Jews and the slave trade

The route went through the Caribbean, and that's where Jews initially controlled the islands.

Van der Sloot is Dutch Jewish...possible descendents of the Caribbean Dutch Jewish slave trade families.

Venlo, Amsterdam. Reglement der Nederlandsche Israëlietische Gemeente te Venloo. c. 1895 - 8° Br.Ros. Gem.G-1 Venlo: Van der Sloot, c. 1895

Paulus, Anita, and yes, darling son Joran Van Der Sloot are a family of degenerate Dutch Jews, who have ruled Aruba and the other small islands in the Caribbean since colonial times. Van Der Sloot a lawyer is using his position as civil servant to obstruct justice and a proper investigation of this crime, perhaps others as well.

Also, Van Der Scheerer the Police Chief, is a Dutch Jew or is it more proper to deem them

Rules and regulations of Dutch Jewish Communities and Associations

It never occured to me that they were all Jewish. That would explain the multiple inquiries about beth being related to hitler.

IMO natalee most likely was disposed of in 1 of these 3 scenarios. Like beth and most others I also believe they were at jorans apt and that's where natalee passed away.

A Smug Young Jewish Psychopath

Being a Jew is only one part of what joran is. In my opinon joran is a killer and deepak and sastice are part of the clean up along with daddy.Now we understand why joran said things about Beth being hitler. In jorans mind if he could see Natalee as hilters daught in his sick sick mind he may have felt killing her was a good thing. Being Jewish has nothing to do with being a killer unless you are one mentally ill Jew wjich imo joran is. Give natalee Back Now Aruba

But embracing the propaganda of a NEO NAZI website and calling Joran a “mentally ill Jew” is really disgusting to me.

Would it be OK for someone to call Jeffrey Dahmer a “mentally ill CHRISTIAN”?? (Dahmer was a born-again Fundamenalist Christian.) Is there ANY POINT to that apart from attaching Christianity to his crimes? His religion and Joran’s are irrelevant, and you’re only taking the bait from a NAZI website by making comments like this.

Incidentally, Jesus was Jewish, but you knew that, I’m sure…

Hey Joran doesnt represent all Jew’s same as Dahmer doesnt represent all Christians they only reprsent the sich ones . there religion are irrelevant, Yes I know who jesus is do you? Gram 23 And I didnt take the Bait

I must agree that being Jewish is irrelevant to what is going on.

An individual with evil intent can PRETEND to be a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Taoist, Scientoligist, athiest, or whatever else they choose to call themselves. But dears, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Ever hear the Biblical phrase, “make a tree good, and its fruit will be good; make a tree bad, and its fruit will be bad.”

Natalee = good tree
Joran = bad tree

Sums it up quite well, don’t it?!

Please stop the Jewish comments.

There is no need for them at all. There is more than enough to talk about.

You obviously have a problem with those of the Jewish faith. You always invoke God in your posts - do you not know Jesus was a Jew? Your anti-semitism make me sick, and I hope it does others. I demand to know why you would make a statement like”A Smug Young {{edit}} Psychopath”.

Israel, S., Zintuigen. gedichten. Amsterdam, Aan Dijk en Sloot,1994.

living - details excluded

living - details excluded

living - details excluded

Holland, at one time, controlled several islands and territories in the Caribbean under the control of the Dutch West Indies Company. Jews were among the first settlers to travel to the new colonies, many of them descendants of Jews who had arrived from Spain in 1492. The most important of the Dutch colonies were Curacao and Surinam (which was originally British).

Curacao is part of the Lesser Antilles, the southernmost group of islands in the Caribbean, quite close to the mainland of South America just above Venezuela. The Jews settled in an area still known as Jodenwyk (Joden is "Jewish" in Dutch). In 1651, a large number of Jewish settlers, in flight from the persisting battle between the Portuguese and Dutch in Brazil, arrived in Curacao. By 1750, the population of Jews reached 2,000.


In 1656, there were enough Jews to establish a congregation in Willemstad, the Sephardic (Jews of Spanish or Portuguese descent) Congregation named Mikveh Israel, which is still in existence. They built a synagogue in 1692. It was not until 1864 that a second Jewish congregation was established in Willemstad, a Liberal Jewish Congregation, Temple Emanu-El. The Jewishcommunity in Curacao was so strong that it helped support newcommunities in the United States. One such example was theNewport, Rhode Island congregation that, in 1765, sent a letterbegging the Curacao congregation for financial help to pay offthe mortgages on their synagogue building (AJA 11).

Curaceo Jews

Curacao is the Jewish jewel of the Caribbean. Since 1634, when Samuel Coheno was appointed Chief Steward of the native Indian population, Jews have called it home. Refuges escaping Inquisitions in Recife and Europe began arriving in 1651.

The Dutch totally accepted the Jews. In fact, Jews were the only foreigners who didn’t have to leave the city at night. Immigration swelled, and by the 19th century, the island had the largest Jewish population in the Americas.

Jews began as planters, but were most successful as merchants and ship owners. Language skills made them interpreters, which helped to establish commerce between Europe and the Americas. Ironically, many dealt in the slave trade.

The first temple, a wooden house founded in 1659 in the De Hoop (The Hope) area, became Mikve Israel. A rift in 1864 brought the founding of Temple Emanuel, a reformed congregation. It took 100 years and two floundering congregations to solve their differences and merge.

The 1920s brought the Ashkenazim. Not surprisingly, they had differences with the Sephardim. Their Orthodox shul, Shaarei Tzedek, is located in the Scharloo neighborhood.

Today, the former Temple Emanuel, with its steeple and stained glass windows, is a government law office. But the famous, sand-floored Mikve Israel-Emanuel, consecrated in 1732, is legendary. Its bima and seats of the finest mahogany, huge chandelier, organ and four columns–one for each of the matriarchs–make it elegant. The
Dutch colonial-designed structure is the Western Hemisphere’s oldest synagogue in continuous use. It is also one of the island’s biggest attractions.

Involvement ended at Beit Chaim Bleinhelm, located west of the Joden Kwartier. It is estimated that between 5,200 and 5,500 people are buried here at the Western Hemisphere’s oldest cemetery. Unfortunately, many of the elaborately sculptured tombstones have been damaged by erosion.

The Jewish community, about 600, is still very much a part of the island. They welcome landsmen.

In 1754, Moses Solomon Levie Maduro sailed to Aruba from Curacao to established a branch of the
Dutch West India Company. Others followed, but a true Jewish community never really took hold. Evidence of a Jewish presence from that time is a small cemetery in Oranjestad.

The Holocaust started a Jewish migration in 1938. With the establishment of
Palm Beach’s Jewish Country Club four years later, the community was officially launched. The club no longer exists, but the community does. Beth Israel Synagogue was built in 1962. Today it has a full-time rabbi. And for a little nosh, there is the Kineret Aruba Kosher Deli.












When Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, talked to The Early Show's Hannah Storm last week, she shared her suspicions about what happened to her daughter.

"I know this is really difficult for you to talk about, but you do believe that she was sexually assaulted. Is that correct?" Storm asked.

"Absolutely," Twitty said.

Deepak Kalpoe had a different version. When an investigator asked if she had sex with all three, he responded, "She did. You'd be surprised how easy it was."

Twitty thinks it is a possibility that she could have been drugged. But if Hollway was drugged,
Deepak Kalpoe said he did not do it. "Let me ask you this," Skeeters said to Deepak Kalpoe. "I hear you can pay a bartender to slip a date rape drug in her drink."

"I've never drugged someone,"
Deepak Kalpoe said.

"Have you heard that happen?" Skeeters asked.

"I haven't heard the bartender story,"
Deepak Kalpoe said. "I have heard the drug ecstasy. I've heard they slip that into drinks."

