About The Company

Based in San Bruno, California, Greenbox Technology Inc. provides leading-edge energy management solutions for the home. Our products enable homeowners to conveniently track, understand, and manage their utility usage, reducing their environmental footprint while saving them money

Through world-class human interface design and insightful analysis of home resource usage, Greenbox Technology empowers people to make informed choices about their utility use that are aligned with their values and priorities.

The company also utilizes historical data, predictive algorithms, and open source strategies to offer an extendable platform to software developers and homeowners alike.

Management Team

The Greenbox team brings together tremendous expertise in human design, product development, business development, and management.

Jonathan Gay

Jon GayJonathan Gay is the co-creator of Flash, the most popular multimedia player on the Web. Jon founded FutureWave Software in 1993 to develop FutureSplash Animator, which was acquired by Macromedia and became Flash. Previous to Software as Art Jon served as Chief Technology Officer for Macromedia, where he was responsible for leading teams across Macromedia to redefine multimedia on the Internet.

It was Jon’s product vision for Flash that led the company to seamlessly meld sound, video, and interactivity across a broad range of internet enabled devices. As a result Flash has become the de facto standard for implementing multimedia on the Internet. Flash serves as the multimedia backbone for millions of Web sites from YouTube to The New York Times.

Jon started his programming career building the Macintosh computer games Airborne!, Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle. He also led development of Aldus Intellidraw, an illustration program for Macintosh and Windows. Jon graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Gary Grossman

Gary GrossmanIn his previous position as a Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems, Inc., Gary was a key architect of the Flash Player, the most popular multimedia player on the Web. Gary contributed to six major releases of Flash in various capacities, including individual developer, team architect and engineering manager.

Gary was the primary developer of Flash’s ActionScript programming language, used by thousands of developers today to add interactivity to Flash content and applications.

Gary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Peter Santangeli

Peter SantangeliIn his previous position as Vice President of Engineering at Macromedia, Inc., Peter led the engineering teams for Macromedia’s Flash Media Server product and Macromedia’s Breeze web conferencing solutions. Prior to that, Peter managed the engineering efforts for Flash 4, Flash 5, and Flash MX. Peter spearheaded several successful acquisitions for Macromedia, jump-starting the companies mobile business, and later its entry into the enterprise space with Breeze. He was also Macromedia’s representative on the W3C Scalable Vector Graphics committee.

Prior to joining Macromedia, Peter spent 10 years in the 3D graphics industry, primarily at Alias Research where he was a Director of Engineering on PowerAnimator and Maya 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects suite. Notably, Peter was instrumental in leading Alias Research into the then-new area of authoring tools and runtimes for 3D games.

Peter started programming as a job at the age of 15, writing everything from banking systems to embedded software for industrial computer vision systems. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from The University of Toronto.

Matthew Smith

Matthew SmithMatthew Smith has over thirteen years of startup business experience in the home computer, consumer electronics, broadcast video, and internet music industries. He is the former Vice President of Product Marketing at Liquid Audio, which was acquired by Anderson Merchandisers, music distributor for Wal-Mart. Matthew was responsible for all marketing, product management, technical support, key partnerships and operations for the digital music distributor whose solutions helped establish the market for digital music in the United States.

Prior to joining Liquid Audio, he spent ten years with Sony Electronics Inc, where he held various product marketing and management positions. In his final position at Sony Electronics Inc, he served as the Director of Marketing for the launch of the VAIO Personal Computer business where he led the firm from startup to breakeven during the first three years of business operations.

Matthew holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Robert Tatsumi

Robert TatsumiRobert Tatsumi is the co-creator of Flash, the most popular multimedia player on the Web. At FutureWave Software, Robert teamed up with Jonathan Gay to write FutureSplash Animator, which was acquired by Macromedia and became Flash. In his time at Macromedia, Inc., Robert worked on six major releases of Flash as a developer, architect and manager, starting with Flash 1.0 and through Flash MX.

Robert contributed such vital features to Flash as the Timeline, user interface panels, the Library and the first set of ActionScript-based UI Components. In his most recent position as Engineering Manager at Adobe Systems, Inc., Robert led the engineering team for the Breeze Live web conferencing software.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles.