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The most popular songs he didn't even write (or perform)!

The List:

- There are now actually three lists. I've run across a problem where there are often multiple titles for the same song and it was getting hard to maintain order the way I was doing it before. The first list is the same as before, but will hopefully contain only the real song titles and artists. The second and third lists are a cross-reference to look up the actual song title for a song that has another popularly-used (but technically incorrect) title.

- Remember that to get information inverse to this list, (that is, the songs that Weird Al has performed) you should check the official "Weird Al" Yankovic website catalogue, which contains all of his albums released to date. The official website should always be the authoritative source for all Weird Al info.

- Per a user's suggestion (John Wasser), I have attempted to track down the actual writers and/or performers of the songs on the list. This was met with limited success. The vast majority of the actual artists of these songs comes from people who drop me an email to let me know. When possible, I attempt to verify all of the artists as being the ones who performed the song, but many are just not well known and as a result, not every entry on this list can be guaranteed.

artist confirmed | artist unconfirmed | artist unknown
12 Pains of ChristmasBob Rivers
50 Ways to Get Bin LadenDean and Rog
All I'm Gonna DoPaul Shanklin
American Pie (Bill Clinton version) 
Another Brick in the Wall (Newt Gingrich) 
Answering Machine (Friends parody) 
A Salute to Breasts 
A**hole SonBob Rivers
Baby Got JackMC Sampler & White Honkey
Baby Got No Back 
Back That A** UpSouth Park, Big Gay Al
Ball StarJohnny Crass
Barney's on FireNone of the Above
Beer Polka 
Bi Bi Bi 
Bimbo Number 5The Morning Show @ Z100 Portland
Bomb IraqCapitol Steps
Bong Song 
Born in East L.A.Cheech Marin
Burning Down the ChurchBob Rivers
Cat in the KettleBob Rivers
Chewbacca, What a WookieSupernova
Combo Number 5David Brody @ Z100FM New York
Cows With GunsDana Lyons
Darth Maul 
Dirty Deeds (Done with Sheep)Bob Rivers
Don't Shoot Mr. PostmanBob Rivers
Don't Touch ThatLaszlo & Gary
Elmo's Got a GunTommy And Rumble
EskimoCorky and the Juice Pigs
Freeballin'Bob Rivers
F*** the MacarenaMC Rage
Furby Prank Call 
Gettin' Sticky With It 
Gilligan's Titanic Island 
Gonorrhea (Macarena Parody) 
Goin HuntinThe Arrogant Worms
Grandpa Got Run Over by a Beer TruckDa Yoopers
Heart Attack #5John Mammoser
Hello, I Love You (Let's get Tested for AIDS)Bob Rivers
Hooker on the Corner 
I Did it All for the Wookie 
If You Want To Be My Intern 
In A Gadda Da Vida PolkaScott Chapin
In A Gadda Da Vida Polka *Loose Bruce Kerr
Internet SandmanJohnny Crass
I Ran Over the Taco Bell Dog * 
Isle of SurvivorMy Hairy Brother
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)They Might Be Giants
I Wanna be a StormtrooperThe Anarchy Steering Committee
Kill the WabbitOzzy Fudd (Mark McCollum)
Killing My Software 
Last Vote for Al GoreRobomusic
Late Night With LettermanRobomusic
Let's Go Smoke Some PotDash Rip Rock
Livin' La Vida HomoR.J. from the Fishheads
Livin' La Vida Yoda*Todd Downing
Make my Boobies One More SizeDavid Brody @ Z100FM New York
McDonald's GirlThe Blenders (Cover)
Men in Brown 
Microsoft! (Bloatware)David Pogue
Microsoft Christmas 
Minimum WageBob Rivers
Mo Booty Mo Problems 
My Fart Will Go On 
My Girlfriend DiedTom Green
My Girlfriend is InflatableJohn Mammoser
My Name is... Darth Vader 
Nine CoronasJohn Mammoser
Nine Inch ClawsNone of the Above
No Hoochies 
Oops I Farted Again *Bob Rivers
Oops I'm Pregnant Again 
Oops I S*** in my Pants 
Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive 
Parody of Another Brick in the Wall 
Pet Names for GenitaliaTom Green
Please Don't Wear That Thong 
Rice, Rice, BabyGary Thomas & Mark Jonathan Davis
Saddam Hussein (Chumbawumba parody) 
Secret Asian ManDa Vinci's Notebook
She Gotta Pee 
Star Trek RhapsodyHillman Morning Show
Star Trekkin'The Firm
Star Wars CantinaMark Jonathan Davis
Star Wars Gangsta RapBentframe
Star Wars (disco medley)Meco Monardo
Thank God I'm a Pubic HairJohn Valby
The AOL SongBob Rivers
The Beer SongTrey Parker & Matt Stone
The Bill Gates Song 
The Devil Went Down to JamaicaDavid Allen Coe
The Devil Went Down to JamaicaTravis Meyer
The Friends Song Parody 
The Microsoft Empire Strikes Back 
The Real Slim SantaKevin & Bean @ 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles
The Taliban Can 
Thong Song 
Three Inch ToolBob Rivers
Toast *Heywood Banks
Ugly Girl 
Ukrainian Woman 
Uncle F***erThe South Park Movie Soundtrack
Vagina*Pig Vomit
What if God Smoked CannabisBob Rivers
Walk with an Erection*J.B.O.
Walking 'Round in Women's UnderwearBob Rivers
WarCraft RapQuency
Weenie in a BottleHawaiian Ryan
Which Backstreet Boy is GayThe Morning Show @ Z100 Portland
Who Let the Cows OutThe Waking Crew @ KYGO 98.5 Denver
Who Wants a Recount?Shamus and Brad @ KFTZ 103.3 Blackfoot
Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up*Emily Ellis @ KLUC 98.5 Las Vegas
Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up*(Male Vocalist)
With Legs Wide Open 
Windows 95 SucksBob Rivers
WonderbraBob Ricci
Wrong Foot AmputatedBob Rivers
Y.O.D.A.The Great Luke Ski
Yoda SunscreenMix 99.9FM Toronto
You're a Porn Star (Parody of All-Star) 
Zelda*The Rabbit Joint