Deepak Kalpoe offered no clues as to where to find Holloway.
His first statement

The next question that needs to be answered is why did the Kalpoe’s drive to Joran’s house and to Carlos N’ Charlies? What was in it for them? No one just leaves home, drives a friend to a bar for a half hour so he can scam on female tourists and then drives them around the island so he can make out in their back seat, leaves them at a beach and then pick then up later at the end of the night. NO ONE. What was Deepak’s and Satish’s reward for being the getaway driver?

Chatting with Father

Why does a boy and his “chofer” (driver) and the tag-a long brother go to C&C’s, just before closing time, to grab the girl who was chatting with his father in the casino hours earlier, and take her back to his home, while the rest of his family is far away?


I believe that as was stated befor that the Kalpos didnt have a lot of luck with the girls at the bars ,
Satish and Deepak arn’t the most good looking men around acording to a few female friends of mine that i asked and they are black looking and that was a factor also although some white girls do date Black men, many more do not on vacation or otherwise

driver that night. Seen cleaning the car at wee hours of the morning, and found blood stains in his car. The blood stains then turned to chocolate, and cleaning fluid so says the results. Several people left the Island right after all of tis happened too


Unknown students [hearsay]: (daughter quotes other students as saying) Natalie passed them on the road a short while later. She was a passenger in a taxi with another person. She clearly did not know she was in danger; she leaned out the window and shouted something like "Aruba! Woohoo!"   source





Van Stratten Jewish



Misjpoge 17- 4 (October 2004)

Misjpoge 17.4 (2004) opens with a contribution by R.G. Fuks-Mansfeld about the varied source material for Jewish genealogy and family history that is to be found in the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana at the Amsterdam University Library. In his series on Jewish schools and their pupils in Amsterdam, Harmen Snel presents an article about the school of Rachel Vaz Dias. I.C. van Creveld concludes his story of the Jewish orphanage in The Hague during WWII on the basis of documents recently returned from Russia. Jits van Straten’s Besnijdenissen en geboorten in Amsterdam, 1697-1811 (Circumcisions and births in Amsterdam) is the subject of a detailed review by Chaim Caran.









Throughout the week we have followed the seemingly illogical investigation of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance in Aruba on May 30th and have wondered why the three young men who saw her last – the logical suspects – were questioned and released so quickly. As a result of the three pals' statements, two former security guards, Jones and John, with reputations for hanging around the tourist places bumming cigarettes or flirting with women, were arrested and held in custody awaiting further developments that would determine whether they are formally charged with a crime.

In the meantime, Joran Van Der Sloot, the Dutch student allegedly to have had a “romantic relationship” with Natalee the last night of her trip, has had nine days to clean up his car, ditch any clothing and other incriminating items, pay off his friends, call in chips, and convince his father, the “high ranking official,” that he had nothing to do with Natalee’s disappearance

Natalee died at Jorans house. Joran panicked
and called on dad to help. He lied to him
about how it happened but he being the dad
of course believed him. I do not think Joran
intentially killed her though.
I think he was trying to have sex with Natalee
while she was drifing in and out of being
drunk or drugged and
when she realized what
was going on she tried to defend herself
and she was making to much noise and he covered
her head with a pillow so dad would not hear
what was going on in his space/room whatever
and would not wake him and she accidentially
smothered to death.
Thats what the hell I think !

Dad helped get rid of the body. I do not know
if Deepak & Satish were there ot not. I never
quite figured out how they were involved other
than taking him & her to his house. I feel this
strongly. What they did with her body. I have no
clue. Anyones guess is as good as anothers
Prosecutor: Aruban judge told son 'when there is no body you don't have a case'







Oh well here we go again. Can we all say “home cooking”..this has been a case of who you know from day one. With Joran’s Godfather being the big cop on the case. Come on Aruba fess up. A girl died at the hands of your citizens or maybe worse. Let the FBI take the case and solve like they did in Brazil. If you aren’t hiding anything it should not be a problem. I am not convinced that Daddy Van der Sloot had nothing to do with this. God forbid you make him miss a payday. Well America they need our money to survive I say “NOT A CENT!!!!!”

The sole point of why he went to Carlos N’ Charlie’s one half hour before closing time to find a drunk Mountain Brook teen was to have sex with them. It did not matter who, that was the plan and that was the game. That was always the game.

On his Primetime interview.. he said they were going to his house, but he changed his mind because he
didn’t want to wake his brothers up.
His brothers didn’t live in his apartment and some have said they were in Holland

kelly, according to what jvds told greta, “they” have done this 20 or more times without anything going wrong. jvds is sleeping just fine. sociopaths don’t have consciences like normal people so what happened to natalee is only an inconvenience to him and that’s all her fault for not doing what he wanted her to.






Paulus Van Der Sloot


ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP)The father of a Dutch teenager arrested in the disappearance of a young U.S. woman told his son and his two friends that "when there is no body you don't have a case," Aruba's attorney general said Wednesday.

Paul van der Sloot, a judge in training in Aruba, gave his 17-year-old son Joran van der Sloot and two Surinamese brothers legal advice the day after 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared, District Attorney Caren Janssen told MSNBC in an interview.

"They spoke about the situation that when there is no body you don't have a case, and that was already in the first day after the disappearance," Janssen said.

Janssen said that the elder van der Sloot had obstructed the investigation by asking a friend of Joran, who had been interrogated by police, what he had told them.

The Kid and I have said as well a couple of others (and I apologize for not remembering the names) all along that there is NO WAY Joran and pals cleaned up a crime in such a manner that investigators have no evidence (that we know of). SOMEONE must have helped them

He freaked out and called his dad to help him.  His father then went out and decided that they needed to get rid of the body -- because he didn't want trouble for his son, and he wanted to protect his own career.  They called the brothers to find out how to reach Croes, the one with keys to the taxi boat, and possibly the other kid who had a boat.

During the CBS, 48 Hours interview Gerold Dompig made some rather interesting comments based upon his theories as to what happened to cause the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. One of the more peculiar comments was Dompig’s reference that Paulus Van der Sloot was involved in the cover up and reburial of Natalee Holloway. Paulus Van der Sloot was arrested for three days this past summer and is presently suing the Aruba for false imprisonment.


Paulus out that night

Joran spent the evening dancing with someone and went
on tv and said he didn’t know her name or her when
he saw her picture. Also ask him how many girls he left on
the beach at 2 am in the dark all alone to go home and
read a book.. Ask Paulus who he picked up at 11 no wait
3 or 4.. and why he would say no body no crime a few days
after a girl is missing.
As the Kalpoes mom why she said
her son’s got home at 2 then changed it to 3:30 or 4 am.
Ask the reason big people lie,, Ask why Paulus’s home
was never searched since he was a suspect,
and yet the 2
black men’s were.. 10 days is a long time to get rid of
all evidence. I only hope they don’t offer to give any of
their daughters rides back to their rooms..
He knows what his son did.
Sweating when meeting Greta and Twiggy.
His reaction to Mr. Holloway request on the where abouts of Natalee. Quote “I have to protect my son”.
The there is “No Body, No Crime”.
The ATM withdrawals. Who did he payoff and how many?
Was the policeman Mr Holloway met first on the island looking for a bigger payoff?

After all Joran always said if mom was home I would not have gone out. So do we blame Joran or Anita!

o grab the girl who was chatting with his father in the casino hours earlier, and take her back to his home, while the rest of his family is far away?

1991 Paul van der Sloot thought it was the time for a new job and he found one in Aruba where he was appointed for five year as lawyer for the Aruban government 3 years training and is now officially a judge International School to take a required exam to become a Judge - but failed the exam"But Paulus admitted telling his son that if a body wasn't found, there could be a chance he'd get out of jail."
Paulus has been described by people who know him well as a womanizer and a gambler.

"No body - no murder"

o grab the girl who was chatting with his father in the casino hours earlier, and take her back to his home, while the rest of his family is far away?

