The Japan Biker F.A.Q. -- Motorcycles, Touring, Racing and Riding in Japan . . . .


The complete guide to motorcycles, touring, traffic law, licenses, and racing in Japan!


A General Introduction

Motorcycle Linguistic Info

Bike Classes and Vehicle Licensing

Driver's License Info

Road Signs, Lines, and Traffic Laws

Bike Purchases, Recommend Dealers and Stores

Shaken -- The Mandatory Vehicle Inspection

Interesting Laws, Concerns, and Issues

Racing, Race/Advanced School, and Suzuka

Some Useful Links, Feedback, Etc.

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Written and compiled by Jeffrey Friedl ( and Robert Murphy (, with help from many, including:

John Crossley, Mitsuru Kawakatsu, Sunil Khatri, Jeff McAffer (, Andy Stubbings, Rex Harris, Yasufumi Ohashi (, Tetsuya Nishimura, and Warren Daniel.

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