, S. Main
BROWN, WALTER S., Exchange house, foot Main
Brown, Mrs. Elizabeth G., 185 Mill
Brown, Judah, laundress, 133 Mill
Brownell, William, carpenter, 209 Main
Brownson, A. H., Mansion, b Wash. & Garden
Brumlieu, Ludwig, paints & chemicals, Bridge
Brundige, Edward, 56 Noxon
Brush, A. M., justice, 22 Market  b 51 Noxon
Brush, George, clerk, 36 Market
Brush, Henry, 29 Market
Bryant, William, carpenter, 80 Mont
Buck, Henry, laborer, Albany
Buckingham, S.M., Rose bank, N. av
Buckingham, C. J. Rose Bank, N. av.
Buckley, David, H R R R, 138 Mill  350
Buckley Dennis, laborer, Albany
Buckley, John, printer, Telegraph, h 46 Church
Buckley, Timothy, dye wood mill, D. av.
Buckley, Ellen, wd. of Jeremiah, Davies
Budd, Samuel, plumber, 36 Union
Budd, William R., carpenter, Smith
Buel, Eliphalet, 261 Mill
Buel, Samuel, Rev.  S. Ham.
Bugbee, Henry, laborer, Union
Bulkley, Caleb, cabinet mkr, 296 Church
Ballis Thomas, laborer, 12 1-2 Wash.
Bulsond, Ezra, car inspector, H R R R, 47 Main
Bunten, John, cabinet manf, 101 Main
Burchall, Samuel, machinist, Charles
BURHANS, PETER, carriage manf, 377 Main, h 93 Can.
Burgher, Oliver, Capt., N. Water
Burlingame, Alvah, H R R R, 132 Main
Burnap, G. C., farmer, Academy
Burnett, Eli, blksmith, Man. cor Bridge
Burns, Edward, laborer, Bridge
Burns, James, laborer, Albany
Burns, James, teamster, Albany
Burns, John, cooper, Albany
Burns, John, cooper, N. Clover
Burns, John, furnace, Church
Burns, John, laborer, Bridge
Burns, Philip, cooper, 31 Main
Burns, William, laborer, Harris
Burns, William, furnace, Church
Burns, Agnes, wd. of James, Albany
Burns, --,  wd. of James, N. Water
Burnett, Richard, blksmith, Mill cor Bridge
Burnett, Thomas, pin fac, S. Clover
Burrill, Mrs. --, wd. of Josiah, 275 Main
Burritt, Reuben, tanner, S. Water
Bush, Gilbert, machinist, Mont.
Bush, John, printer, Daily Press, Mont.
Bussey, John E., wood turner, Clinton
BUTLER, ISAAC & CO. livery stable, 36 Market
Butler, Margaret, wid. of John, D. av.
Butler, Sarah, wd. of Isaac, 36 Market
Butts, Moses, sexton, Harrison
Buys Ezekiel, mason, 46 Union
Buys, James, carman, 49 Union
Buys, Job , mason, Perry
Buys, William, baker, 48 Union
CABLE, CHARLES & SON, soda, candles &c., 157 Main
Cable, Charles, soda, candles &c., 157 Main
Cable, Fannin, soda, candles &c., 157 Main
Cable, James, shoe mkr, Mont.
Cable, John M., shoe store, 311 Main, h Lafayette
Cable, William P., shoe store, 311 Main, h Lafayette
Cable, Richard V., boot mkr, Liberty bds Montgomery
Cable, Edward, shoe mkr, 39 Academy
Cable, Michael, brewer, N. Water
Cabrey, Isaac, farmer, E. Avenue
Cabry, Edward, 25 Market
Cale, Charles, shoe mkr, 274 Main
Caire, Jacob, grocer, 151 Main
Calder, Isaac, dye wood mill, N. Water
Caldwell, Elizabeth, 330 Main
Camack, Hannah B. Mrs. teacher, 109 Cannon
Cambot, Antonio, confectioner, S. Ham.
Campbell, Geo.W., hatter, 307 Main
CANDEE, W.A., shoe store, 258 Main h Cannon
Canfield, Thelia Mrs., 51 Academy
Canfield, Capt. --, 90 Catharine
Cannon, Arnout, carpenter, S. Ham
Cannon, George W., carpenter, S. Ham
Cannon, Charles, sash mkr, S. Ham
Carl, John, peddler, 13 Mansion
Carl, John, carman, S. Clover
Carlow, Peter, ship carpenter, Tulip
Carlow, Mrs. Sarah, Livingston
Carman, Charles, sad. & har. mkr, 27 Main, h 9 Union
Carman, Mary, wd. of Lawrence, 5 Union
CARPENTER & BRO. grocers, 320 Main
Carpenter, W. J., grocers, 320 Main
Carpenter, J. D., grocers, 320 Main
Carpenter, G. E., clerk at 320 Main
Carpenter, Morgan, 389 Mill
Carpenter, Jane Mrs. 320 Main
Carpenter, Mary, wd. of Seaman, Mansion
Carr, James, laborer, Albany
Carp, Peter, laborer, Albany
Carr, Pinckney, Cottage
Carrol, Miss Delia, dressmaker, N. Clover
Carside, Miss Alice , dressmaker, 84 Smith
Carrey, Daniel, teamster, Franklin
Carson, George Sen., grocer, 436 Main h Bayeaux
Carson, George, Jr. grocer, 396 Main h Ham
Carson, Henry, grocer, 436 1/2 Main h 456 Main
Carson, Thomas, watch mkr, 290 Main
Cary, Ebenezer, eastern market, 355 Main h 18 Liberty
Cary, Gilbert, h cor Man & Catherine
Cary, James, mason, 95 Church
Cary, Daniel, teamster, Mansion n Hamilton
Case, James S. clerk, 318 Main
Cash, Kian, Delafield
Cashoff, M., laborer, Jefferson
Cashoff John, gardner, Jefferson
Cashire, Dennis, hostler, Union
Cassidy, William, mason, D. av
Caughman, Peter, farmer, 150 Main
Cavenaugh, Francis, laborer, Mill
Cavenaugh, James, cooper, 365 Main
Cavenaugh, Miss Helen, Duane
Celler, George, brass turner, bds 274 Main
Cephas, George, tailor, 188 Church
Cerney, John, laborer, Duane
Chambers, Cornelius, carpenter, N. Water
Chambers, John C., boat builder, D. av
Chambers, Mrs. Sarah, 57 Academy
Chamberlain, Henry, saloon, 413 Main
Champlin, Albert, teller F. & M. bank,bds Simpson's
Chapman, E. H., clerk, Park place
Chatterton, George, machinist, 35 Main
Chatterton, James F. laborer, 35
Chatterton, Abraham, Capt.Tulip
Chedy, James, brakeman, N. Water
CHICHESTER, AROMA A., daguerrean, 254 M'n, h Noxon
Chichester, Henry, bookkeeper, F.& M. bank, bds S. Clover
Chichester, Lemuel A., chair manf, Water h N. Clover
Chichester, Samuel, chair manf, Water h S. Clover
Childs, Henry, weaver, Delafield
Church, Elizabeth, wd. of Jacob, 231 Mill
Church, James, stair carpenter, 319 Main
Churchill, George W., laborer, Mansion
Clancey, Thomas, clerk, 286 Main
Clancey, Thomas, laborer, N. Clinton
Clark, Arthur, painter, S. Water
Clark, Clement, blksmith, 39 Academy
Clark, Daniel G., tinman, Thompson
Clark, George, grocer, 269 Main h 112 Market
Clark, George Jr., bds Franklin house
Clark, Henry, clerk, 269 Main
Clark, Henry, carpenter, 64 Church
Clark, Horace, carpenter, 27 Noxon
Clark, Miss Abigail, Mansion sq
Clark, Mrs. P. H,  intelligence off., 151 Mill
Clark, Sarah A., wd. of Frederick, 26 Catharine
Clark, Patrick H., laborer, 151 Mill
Claus, John, butcher, western market, 123 Main
Claus, Lewis, butcher, western market, 123 Main
Claykes, Philip, chair mkr, Perry
Clear, David, hostler, Bridge
Clear, John, clerk, Clinton
Clearwater, George, moulder, Main
Clearwater, Timothy, clerk, Main
Clegg, Thomas, grocer. cor Main & Clover
Clelland, Thomas, laborer, Mill n Clover
Clelland, John, machinist, 151 Mill
Clement, Asa S., teacher, 50 Noxon
Clemshire, Dennis, gunsmith, 86 Academy
Clerihew, A. M., clerk, 294 Main
CLEVELAND, REED & Co. book store, 235 Main
Cleveland, S., bds 24 Garden
Clifford, Daniel, blacksmitb, Mill cor Bridge
Clifford, Daniel, 408 Main
Clifford, James, blacksmith, Union
Clifford, James, moulder, Bridge
Clifford, Mrs.--, Mill c Bridge
Clow, John, California, family 328 Main
Clows, John, butcher, N. Ham
Cluan, Michael, tailor, Mill c Bridge
Cochran, Michael, candy maker, 143 Mill
Cochran, James, laborer, n Clinton
Cochlin, John, stone cutter, Carrol
Coffey, Andrew, mason, Tulip
COFFIN, A. J. & Co. furnace, stoves &c., 281 Main
Coffin, A. J,. h 318 Mill
Coffin, Thomas, h 318 Main
Coffin, Henry, druggist, 249 Main res 90 Market
Coghill, John, carpet fac, 37 Church
Coglan, Patrick, furnace, S. Water
Cohn, Joseph, pedler, 334 Main
Colby, William, barber, 350 Main
Colburn, Mrs. Elizabeth, 52 Wash
Cole, Mitchell, 188 Cath
Cole Ulysses, lawyer, 21 Market bds Rutzer's
Cole, Mr. --, farmer, 122 Catharine
Cole, Miss E. J., dress maker, 188 Catharine
Coleman, Patrick, cooper, 31 Main
Coldstream, George, printer, Eagle office, bds 349 Main
Coldstream, William, tobacconist, 349 Main
Coligan, James, brass finisher, 192 Mill
Coligan, James, brass turner, Bayeaux
COLLIER, I. H. & SON, Dutchess iron works, 424 Main
Coller, Isaac H., h Mill c Cath
Coller, John D. B., h Mill c Cath
Coller, James, laborer, Bayeaux
Collerton, John, brass moulder, 458 Main
Collerton, Michael, laborer, 459 Main
Collin, John, laborer, Holmes
Collingwood & Co. lumber, coal &c., Lower Landing
Collingwood, James, h Prospect
Collins, John W., coroner, 575 Main
Collins, Thomas, baggage master H R R R, N. Clover
Collins, William, carpet weaver, 42 Union
Colwell, Charles, bds 18 S. Ham
Colwell, Joseph, turner, Spruce
Comfort, James, tailor, bds Forbus house
Condell, Samuel, baker, 332 Main
Condey, Mrs. --, Jefferson c Church
Cone, Lewis, tailor, 16 Cath.
Coney, D., hat pressing establishment, 334 Main bds 319
Conger, N. H., painter & farmer, College hill
Conklin, George, H R R R, Nixen
Conklin, Isaac, seaman, N. Water
Conklin, John, laborer, Holmes
Conklin, John, laborer, Holmes c Church
Conklin, John, laborer, Carrol
Conklin, John, varnisher, Bridge
Conklin, Storm H., cabinet mkr, 48 Wash
Conklin, William, Dutchess Avenue
Conklin, Mrs.--, wd. of Henry, 28 Conklin
Conklin, Maria, wd. of William, 48 Washington
Connel, John, painter, 4 S. Ham
Connel, Richard, laborer, N. Clinton
Connelly, James, laborer, Dutchess Avenue
Conner, John, laborer, 99 Church
Conner, Martin, hostler, 36 Market
Conner, Martin, laborer, Dutchess Ave
Conning, William, brewer, Bayeaux
Conover, Abraham, carman, Bridge
Conover, Abraham, laborer, 6 Perry
Conover, George, mechanic, 6 Perry
Conroy, John, laborer, Albany
Conroy, William, rope walk, 42 Church
Conory, Frank, H R R R, Winfield
Cook, Alexander, laborer, Academy
Cook, Christian J., chair fac, Bridge
Cook, John H., laborer, S. Ham
Cook, J., - Hamilton
Cook, John, chair fac. 106 Church
Cook, Matthew, 146 Church
Cook, Patrick, laborer, Jay
Cook, Simeon, cooper, S. Clover
Cook, Simon, chair fac.Bridge
Cook, Miss E. M., teacher, 169 Cannon
Cookingham, G. N., chair fac., Bridge
Coon, Mrs. Elizabeth, Bridge
Coon, William, laborer, rear 377 Main
Cooper, John, physician, 43 Wash
COOPER, JOHN, Jr., physician, office City Hall h 51 Wash [Overseer of the Poor]
Conrad, Paul, furnace, Union
Contsman, George, furnace, Union
Copsey, Mrs. Abigial, tailoress, Mont
Corbet, John, tailor, Dutchess av
Corcoran, Miss Ellen, Bridge
Corcoran, John, laborer, Bridge
Corcoran, Michael, oyster & ice cream saloon, 137 Mill
Corlies, Benjamin, S. Liberty
Corlies, George, S. Liberty
Corlies, Joseph, N. Carrol
Corliss, C. K., lawyer, 29 Market h S. Hamilton
Cornelius, C., cabinet mkr, Perry
Cornhass, Joseph, carpenter, Jefferson
Cornell, Charles, H R R R, Bridge
Cornell, Richard, miller, Clinton
Cornish, Mrs. --, South av
Cornwell, George, dry goods, 296 Main, h 322 Mill
Cornwell, Walter, shoe mkr, Union
Cornwell, William, dry goods, 328 Main, h 55 Noxon
Cornwell, William, carpenter, 44 Union
Costillo, James, cooper, Dutchess av.
Costillo, Patrick, grocer, Union c Tulip
Cosgrave, Edward, laborer, Bridge
Cosgriff, Thomas, laborer, Albany
Cosgraw, James, laborer, Bridge
Coster, T. B., North avenue
Cotier, Francis, laborer, N. Water
Cotter, Francis, grocer, Mill n Clover
Cotter, James, printer, Democrat Office, 258 Main, bds Mill
Cotton, Thomas, turner, Mill
Coulter, James, gas works, 16 Bayeaux
Couns, Henry, shoe mkr, 146 Church
Cox, R.E., North Avenue
Cox, Selig, book binder, 134 Catharine
COXHEAD, JOHN F., cabinet mkr, 363 Main
Coyle, Patrick, laborer, Dutchess av.
Cozine, James, carman, John
Cramer, Abraham J., clerk at 266 Main
Cramer, George, jeweller, 7 Liberty, h Man. c Cath.
Cramer, J.V.R., clerk, bds at Rutzer's
CRAMER, JOHN R. watch mkr, Main c Garden, h 333 M’n
Cramer, Milton, carpenter, 39 Conklin
Cramer, Peter, ship builder, S. Clover
Cramer, William P., ship builder, S. Water
Cramer, Valentine, tailor, 148 Mill
Crampsey, Edward, furnace, Union
Crampsey, James, laborer, Church c Water
Crampsey, John, laborer, S. Water
Crapser, Elias, seaman 54 Wash.
Crapsey, Andrew J., carpenter, 392 Main
Crawford, Nelson J., barber, 369 1-2 Main
Crea, Charles, laborer, Davies
Crogan, Thomas, ship carpenter, Winfield
Cromwell, William, carriage mkr, 428 Main
Cronk, Abraham, cabinet mkr, 369 Main h 10 Pine
Cronk, Abraham, carpenter, S. Clinton
Cronk, Hiram, cabinet mkr, 369 Main h 10 Pine
Cronk, James, pump mkr, S. Ham
Conkrite, William J., N. Hamilton
Crook, Peter, furnace, Union
CROOKE, CHARLES & Co. frt. & forw., Lower Landing
Crook, Charles, frt. & forw., h foot of Pine
Cropsey, Abigail, tailoress, Cannon
Crosby, Howard, prof. Un. of New York res North av
Crosby, James, laborer, 118 Main
Crosby, William H. prof. 297 Mill
Crosby, W. S. & W.H., dry goods, 316 Main
Crosby, William S.  dry goods, 316 Main  h S. Ham
Crosby, Willett H. dry goods, 316 Main  h S. Ham.