Think about it… when Joran was first confronted by Beth and Jug and the police -he immediately started talking and making statements and Paulus was trying his best at that time to shut him up - saying “you don’t have to say anything”

As the story goes, Natalee left Carlos & Charlies with Joran and the Kalpoe Brothers. There were 3 differents lies before the actual story stuck. Poppa gathered everyone up while Mom was away telling them with no body, there is no crime. So, we need to know just what happend in that time to have NO BODY. Was she picked up by a stranger on the beach, and taken away? Did she never leave the Dunes area where the light house is? We already know that HE was having relations with her while she was (in and out) of consciousness, in Deepaks car, and "at his house". He described to Beth just how and what, and the clothes she was wearing.


Was Poppa a part in this? Was there a movie made? The boys on the island are into this type of thing. Did someone need to pay a debt? We don't know, but someone is going to break soon. Seems a few of his friends already did. Even the headmaster of his school knows. A teacher also called Anita. If mom was home this would not have happend, he says. Joran is now in College the judge saw no reason NOT to let him go to school. Did I say HOLLAND?

Jossy’s editorial that Paulus is a womanizer and a gambler, might be true, but being that he was off island to study for his judgeship exams, would that have been in Holland. If it was in Aruba, then it probably was done away from public view, given that he worked for the government. Probably with other older guys just like him. Leading a secret life at night.
That would explain where Joran got the idea that this was an acceptable way to treat women. Not just the Natalee case, but his tickle accounts and everything he says about girls.

The father of a Dutch teenager arrested in the disappearance of a young U.S. woman told his son and his two friends that "when there is no body you don't have a case," Aruba's attorney general said Wednesday womanizer

Father and Natalie


In today's communication, Mansur sheds more light on Paulus van der Sloot, stating:

"What the information we were able to obtain in the course of this investigation, Paulus has been described by people who know him well as a womanizer and a gambler."




Someone goes to the ATM and withdrawals money from PVDS account. Paulus goes to the ATM at 22 Noord three times and makes three withdrawals












Steve Cohen, special advisor to Aruba, came on the show hoping for a chance to talk to Beth about where the investigation stands today. Dr. Phil turns to Steve. "So, you're a paid consultant?" he asks.

"That's correct," Steve replies.

"And, who pays you?" Dr. Phil probes.

"I'm actually paid by the tourism industry, which is the Aruban Tourism Authority, and also a group called AHACA, which is an association of hotel owners on the island."

Dr. Phil acknowledges Beth's frustration with Steve and asks Steve what he would like to say to her.

"I regret the rollercoaster of December," says Steve. "I think it was a mistake. I don't think our expectations were that it was going to yield that much, but I really do regret it. The last thing we want to do is be part of any of the emotional trauma that you've experienced up to this point."
Dr. Phil says, "You say that you are a consultant paid by the tourism industry that's also working in conjunction with the government, and in the same breath you say that you are the ones that had to let these boys out of jail?"


"I was the guy who had to let them out," says Steve. "I opened the jail door for all three of them. It was nobody else. It was me. And my feeling was that we had lost. And then we didn't lose because we all sat together and said, 'We can figure this out.'"


"It seems to me that the only point of view that needs to be considered, the point of unity and unification in this whole deal, is to find out what happened to this woman's daughter. And if everybody stops covering their ass, if everybody stops running their own agendas, then maybe we can get to that point. I mean, that's all you want, right? You just want answers," says Dr. Phil, turning to Beth.

John answers for her. "We're not going to sit here and say, 'Mr. Cohen's a nice guy. He told us some nice things. Aruba's a nice country.' No! Their daughter's missing. We don't have answers. The answers are down there. They have the resources, they have the men, they have the answers, they've got the suspects, it's all down there for them to solve this, and they're not doing it. We need that done."

VELEZ-MITCHELL:  You heard us on this very show trying to nail down Aruban officials, who were giving us conflicting stories, and you decided to take action by picking up the phone and calling the prosecutor, Karin Janssen, yourself.  What did you learn?

HOLLOWAY:  Well, just—I—basically, it was out of frustration.  You know, we watch your show and we watched Steve Cohen on, you know, the - - several times.  And the last time we watched, we found out every other day, he‘s getting updates from Adolpho (ph) Richardson, and it‘s been weeks since we‘ve had an update (INAUDIBLE) our attorney, to the best of my knowledge.  So I—you know, a while back, Ms. Janssen had told Vinda that we could call her any time, so I took her at her word and I did.  And she was receptive to my phone call and talked to me, and you know, we had a very good conversation.











The reason that this is so hard to wrap your brain around is because the laws themselves are so convoluded; this is intentional, as it gives the "Home Kingdom", in this case the Netherlands, a lot of choices vis a vis what to do....First of all, ("colonial") Aruba does have its own system....However, the (Kingdom of the) Netherlands can decide to take over a case and try it....but, they can also decide not to prosecute or try a case at all based on lack of evidence, and God knows what else...Let's say Aruba holds the boys for its maximum 116 (or so) days, and then lets them go because no one is talking, and there's no hard ervidence found. Let's say then, that the VDS go back and live permanently in the Netherlands. The following things could happen:

1. The case could still be tried in Aruba if something else is found;
2. The case could be tried in the Netherlands based on a strong circumstantial evidence case, or, again, if something else is found; or
3. The Netherlands could tell Aruba basicaly "Tough sh%t, we don't think you have a strong enough case circumstantially or otherwise, so we will not order these people back to Aruba, nor will we try the case here.

In any case, the Joranmeister is a juvenile; unfortunately, the max. he can get is 10 years, no matter what type of murder this case falls into....

Now, a smart prosecutor would hold the proverbial hot irons to
Daddy's's feet, and would haul his smarmy a$$ in for LYING or DESTROYING EVIDENCE, thus hindering a missing persons/possible kidnap/possible homicide investigation....Next, get Mom for not talking (even though I truly beleive she feels bad about all of this), then the sibling(s), and so on...

The Aruban authorities need to work fast before their 100+ days or so run out...

Now, there is NO LEGAL REASON to try this case in the US, since the crime(s) committed did not take place there. It doesn't matter WHERE THE VICTIM IS FROM. It matters WHERE THE CRIMES TOOK PLACE. Now, the only reason that this sh%t could be tried in the Netherlands is because of the whole colonial thang going on... (The same logic holds true in the US - for example, when an African student was nearly beaten to death at a UW satellite campus, they did not try the case in Nigeria, which is where the victim was from...)

BTW, Timex, all of the wire services characterized
Daddy as a "high ranking" Dutch official, not the lowly civil servant you

Why Do Three Boys Go to Carlos N’ Charlie’s One Half Hour Before Closing when Mountain Brook Teens were there on their last night in Aruba? Gee, I Wonder?
So what would make three boys, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe go to a known bar with drunk tourists
one half hour before closing? It certainly was not to dance as Joran has told us he does not really dance. It couldn’t be for Deepak or Satish to flirt with the female tourists as they seemed to not do that by all accounts of the records of what happened that night at Carlos N’ Charlie’s.

So why would these three boys go to a bar to meet a group of girls from Mountain Brook, AL one half hour before the bar closed if Joran Van der Sloot had previously stated that Sunday night was no fun at C&C’s.

MCVAY: He came with his friends. He had told us that night that Sunday was not a fun night on the island and that no one goes out. So we found it ironic that he showed up.

Joran Van der Sloot confirms that is exactly what he said that night to the Mountain Brook girls.

VAN DER SLOOT: And I remember afterwards going into — right behind that casino is a little bar, and I remember watching — walking in there. And there was a baseball game on TV, and again, the group of girls was sitting there. And they said, Oh, yes, don’t forget to come out tonight. And I told them that on Sunday, it wasn’t a good night to go out. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t — and — but they said, You know, if you want to come, come. And I ended up deciding that, yes, I might as well go and have fun. (Fox - ‘On the Record,’ Part 1)

However, Joran Van der Sloot while meeting the Mountain Brook teens at the Excelsior casino at the Holiday Inn,learned that they were going to Carlos N’ Charlie’s later that night. Joran Van der Sloot must have also learned that this was the teens last night on Aruba as well. To many boys on the island that is code for a “Shark feeding frenzy.”

VAN DER SLOOT: You know, we were just talking socially. It was just — it was just — it was just talking with nothing — nothing else involved. And then they ended up asking me if — they ended up telling me it was their last night and asked if I wanted to go to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s.

VAN SUSTEREN: Had you been to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s before? You know the place?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I know the place. I went there on weekends a lot. It’s just — it’s a place where I know — it’s fun place. It’s a place where people go and hang out and have fun. I mean… (Fox News - Greta)

So who did Joran initially intend to meet up with at Carlos N’ Charlie’s? So in one half hour prior to closing Joran Van der Sloot did not find his intended target, but managed to find another.

VAN SUSTEREN: Interested in any of them at — at the poker table?

VAN DER SLOOT: Interested? No, not really. I was more talking — the girl that was sitting next to me, I was — I thought she was pretty and I was talking to her. And when I went — what the point was for going to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s was I wanted to actually meet up with her.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you remember her name?

VAN DER SLOOT: I don’t — I didn’t remember it, but I remember it now because I heard it afterwards. I think her name was Kathleen.

After having told the Mountain Brook girls that C&C’s was a waste of time on Sunday night, Joran Van der Sloot decided that he was going to go anyhow. Joran would also make the conscious decision to lie to his father that he was going out to Carlos N’ Charlie’s. WHY? We thought that the Van der Sloot taught their son to tell the truth? Isn’t that how they claim they brought him up?

VAN SUSTEREN: At the point where you called him, were you intending to go to Carlos and Charlie’s at that point? Had you made up your mind?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I’d made up my mind that I was going to go there, and I’d also made up my mind that I wasn’t going to tell him that I was going to go there because I know he would have said no. He would have said that I couldn’t go. So I had made up my own mind that I was going to go out without him knowing.

What makes Joran Van der Sloot’s decision to go to C&C’s even more interesting after stating that, “Sunday, it wasn’t a good night to go out” was the fact that he knew that these girls had been drinking. This coupled with his views of how American’s drank on vacation and on their last night was all that was needed to change his mind to go out.

The fact that he would find fault in that “they go overboard, and that’s something that’s — that’s bad, something that shouldn’t happen.” A bad thing? This is what he hoped and prayed would occur.

VAN DER SLOOT: I mean, yes, they were drinking liberally and freely, but I mean, I think they had every right to. I mean, they had graduated. They just finished their high school. You know, they’d just been — they’d finished their high school, and I think they had every right to come to Aruba and have — and you know, and celebrate their graduation. I mean, they worked for that their whole life. And I’ve met tons of people that do the same thing.

And I mean, one problem I might have seen with it is the drinking age in the United States is 21 and the drinking age in Aruba is 18. And you know, I’ve met a lot of people that when they’re — you know, whose parents don’t let them drink or do anything like that, and when they — you know, when they come to Aruba and they get a chance to drink, they go — you know, they go overboard, and that’s something that’s — that’s bad, something that shouldn’t happen.

Joran Van der Sloot then calls Deepak Kalpoe and asks him if he wanted to go to Carlos N’ Charlie’s as he had met some girls at the casino earlier in the day. Deepak says yes as he has done in the past. This was not the first time that Deepak and Joran had ever gone to C&C’s together.

VAN SUSTEREN: What — so where — where’d you ever gone with Deepak? I mean, what kind of stuff did you guys do? How well do you know him?

VAN DER SLOOT: You know, we hung out together sometimes. We’d go out to Carlos and Charlie’s together sometimes, but I don’t know him that well.

Joran claims he did not know Deepak all that well but he had no issue to call someone at 11pm and ask them if they wanted to drive to his house and then to Carlos N’ Charlie’s.

VAN SUSTEREN: Had you ever called him sort of late at night or 10:00 o’clock at night, 11:00 o’clock at night before and said, Let’s go out?

Joran states, “So I’d give him a call sometimes, or another friend of mine, you know, Let’s go out.” Or another friend? So Joran in his comment thinks of Deepak as a friend. Or is it that he “does not know him that well?” Joran Van der Sloot can’t even seem to be consistent on this answer.

VAN DER SLOOT: Oh, yes. I’d done that before, you know, because I don’t have a car. I don’t — didn’t have a driver’s license and I’m not allowed to drive. So if I want to go out, yes, I’m dependent on — on friends, that — you know, that have a car. So I’d give him a call sometimes, or another friend of mine, you know, Let’s go out.


Deepak and Satish Kalpoe get in Deepak’s car and drive to pick up Joran Van der Sloot
They arrive at Joran’s house and then drive to Carlos N” Charlie’s and arrive there at 12:30am. The bar closes at 1am.

VAN DER SLOOT: When they picked me up, we went straight there, straight to Carlos and Charlie’s.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you arrived at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, any idea about what time it is?

VAN DER SLOOT: It was probably, you know, 12:15, I think, 12:30 maybe.

VAN SUSTEREN: How late does it stay open?

VAN DER SLOOT: That night it was open until 1:00 AM.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is that usual? I mean, every…

VAN DER SLOOT: Every — during weekdays, it’s open until 1:00 AM, yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: And were the girls from Mountain Brook already there?

Joran Van der Sloot gets to a bar where he pretty much knows that these Mountain Brook teenage girls have been drinking all day since and after he met them at the casino. It is now
1/2 hour to closing time and they have been in C&C’s where all there is to do is get drunk and Joran knows that they are on their last night of vacation and they are partying hard. What does the responsible Joran Van der Sloot do who claims that American teens drink too much? Joran Van der Sloot orders Natalee Holloway a 151 rum shot. WHY? This is hardly a shot that a girl would do. One could envision a shot of an Alabama Slammer, a Jolly Rancher or even tequila. Not a shot of 151 rum, hell I haven’t even ever done a shot of 151, only on the rocks.

So Joran’s answer is to find the easiest mark, who had been drinking the most and showing the most signs of being drunk and feeding even more alcohol to her.
Then as the end of the night grows near at Carlos N’ Charlie’s manage to separate her from her friends. Joran had stated that they had been drinking when he met them at the casino, what good reason could he have to be feeding Natalee Holloway 151 rum on top of every thing else if it was not to get her even more drunk?

Joran Van der Sloot then leaves Carlos N’ Charlie’s at 1am, one half hour after he got there, where he somehow managed in that short time span to spot, target and and leave with Natalee Holloway. His intension was to take her back to his house. Look like he has done this before?
Why would Deepak have already been in the car and Joran escorting Natalee out right at the exact closing time?

The fact that Joran states that he did not have sex with Natalee Holloway because he did not have a condom is laughable. The sole point of why he went to Carlos N’ Charlie’s one half hour before closing time to find a drunk Mountain Brook teen was to have sex with them. It did not matter who, that was the plan and that was the game. That was always the game. A little about his friends who MUST know something

Freddy a

Freddy A., thats him in the blue shirt, He was a house guest that night. He didn't see anything that went on when the two came to the house that night? Jamie is the next one in the white shirt. A friend of his who works a Pizza joint right where the Hotel is located, and also lives close by to Joran

. Lets not forget Deepak in the middle, he ran a cyber cafe, and was the driver that night. Seen cleaning the car at wee hours of the morning, and found blood stains in his car. The blood stains then turned to chocolate, and cleaning fluid so says the results. Several people left the Island right after all of tis happened too. We have Lorenzo W, a Dealer at the casino who went to Holland. We have another Lorenzo V who also went to Holland. Then there is Jamie who is at College in the States, and Koen left also. More on him below. Girls came foward as far as the pimps making movies and assaults, but they all disappeared too. There were even a few untimely deaths on the island, did they know too much?