In A Gadda Da Vida Polka:
Susan Carter tells me that the In A Gadda Da Vida Polka performed by Scott Chapin is not the same as the one floating around the net. If you want to be sure, you can download Scott Chapin's version (linked above) for free and compare it to what you have on your hard drive. UPDATE: Susan appeared to be quite right. You see, Ellen Koenig alerted me that the polka in question that has been floating around is by none other than Loose Bruce Kerr, who apparently had (or maybe still has) an informal working relationship with Dr. Demento and Weird Al. Another mystery solved! This one is reportedly the one being swapped around on the file sharing networks. It features the artist playing an accordian solo while singing to the tune. UPDATE: Steve also adds: Here's how to determine which is which. Scott Chapin's (from the CD "Poseur of Polka") is a direct cover, with same melody and some parody lyrics. Bruce Kerr's is a parody of Livin' La Vida Loca.

I Ran Over the Taco Bell Dog
Many folks have written in to say that this song was performed by Adam Sandler. Unfortunately, those folks are mistaken. I did at one point have him listed as the artist of the song, and shortly after I received a flood of emails from Sandler fans telling me that it was all a lie. So far, there is not a shred of evidence that can link Sandler to this song, and as such, it shall remain artistless for the time being.

Livin' La Vida Yoda:
Jay Ward noted that there are two versions of this song. One version is by Jimmy Fallon from a Saturday Night Live episode and the other, reportedly more popular, version by Todd Downing. This page has some unofficial lyrics for the interested.

Oops I Farted Again:
There was, for a significant amount of time, some confusion as to who wrote this. Some people said Bob Rivers, others said the artists at were the ones who created it. But now the truth shall be known! Patty Brown reports that the Bob Rivers version of the song is the same as that used in the shockwave animation.

I've been receiving conflicting reports on the actual authors for this song. I first attributed it to The Longpigs, who have their discography online. Then, I get an email from Bastiaan Huisman who tells me that it's not, in fact, by The Longpigs, The Bloodhound Gang, or Monty Python. (Being that they have a Penis Song, but not a Vagina Song.) Justin Petrosek wrote in recently to let me know that this song is probably Three Point One Four by The Bloodhound Gang because the song itself deals extensively with vaginas, but the song title does not reflect so. If anyone has more evidence regarding this, please send it on in. UPDATE: Adrian Mettler wrote with proof saying that the version of the song he has is NOT by The Bloodhound Gang. I'm listing this song as Artist Unknown until there some real proof on this one. UPDATE: I received another email today, (which I accidently deleted, sorry!) suggesting it may be by NOFX but I checked and that is not the case either. UPDATE: YES! YES! YES! Confirmation at last! Seth Christenfeld wrote in to say that he had to endure multiple playings of this song by his camp-mates and even provided actual proof of THE REAL ARTISTS OF THIS SONG, Pig Vomit. What a cozy name!

Toast was a skit done live on the Bob & Tom national morning show. Although the artist / musician / clinically insane guy behind the microphone sure sounds a lot like Al, it is not. MP3 sharees often label this as an "extremely rare" Al recording. Well, I guess it would be rather rare if he never performed it. Only recently was Al a guest on the Bob & Tom show, but it was a satellite interview and he performed no songs. The actual artist of this tune is Heywood Banks, a funny guy in his own right.

Walk With an Erection
There has always been a certain amount of controversy surrounding this song. I would get loads of emails claiming that WWAE was by The Swinging Erudites, but the evidence just kept pointing to J.B.O. Finally, the German proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that J.B.O. did the song because it had a sound clip of WWAE, which appeared on their Explizite Lyrik album and this clip matched up perfectly with the one that's being shared under Al's name. And so I thought the mystery was solved until Greg Urbaitis, member of The Swinging Erudites emailed me. He argued, of course, that the Swinging E's were the ones who did the song, and I wanted to be well-armed for my rebuttal, so I dug a little deeper into the history of the song until I ran across a web page that stated that the Swinging Erudites were the ones who originally wrote and performed the song, which was then covered by Carson Sage, which was in turn covered (and presumably translated) by J.B.O., making the version appearing on this page a cover of a cover. Case closed. I hope.

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up:
Previously I had Christina Aguilera attributed to this one. I had her name in mind as the artist of this song not only due to the many erroneous song listings, but from at least one overheard conversation as well. Jeremy set me straight: "The female version of Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up was recorded by Emily Ellis for KLUC 98.5FM, Las Vegas, NV. The intent was to make people think it was Christina Aguilera singing, and apparently it worked." Perhaps someone should start a Not-Christina Page?

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up (Male Vocalist):
I've been getting reports that there is definitely a version of this sung by a male vocalist being traded under Weird Al's name. I see that it's also attributed to Cletus T. Judd, but I can not yet find any solid evidence that he's the true artist.. UPDATE: Hmm. Nope, I was wrong. There are apparently *two* (at least) entirely different versions of this song by a male vocalist. Fun, fun, and more fun.

As cleverly shown in the Not-Al cross reference table below, this song is often mistitled as The Legend of Zelda or Zelda Nintendo Theme. It is neither of those, nor was it ever performed by System of a Down. You might say the guy in the song sounds like the lead vocalist from SoaD, but personally I don't see the resemblence except that they both like to scream a lot. UPDATE: This song is performed by The Rabbit Joint. Case closed, it seems.

Song Title Cross References:

This list is a cross-reference for song titles that aren't the actual title for Weird Al songs. The column on the left shows the unofficial (wrong) name and the one on the right is the reference to the actual (right) song title.

Al Songs
Wrong Title Right Title
Achy Breaky HeartAchy Breaky Song
Anakin GuyThe Saga Begins
Batman ReturnsCavity Search
Bohemian Rap CityBohemian Polka
ConstipatedA Complicated Song
I'm FatFat
Jedi KnightThe Saga Begins
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm MmmmHeadline News
Numb Me, Drill Me, Floss Me, Bill MeCavity Search
Offspring RenditionPretty Fly for a Rabbi
The Jedi SongThe Saga Begins
There's Something Weird in the Fridge TodayLivin' in the Fridge
Yabba Dabba DooBedrock Anthem

This list is a cross-reference of incorrect and correct titles for songs not written by Al. The column on the left shows the unofficial (wrong) name and the one on the right is the reference to the actual (right) song title. To see the artists of these songs, look up the correct title above in The List.

Not Al Songs
Wrong Title Right Title
All I Wanna Do (Bill Clinton)All I'm Gonna Do
I Like Small ButtsBaby Got Jack
Bitchney SpearsMake My Boobies One More Size
Hooker in a BottleHooker on the Corner
Let's Bomb IraqBomb Iraq
I Like Big ButtsBaby Got Jack
I Hate Big ButtsBaby Got Jack
I'm the Only Gay EskimoEskimo
Metallica Against NapsterInternet Sandman
Napster LandInternet Sandman
Star Wars DiscoStar Wars: Title Theme (Disco Medly)
Survivor ParodyIsle of Survivor
The Legend of ZeldaZelda
The Vagina SongVagina
Zelda Nintendo ThemeZelda


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