Now he dead from coke

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Comes from a story originally from a post on fametracker, which was subsequently posted on wizzard's journal. It goes like this:

I dated a man who was much older than me when I was 20. he has a very fit body and was 45..think close to george cloony's age and he told me that if I went out w/ him, I could see what the nicer restaurants were like and how to meet men who had culture. (live in small town in sc..tired of men that chew tobacco)
he had traveled the world, owned many businesses, drove a porche, had a yacht, mansion, he was perfect
of course many other females wanted to date him and he decided we should be friends. and now he dead from coke.

Often misquoted as 'now he ded from coke.' Presumably, this is cross-pollination from the creative spelling of my hed iz pastede on yay.

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