Deepak has left the Island also. His Visa ran out??

They were ALL questioned, but nothing done. The Kalpoe's were held for a short time then re-arrested, soon to be let go again. Dad was arrested, and then cleared of all wrong doing. Joran stayed in jail the longest, even had a birthday in there, but he too was let go. Seems in Aruba the laws are quite different, or is it "who you know?

These are pictures of a person who seems to only exist as far as the police go. He was one of the first to be questioned. No-one speaks of him. What we do know is, he is a rich kid, in his 20's. His mom and him own houses on the Island, and to this day only moms house was searched. Mom is remarried, and is selling her home. They too are in Holland.

Now there is Steve C. He came in because he overheard Deepak in trouble, and wanted to back him up. He used to DJ on a boat called the Tattoo. This case lost him his job, and he went to work for Carlos & Charlies as a DJ. He is taking over his Dads bottled water business. How he got in this whole thing, I am still not quite sure.

Now this is Koen. Pronounced "Coon". Owns a beautiful home very close to the light house area, which is also for sale. Lately was asked to be questioned, and his Dad said NO. Dad answered the questions for him. Since when is it OK to tell officials No? This is a case, not a game here. It is said that their boat was docked at the marina right next to Natalees hotel that night. It is now taken out of the water, and is up for sale also. Koen left the Isalnd too. I guess it must be a safe haven in Holland.

Everything is very quiet here in the Investigative area. They do need help from the FBI, but when it all comes down to it, the call doesn't make it to say please help. The family knows nothing, nor do the Media anymore. Lets NOT let this case go cold, Natalee deserves to be found. She went missing in Aruba, and no matter what it takes to solve this crime, they should do the job. Stop worrying about the $$$ part of it, and dig your heels in. Don't ask to question tell them. Lets get to it.

Simian Says: June 24th, 2005 at 3:17 pm
All evidence collected was sent to the hague.

Simian Says: June 25th, 2005 at 8:21 pm
The Simian knows the Babylonians. They need to plan the legal checkmate perfectly. They know that the elder knows his way around the palace. All gates need to be shut. The Hindus don’t know that the elder knows what happened

Package from the Hague smells rotten

Click here for the rest of the crew!!!









i don’t think there will be many other girls who can testify to what happened to them because of the amnesia caused by the drugs. that’s why jacobs was so sure of what he told dave about girls missing their connections home after “falling in love on the island”. think about the liability issues with hotels that allow drug dealers to operate as employees and hang around the premises, and the local predators who evidently have the run of the hotels and casinos and pools, not to mention the beaches, and the laxity or collusion of the a.l.e. in allowing all the drug dealers the freedom to operate without fear, and then never actually investigating crimes that do get reported. natalee’s family wants natalee back and justice for her death. if they don’t get that, and pretty quick now, i think jqk is going to get the nod for lawsuits that will make the “shock and awe” show in baghdad look like a $2.00 roman candle.

Joran also lies about a “sporter” his name isn’t in any of the International School newsletter team lists. He isn’t in any of the pictures. He is white as can be, meaning he doesn’t get out in the sun much. (His daddy seems the one to be getting the sun, I think he sweats so bad because he is always sunburned, especially the day after natalee disappeared). Joran Van Der Sloot is no sporter, you saw him with his shirt off in some of his pictures, he is a pudge, no muscle at all, just little man boobs. He lives the night life, probably does methamphetamines due to his late nights. He is a chalky white, pudgy, booby bound, no muscle, frankenstein minus the green look-a-like, who lies to his mummy about being a sporter, daddy covering cry baby, who can’t get a girl without drugging her, disgusting, hangs around with short trolls he controls, sandbag who even lies in his sleep sociopath, with no future, who will always one of the guys who killed Natalee Holloway. Life for Joran Van Der Sloot will always be one of mistrust of those around him. The reward money will always be there in the eyes of every person he meets. On second thought Joran does have the green of frankenstein, it is the color of money and it will always remind him that he does not exist in a world that likes him.

They tolerate underage drinking, underage gambling, open drug use, open drug dealing, prostitution (and if the reports of the goings on at the Lion’s Den private club are anywhere near correct…child prostitution and exploitation … read Dave Holloway’s book concerning his experience there and the police response/knowledge of goings on there) and that their police officers and justice officials merely turn away rather than fix the problem. They tolerate having bars in their community known for slipping drugs into drinks, and that their police know about the pratice and do nothing. They tolerate an incompetent and seemingly corrupt police force that loses evidence, manufactures statements (Dompig’s brother in law), ignores and threatens victims (Jacobes to the girls that came forward against Joran). They tolerate a government that willingly risks their welfare in deference to the welfare of a privileged few.

They tolerate their officials ignoring/engaging in conflicts of interest (van der Straten, Dompig, Jacobes, and judges relationships). They tolerate police officials seeking bribes to investigate a missing person (How much money do have? Dennis Jacobes to Dave Holloway).






Joran's Prison

It is a country club, he spends 2 hrs a day in a cell, has TV. The administrator is close friend of Joran's father.







Joran, Paulus and the Kalpoes have all been protected by friends and relatives and could care less about the decent people of Aruba. The Kalpoes surely don’t want to be sent back to Surinam. Joran wants his reputation as KING OF THE PIMPS to continue and Paulus doesn’t want his career tarnished. Anita probably doesn’t have any fingernails left. The Dompig did the ultimate big time stall and when everything was cleaned up and removed, then he pursued his searches, already knowing there was nothing to be found.But then he could say look what we have done. Yeah, we know what you have done alright!

And he said Holloway's classmates need to be questioned more because of "disturbing" statements they've made on TV and the Internet  The family also sought the removal of Dompig and two Aruban officials from the case, but Dompig said the investigation is moving forward.

Investigators have questioned Twitty and Dave Holloway about possible life insurance money and a trust fund established to accept donations from the public after Holloway's disappearance.

Aruba's lead investigator in the search for Natalee Holloway has been taken off the case.

NBC13 News spoke to Natalee Holloway's father, Dave, on Wednesday, and he confirmed that Aruba's deputy chief of police,
Gerold Dompig, has been released from the search. Neither Holloway nor other Aruban investigators are saying specifically why Dompig has been removed.

Natalee Holloway has been missing for almost an entire year now. She was on a graduation trip with dozens of other Mountain Brook teenagers when she vanished. A total of five people have been questioned, three of whom were held for several months in the case. All of them have been released.

Another witness, who is reportedly Dompig's brother-in-law, has come forward in the case, NBC 13 reported.

Dave Holloway said he believes Dompig might have tried to protect someone.

"I think it's been his actions. Even from the beginning, they've been, you know, just awkward. He was the one who refused to allow the FBI on the island, you know. Just some of his characteristics, if he's involved in what I feel like is a cover-up and, you know, maybe he was trying to help someone else out. I'm not sure, but there's something strange going on there, maybe some others who are involved in it," Dave Holloway said.

Dompig's brother-in-law is reportedly a drug dealer who claimed that Natalee Holloway was high on the night she disappeared, NBC 13 News reported.

Dave Holloway said that the brother-in-law has been questioned before and has no credible information about his daughter.









November 14, 2005

Dennis Jacobs: The price of evidence in Aruba

What's the price of evidence in Aruba? Lying is evidence in Aruba and has a price.
Dennis Jacobs knows the price. He bought the first one. He gave nothing to the prosecutor but 2 guys who were suspicious. Meanwhile Paulus was free to create his story. Missed the target.

Aruba will pay Paulus for Jacobs buying his son's first lie. Pay him for sterilizing the evidence and hacking the legal system. Then they bought his second lie. Only he used his son to deliver it. Missed the target again.

Then there's the security guards. What did it cost Aruba for their silence? Their story would include Dennis Jacobs. Another missed target.

But they stumbled into a job well done. Still negotiating? They provided cover. Now, Arubatruth is performing that function.

Ms. Janssen will have to explain why she doesn't have evidence that Natalee was even in the car of the Kalpoe's. No evidence Joran was even with Natalee. The van der sloot laundry room was in the unsearched portion of the property.

No evidence whatsoever? Sounds a little too confident, but then again, when you have 10 days to clean and a lead detective properly incentified...

Aruba bought the van der sloot lies and still support them, throwing good money at bad.

The new lie is to claim she might be alive. How? This is a theory that could not be floated if the police hadn't bought the first lie. This story fits with the lie that took ten days to come up with. It's a lie that became the story, still uncorroborated with the confidence of knowing the status of the evidence.

Arubatruth is buying the lies now.

Paulus is released from suspicion and we hear Aruba thinks they should interrogate the 3 again. Missed the target, yet again.

Paulus van der sloot knows where Natalee is. His son's "dropped her at the beach" story is his. He bought the evidence, Dennis Jacobs.

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically. Mr. Zaadam represents the Police union.

Unless that includes arresting Dennis Jacobs, what's the price of that lie, Mr. Zaadam?

Your prayer before sleeping Eric?

Is there one honest cop willing to come forward and tell us the depth of Dennis Jacob's corruption? It appears there is.

Paulus van der sloot and Dennis Jacobs. They are the evidence. Bought and paid for by the good people of Aruba.

"Is this the way to treat a mother who is a fighter, who hasn't thrown in the towel about finding out what happened to her daughter? She is not demanding anything else than to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of Natalee, locate what remains of her, if she is dead and go back to her native city for the posthumous honour she deserves."

Jossy Mansur

"I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaadam said emphatically.

There are currently no suspects in custody for the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

But Paulus van der sloot is over-reaching. Dennis, your ghosts are talking.
Meet Dennis Jacobs. Lead Investigator in the case of Natalee Holloway.

Why did you become a cop Dennis? And how in the hell did you attain the title of
lead investigator? Or is that a role you play only when a Dutch guy is in trouble?

Do you see a sense of urgency or purpose? Poffertjes couldn't get this guy to move.

Aruba reorganizes it's marketing tactics, hires consultants because it's concerned about Aruba's sinking reputation. But Jacobs is still the lead investigator. No need to change the team I guess.

This can only mean that they believe he's done a good job.
No need for the FBI, Dennis Jacobs is in control.

The first 48 hours when the lies were taken as evidence and the truth as lies is in Dennis Jacobs sizable lap.

Still haven't searched the Van der sloot property but raided the security guards?

Because of Dennis Jacobs.

Dennis Jacobs is the Aruba Dirty Police. As unpleasant as a task as it may be, this man needs to be searched, investigated and outed as the man who executed Paulus van der sloot's fiction.

The man singularly responsible for the "mistakes" in this investigation. But it's in the translation, they weren't mistakes for Aruba. Just standard operating procedures right Dennis?

Blocked FBI

Dennis Jacobs, too good for the FBI. But he didn't want the FBI and Paulus went to court to back him up.

Why would the Dirty Cops of Aruba and Paulus van der sloot not want the FBI to take over the case?

Dennis Jacobs role in this story has yet to be told. But you can't hide (obviously) any more.

I want more pictures of this man and his family. The cell phone shots are not acceptable.











Sunday, October 09, 2005

Interview with Judge who refused search of Van der sloot home

Curacao: In a rare interview and one that may cause controvery, the judge who denied Police warrants to search the home of Paulus Van der sloot gave a candid interview tonight.

When asked why he didn't feel a search of the van der sloot property was necessary he stated, " it would have been a conflict of interest as I was staying with Paulus and Anita at the time."

The judge said he often stays with the family when he comes to Aruba to preside over hearings. "Paulus and I have worked well together for years so it was nothing unusual.





Students Interviewed


"The strategy to try to place blame elsewhere, the security guards, the Kalpoes, Beth, Jug, Shango mysticism, Drug Dealers, Slave Traders, the Media and now the students."





The habitual impartiality has been demonstrated in the past with several cases, one case in particular stands out. The case of Alexander Mathew against a Dutch government official, Ben Vocking whom now goes by the name of Ben King . In this particular case documents disappeared, forensic reports were over looked and witnesses were denied, these documents were in the favor of Alexander Mathew. Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office.

King was seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence. Mathew's entire case was tampered with. King said that his friend Paul van der Sloot helped him in the Mathew case. How many cases has and will Paul van der Sloot help cover up?

Changed his publicly used name to “Ben King.“Paulus it was a mistake to have the king with you when ths police arrived, he is a good friend isn’t he? After all you stayed at his house or one set up by him when you were back with Joran for schooling.Are you referring to Ben (vocking) King? The one who used to be Deputy Director at KIA, and is now Head of the Support Division of the Attorney General in Aruba?

Info only - from 1994
Mr. B. Vocking - Deputy Director, Aruba Correctional Institute
Mr. J. van de Straten - Head of the National Bureau of Investigations Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is
close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office.




Guido Wever


Now that there is a connection to the Excelsior casino through the dealer, Wever, I want to see the FBI interview Posner and find out what he knows about all of this. Every casino has every dealer on camera every minute they are working because one of the casinos biggest worries is that a dealer will steal from them by allowing his friends to win.

No way Posner doesn’t know exactly what sort of relationship Wever and Joran van der sloot  had.

Guido Wever who was arrested in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway will fight extradition request to Aruba.

A Dutch national detained on suspicion of participating in the kidnapping and killing of Natalee Holloway in Aruba is fighting a request to bring him to the island, his attorney’s office said. Guido Wever was arrested on Sunday and is considered a friend of Joran Van der Sloot. Guido Wever worked at the casino in the Holiday Inn where Natalee Holloway stayed on her senior vacation.

For the first time in a long time a suspect has been detained that admits to knowing Joran Van der Sloot. Looking back on the investigation, Guido Wever is the individual who stated he was playing tennis with Joran Van der Sloot the following day

Guido Weber is related to Yolanda Weber, Director of Mementomori Funeral Home in Aruba?

10061906 posted on March 14, 2006 that “Two out of four Funeral Homes in Aruba are both in Oranjstad and both owned by “WEVER”. Mementomori Director Yolanda Wever. Friend of Paulus Van der Sloot. Instrumental in establishing a crematorium on Aruba. Zepp Wever Funeral Home.”


Now, the next day, in police statements, multiple sources have told us that Joran and Guido were hanging out, that they were together that day after Natalee Holloway disappeared

.Because we know he was with Joran the day after Natalee disappeared. So what did Joran say about his conversations with Guido? What did Guido say? And you comparing notes.






Arlene Ellis-Shipper



Spokesman for District Attorney

Arlene Ellis-Shipper reveals a procedural violation in the DNA order that will hamper the DNA test. It is merely a time error and not damaging to the ability to include the DNA results in the prosecution of the case. With all this media spotlighting, the judge errs in the DNA order!
Arlene Ellis Shipper is not an investigator, but a spokesperson for the Island of Aruba. Chief Dompig has all but disappeared from the scene and imaginations are running wild from every newsroom to the Island of Aruba itself.




Van Stratten



Also, Van Der Scheerer the Police Chief, is a Dutch Jew or is it more proper to deem them

Reporter (Twan Huys):  Yes, and what does that mean when your colleagues stop by to arrest you?

Paulus van der Sloot: That gives a feeling of absurdity.  It is indeed almost unimaginable that by someone you actually know very well, where you worked together with for a long time, that that one comes to tell you that you are suspected of complicity to murder.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Who was that in your case?

Paulus van der Sloot: That was, in this case, that was the leader of the team of police commissioners.