Croscup, D., chair fac. Main
Crossly, Joseph, wagon mkr, 167 Main
Crothy, Mathew, weaver, Albany
Crotty, John, carpet weaver, Charles
Crower, Conrad, brick yard, 194 Church
Crouse, John S., teller, Bank of Po., bds Forbus house
Cruger, Charles, farmer, Union
Crum, Abraham, laborer, Montgomery
Crum, Cornelius, basket mkr, S. Hamilton
Crum, Jacob, laborer, S. avenue
Crum, Jacob, carpenter, Spruce
Crussay, William, jeweller, 82 Mont
Cudel, Thomas, Mont.
Culver, Emeline, wd. of William A. 455 Main
Cunningham, David, laborer, Albany
Cunningham, William, carman, John
Cups, Joseph, potter-baker, 110 Main
Curley, Peter, cooper, 134 Main
Currie, Samuel, gardner, N. Ham
Curtan, John, laborer, Davies
Cuyler, Mary, wd. of John, Spruce
Dailey, Cornelius, laborer, Holmes
Dailey, James, painter, Liberty House
Dailey, Michael, shoe mkr, Jefferson
DAILY PRESS OFFICE, cor. Main & Market, American building
Dakin, Mrs. S. A., milliner, 15 Liberty
Daikin, Donathia, wd. of Thomas, 3 Cath.
Dal, Jacob, tailor, Church
Dalton, John, laborer, D. av.
Danforth James, laborer, Union
DANIELS, BRIGGS & CO. plumbers, 268 Main
Daniels, Charles, plumbers, 268 Main  h 110 Market
Daniels, Thomas, jeweller, 7 Liberty
Daniels, Mrs. Charlotte, teacher, Academy
Danvers, James, laborer, Union
Danvers, Mary Mrs., variety store, 15 Market
Danvers, Miss, teacher, 15 Market
Darrow, Samuel K. hat store, 264 Main
Darrow, Samuel K. Jr. clerk in 264 Main
Dates, Mrs. Jane, D. av.
Dates, Mrs. Hannah, 205 Main
Dator, George, blksmith, Harrison
Dator, Robert, machinist, Red mills, res 21 Main
Daul, --, potter baker, 151 Main
Davids, Mrs. Mima, N. Clover
Davids, George W., chair fac, N. Clover
Davidson, George E., mechanic, 52 Noxon
Davidson, George L., eating saloon, 272 Main
Davidson, J., laborer, Gates
Davidson, Joseph, laborer, Union
Davidson, William F., brass turner, 274 Main
Davies, Thomas L., Pres. Bank of Poughkeepsie, h Mansion Square
Davies, William A., Pres. F. & M. Bank, b 283 Mill
Davies, William Sen,--, Main n depot
Davis, Abraham A., grocer, 29 Wash. h 31
Davis, Benjamin H., Rev. Academy n Barclay
Davis, Charles, blksmith, 344 Mill
Davis, Frederick W., cashier F. & M. Bank, Market c Cannon
Davis, George, tailor, 223 Mill
Davis, Henry, carpenter, Mont
Davis, James, shoe mkr, 427 Main
Davis, Leonard M., 223 Church
Davis, Richard, brass band manf, 417 Main
Davis, William, moulder, Delafield
Davis, Elizabeth, laundress, Main
Davison, J. M., edge tool fac, 74 Garden
Dawton, Thomas, laborer, D. av
Dayton, Elizabeth, wd. of Benjamin, Bayeaux
Dean, Aaron, hatter & hat store  284 Main
Dean, A., 54 Academy
Dean, Benjamin, machinist, N. Clover
Dean, Gilbert, lawyer, 22 Market h South av
Dean, Catharine, wd. of John, bds 16 Garden
Dear, Fletcher, twine manf, Main
Dearin, J. E., shoe store, 310 Main, bds 201 Main
Decker, Charles, shoe mkr, Union
Decker, George E., tinman, 282 Main
Decker, Henry, laborer, Carrol
Decker, John, tinman, 282 Main
DeGarmo, William, grocer, 430 Main h N. Clinton
DEGROFF, JACOB, soap & candle manf, 194 Main, h 366 Mill
Degroff, Josiah, dye wood mill, D. av
Degroff, Josiah, carpenter, 97 Cannon
Degroff, M. S., house & sign painter, 70 Market
Degroff, Robert, 28 Garden
Degroff, Thomas, tinsmith, 164 Main
Degroff, William H., grocer, Main c Wash. bds 221 Main
Degroff, Mrs. Cornelia, 221 Main
Degroff, Mrs. --, 178 Mill
Degroot, Underhill, laborer, S. Water
Delavergne, Alonzo, steward, Exchange house
Delavergne, Morris, carriage mkr, 408 Main
Delavergne, Stephen, painter, 417 Main
Delfinger, Matthew, moulder, Jay
Delfinger, Michael, laborer, Mont
Delmartin, Thomas, laborer, Albany
Delmartin, William, laborer, D. av
Demmerath, John, willow ware, Delafield
Demmerath, Peter, willow ware, Delafield
Denk, Louis, upholster, 351 Main
Dennis, Gilbert, laborer, 134 Main
DENNIS, J. H. barber, 26 Market
Dennis, Nehemiah, driver, 52 Cannon
Dennis, William, driver, Forbus house
Dennison, Michael, teamster, Union
Dennison, Nicholas, teamster, 192 Mill
Denny, Michael, California, family Cottage
Denton, Benjamin, eating saloon, 255 Main h 272 Main
Denton, David B., painter, bds 272 Main
Denton, Misses, milliners, 278 1-2 Main
Depew, John P., cabinet mkr, 61 Academy
Depew, Samuel, furnace, Union
Deshay, Lucy, Mechanic
Devine, Michael, grocer, D. av
Devoe, Francis, butcher, 53 Union
Devoe, James, ship carpenter, Union c Jefferson
Devoe, William, carman, Bridge
Dewan, William, laborer, Delafield
Dewin, John, moulder, 43 Church
Dewitt, Alexander, tan. & cur. 378 Main
Deyo, Angevine, carman,   Man. Long row
DEYO, ELVY, physician  &c., 137 Main
Deyo, Isaac, laborer, Man.Long row
Deyo, Solomon, clerk, 316 Main
Deyo, Mrs. Frances, milliner, 328 Main
Diamond, Hugh, shoe mkr, D. av c Albany
Dickinson, James, carpet weaver, Delafield
Dickinson, James, carman, N. Water
Dickinson, Elizabeth, wd. Union c John
Dickson, Alexander, painter, 531 Main
Dietrich, Frederick, confectioner, 388 Main
Dierken, Henry, tailor, Main n Ham.
Dilks, --, carpenter, N. Water
Dimsey, Charles, cooper, N. Water
Dingo, Martin, Man.L. row
DISBROW, JAMES A., agri. store, 432 Main, h Hudson
Disbrow, John L., salesman, agri. store, 432 Main, h Hudson
DOBBS & BRITTAIN, merchant tailors, 251 Main
Dobbs, John H., merchant tailor, 251 Main h 48 Wash.
Dobbs, Ely, clerk at 316 Main
Dobbs, Patrick, file cutter, Man. L. row
Dobbs, Patrick, file fac. 495 Main
Dobbs, Rodman, grocer, 10 Perry
Dobler, George, chair fac, Jay
Dobler, John, tailor, Jay
Dobler, William, shoe mkr, Jay
DODGE, LE GRAND, lawyer, 39 Market, h 299 Mill
Dodge, William B, Capt. 49 Market
Dodge, Thomas A., printer, N. Clinton
Dogan, Michael, laborer, Davies
Dohanny, Michael, dyer, Delafield
Doharty, John, laborer, Albany
Dolan, Morris, laborer, Albany
Dolan, Patrick, gardener, Bridge