Reporter (Twan Huys):  Jan van der Straaten.

Paulus van der Sloot: That was Jan van der Straaten, yes.

Reporter (Twan Huys): And you know each other very well?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes.  Beth Twitty Arrives

Host ( Jeroen Pauw): Twan, let's go back to Monday evening, the thirtieth of May.  That was a crucial night. What happened then?

Reporter (Twan Huys):  It is the evening, Jeroen, on which the parents of Natalee fly into Aruba.  More precisely, the mother and the stepfather.  They don't believe she just walked away, or that there is nothing wrong.  They are sure something serious is going on. So they take the first plane from Alabama, where they are from, to here, Aruba, and arrive in the evening.

They go to the police and together go to the house of Joran, of the van der Sloot family . Then, it is night already, around two. In the middle of the night, they arrive there with a company of police and other people and they ring. 

The father, van der Sloot is sleeping, he opens the door and asks,  "What is going on? Why are are here?"  " For our disappeared daughter, who was last seen with your son."  He doesn't know all that yet. The father van der Sloot goes to an apartment, next to the house, where Joran always sleeps and opens the door and Joran is not in his apartment.  He is not sleeping  there. And then, the father picks up the mobile phone, he calls his son and he appears to be in a casino somewhere here on Aruba at that time.   And that is where we pick up the story. The son is in a casino and eventually there is a meeting at the house of van der Sloot with all these people. The parents of Natalee, the son and the father.

Paulus van der Sloot: He was, at that moment, again, not at home without me knowing it. Then, I called Joran on his mobile phone, and then he said that he was by the Wyndam. That is also a casino here in the neighborhood. Then, we drove there immediately, but he had, he said that he had misunderstood me, because he came home already. So, then all of us went back home, and around three, with quite a group, we spoke with Joran that night.

Reporter (Twan Huys): How did that conversation go?

Paulus van der Sloot: Understandably, these people were quite excited [3]. I  tried to calm these people down as much as possible. I also said to Joran, he has to direct himself as much as possible to the police officers and not to  the people of whom it was uncertain what their status was.

Reporter (Twan Huys): You didn't want him to let himself be interrogated, or maybe started saying things that were not right to total strangers?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes, I think, anyway it was, for me, more trusting, if he would direct himself to the police officers.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Did it become clear for you what happened that night, with Joran in relation to Natalee?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes, that became clear to me.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Which story did he tell you then?

Paulus van der Sloot: That he initially met her earlier that day in the Holiday Inn casino, where he was, as well, to play a free tournament.  That, then it was agreed to meet in Carlos and Charlies.  That, he initially did not want that, but that he went there anyway, and that he met her there, in Carlos and Charlies. That, then, with his two friends, Deepak and Satish, drove around a bit with her around the island, that they were making out [4] some on the backseat and that in the end he dropped her off at the Holiday inn. That was the story.

Reporter (Twan Huys):  And you thought, "This is it, now it is done."

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes, I continued to believe in that story.  I had never, all these days after, received a clue that it would be incorrect.

Reporter (Twan Huys):  When did you find out that it was, nevertheless, different than how it was told by your son in the first place?

Paulus van der Sloot:  He was arrested and then he changed his declaration.

Host ( Jeroen Pauw):  Ok, Twan, so there are different declarations. What did Joran say in his second declaration?

Reporter (Twan Huys): Very simple, Jeroen, in his first declaration, he has said that, indeed,  that he went, together with his two friends and Natalee, to the beach and that, that night, deep in the night, actually in the morning, all of them went back to the Holiday Inn hotel, where she was staying, and dropped her off there. That story is incorrect. That story, as told, has been retracted by Joran and also by his both friends, who are also still stuck [in jail].  He did that as soon as he was arrested and was interrogated by the police. He also never told the story as he told to the police to his parents.  His declaration now is that he left Natalee alone on the beach, and then went home by himself, and that his two friends were nowhere near that. That is the second version, and until now Joran holds on to that, under severe police interrogation. 

Host ( Jeroen Pauw):  Any idea how Natalee's parents will react if they will see this interview, between you and the parents of Joran?






Jorans temper

black eye

Joran has black eye the day after the murder

Joran has a black eye the morning after he kills her. The first story is he got into a bar fight that night, and as time passes the police say they beat him, and then a prisoner beat him.

Prison - Joran has terrible temper. Gets special treatment, all know the

On tonight's program. Greta followed up on the story last night by Tito Lacle about Joran coming to school on the morning of May 30th with a black eye. She did say that she had talked with 2 independent sources-essentially the mothers of two of Joran's classmates who confirmed that Joran did come with a black eye that he apparently incurred b/c of a fight at Carlos and Charlie's the night before.

school mates reported he had a black eye the day he took finals, and we don't know about scratches

Later we learn that Van Der Sloot showed up to school on May 30th with a black eye which he says he got in a fight the night Natalee went missing. Of course we haven't had any corroboration on this story; but then details of any evidence one way or another has been short to little from Aruba. If Joran had a black eye or any other "damage", this is significant to the investigation; but Aruba blew it by not taking him into custody, documenting his black eye, scratches, etc. until 12 days later.

Joran Bruised face

Joran could have gotten the bruise on his face from a stray punch







The Rothschilds of the Mafia on Aruba
Tom Blickman - TNI Researcher
Transnational Organized Crime Vol. 3, No. 2, Summer 1997

"A magnificent washing-machine is sold here, its trademark is Aruba. The machine is an Aruban-Colombian product, its model called Cartel. The brand is well-known for its good performance in the United States and Europe. It is recommended by former ministers, members of Parliament, owners of casinos, supermarkets, cosmetics manufacturers and importers of cars and batteries. The washing-machine fits everybody who has become inexplicably rich from one day to another."

"Offshore Financial Centers
IMF Background Paper, June 2000

The Black Market Peso Exchange

Aruba Financial Center Association (AFCA)"

The MPs of the Staten van Aruba – the Aruban Parliament – must have been bewildered when one of their own ministers smeared the good name of their island. Former minister Elio Nicolaas grins when he is reminded of his speech in 1989. (1) Finally someone had thrown a rock in the silent and complacent waters of the Caribbean tax-haven Aruba – a semi-independent part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. "I had to react," he says. "My own colleague, the Minister of Finance, denied money was laundered on the island." Nicolaas knew better. Prior to his political career he had been a police officer and had actually set up the anti-narcotics squad.

His denunciation incited strong objections in Parliament. Opposition-leader – and former Prime Minister – Henny Eman demanded his resignation. Nicolaas retorted by suggesting that Eman's election campaign was financed with drug money. Nicolaas thinks today nothing has really changed: "The island is still infested with 'narco-complacientes', people who benefit from the drug trade." Indeed, Eman is once more Prime Minister of Aruba. "Well, did you come to write stories about our pirates island?" he asks sarcastically when we walk to his office. (2) Eman has had enough of the 'mad stories' about the Caribbean island as a 'Mafia Nest'. They are not substantiated and damaging for Aruba's good name, foreign trade and the tourist-industry, he thinks.

"Aruba's geographical position is a blessing and a curse at the same time," says Eman, alluding to the pleasant climate which attracts thousands of tourists each year, and the unpleasant closeness of the Colombian and Venezuelan northern shores which makes it vulnerable for drug-traffickers. According to Eman, Aruba is burdened with the problem of other nations: "The drug trade is not Aruba's primary responsibility. The market is in Europe and the United States. It is not our fault they cannot control their borders, that Aruba is used as a transit point."

The US Government is not as dismissive as Mr Eman. Within three years Aruba rose from a 'medium risk' to a 'high risk' country in the State Department's annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report. The island is used as a base for bulk transhipment of cocaine to the US and Europe, through its Free Trade Zone. Off-shore corporate banking facilities, the casino/resort complexes, high volume tourism, and a stable currency all make Aruba attractive to money laundering organizations. Eman considers these reports as too negative and suggests hat Aruba is in good company since "the US and Holland rank number one on the list as well."

The US is concerned about credible reports that some members of the Aruban government met regularly with individuals associated with drug trafficking and money laundering syndicates. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the denials by Aruba officials, the US remains convinced that entrenched money laundering organizations direct large cash deposits into land development and other construction projects on the island. (3) The Netherlands is equally worried. "I think we are going to loose it on Aruba," Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, the Dutch Attorney General, said about the counter-narcotics efforts on the island. Aruba is in the hands of some powerful families and Holland can't do anything about it, due to constitutional restraints. (4)

The reasons for Docters' pessimism were revealed when a confidential report on the Aruban Security Service – the Veiligheidsdienst Aruba (VDA) – leaked in the Dutch press. In October 1994 its director Martien Ras had sounded the alarm-bell. He had written to Docters, then chief of the Dutch security service, that democratically elected officials promoted the interests of private business-men to such an extent that Aruba's democratic institutions were in danger. (5)

Both the Dutch security service and the American CIA had assisted Ras with his investigations. Ras wrote to Docters because Eman – freshly re-elected as Prime Minister – demanded to see the VDA-files about Aruban entrepreneurs who Ras suspected of money laundering and linked to drug traffickers. The Dutch rapidly removed the files, but Ras had to quit his job. Since then he Ras has lived in hiding somewhere in Holland. His interim successor, a Dutch intelligence officer, confirmed his conclusions.

December 1996 President Clinton put Aruba on the list of Major Illicit Drug-transit Countries. (6) Aruba is now eligible for de-certification by the US Government. At the yearly certification scrutiny March 1997, however, Aruba was not decertified.










Croes Were Dutch Jews

Several persons have contributed to the Monument. The first ones we should mention are Prof. dr Wout Ultee, Dr Peter Tammes and Dr Marnix Croes, who allowed us to purchase the files from the register lists. The thesis by Tammes and Croes that is based on these data, ‘Gif laten wij niet voortbestaan.’ Een onderzoek naar de overlevingskansen van joden in de Nederlandse gemeenten [‘We shall not tolerate poison.’ Study of the chances of survival among Jews in Dutch communities] (Amsterdam 2004) appears on the web.

“De NSB als een massa agressief tuig? Artikelen over joden in het Nationale Dagblad 17-06-1940 tot 05-09-1944”. In: Henk Flap en Marxnix Croes Wat toeval leek te zijn, maar niet was. De organisatie van de jodenvervolging in Nederland, pp. 117-145 (with Ruud Luijkx) (The Dutch National-Socialist Movement as an Agressive Bunch? Articles on Jews in the Natiotal Daily 1940-1944)


Marnix Croes is a famous Jewish author

“Verzet en jodenvervolging in Overijssel”. In: Henk Flap en Marxnix Croes, Wat toeval leek te zijn, maar niet was. De organisatie van de jodenvervolging in Nederland, pp. 161-183 (with Henk Flap, Marnix Croes en Peter Tammes) (Resistance and Jewish Persecution in the Province of Overijssel)

In July 2003, the Supreme Court finally ruled in response to YOZMA's March 2002 petition against Modi'in mayor Moshe Schechter, the Modi'in City Council and the Housing Ministry. The claim asked that a Progressive Jewish synagogue be built in Modi'in with partial funding by the government's Housing Ministry. 

Jane Croes 





Drugs Derailed - Customs Seizes 13,500 Ecstasy Pills on Train, Arrests Two

New York, N.Y. -- Two Dutch citizens were arrested on Sunday, December 31, 2000, after U.S. Customs Service inspectors at the Whirlpool Bridge Port of Entry, Niagara Falls, N.Y., discovered approximately 13,500 tablets of MDMA, popularly known as Ecstasy, hidden in a girdle worn by one of the men. The estimated street value of the drugs is $400,000.

Leonardo Jacobo Croes, 47 years old, and Jose Francisco Garcia Batista, 30 years old, both natives of the Dominican Republic but carrying valid Dutch passports and claiming resident status of the Netherlands, entered the United States from Canada aboard Amtrak train #64. Both Croes and Garcia were traveling in the same rail car but seated in different areas. They had flown from Amsterdam to Toronto on December 29, 2000.

During Customs inspection of the passengers, Croes admitted he had met Garcia at the airport prior to leaving the Netherlands. Further examination of Croes revealed that he was wearing a girdle, which contained a large quantity of Ecstasy pills sewn into the garment. The pills were wrapped in plastic and sewn in so the girdle appeared to have ribbing.






Ben King


Ben King



Another Accomplice of Paulus Van Der Sloot

Changed his publicly used name to “Ben King.“Paulus it was a mistake to have the king with you when ths police arrived, he is a good friend isn’t he? After all you stayed at his house or one set up by him when you were back with Joran for schooling.Are you referring to Ben (vocking) King? The one who used to be Deputy Director at KIA, and is now Head of the Support Division of the Attorney General in Aruba?

Info only - from 1994
Mr. B. Vocking - Deputy Director, Aruba Correctional Institute
Mr. J. van de Straten - Head of the National Bureau of Investigations Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is
close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office.

King was reportedly seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence.

Mathew’s entire case was tampered with.The king in previous posts refers to the Aruba Prison Superintendent (title?) who set PVS and JVS up at his home while JVS was back at school in th netherlands. He was also at the house with PVS when visited. I heard Mr. Croes (justice dept) was not happy at all. How do you think all the boys got to bring blankets and pillows from home while in prison? GVC and K2boys and Joran all got to bring in items not usually allowedVOCKING (a.k.a. “King”), Ben….attorney in ARUBA Justice System prosecutor’s office;
“Head of the Support Division of the Attorney General.”

Reportedly VOCKING and Current Suspect P. SLOOT have worked together on prior cases. VOCKING admits he and the Current Suspect P. SLOOT’s family members “have been friends for some years.”







Yolanda Weber, Director of Mementomori Funeral Home in Aruba?

10061906 posted on March 14, 2006 that “Two out of four Funeral Homes in Aruba are both in Oranjstad and both owned by “WEVER”. Mementomori Director Yolanda Wever. Friend of Paulus Van der Sloot. Instrumental in establishing a crematorium on Aruba. Zepp Wever Funeral Home.”

Yolanda Weber applied for a Crematorium permit in Oranjstad, Aruba on September 26, 2004:

Also the crypts broken into at the Santa Ana Cemetary were of Oduber’s and WEBER’s. The Clauson cemetary vidoe tape of January 22, 2006 mentions the name of Oduber and Weber toward the end of the video. Prime Minister Nelson Oduber married into the WEBER family. Could there be any family connection to Guido Weber?

Nord   David Krouham manager

in- cinerating bodies at the nearby funeral home. Some speculate as to whether this man may have been hired by Paulus van der Sloot to incinerate Natalee's lifeless body and was then murdered to keep him quiet. It is more than ..."
16. on Page 54:









Mother on day 15

Video of natalie







Hotels owned by mob



Aruba's Resorts are 100% Jewish Mob owned

As reported earlier, Belfonti Capital Partners based out of New York City has purchased the Aruba Resort, Spa & Casino, formerly known as Wyndham Resort for $230 million from Aruba Hotel Enterprises NV.

BARRY S. STERNLICHT is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Starwood Capital Group, a private investment firm he formed in 1991. Sternlicht is Chairman of the Board of Groupe Taittinger and Societe´ du Louvre, as well as Baccarat. For the past fourteen years, he has structured more than two hundred seventy-five separate investment transactions with a cost basis of more than $30 billion. Starwood's funds have invested in more than 11,500 apartment units, more than 950 hotels, over eighteen million square feet

Who owns Las vegas

The whole legal system, the casinos and drug cartel is involved in this coverup and really wants this investigation to go away.