Spend nothing and compete to win at least $16,000 USD

Grand Prize Pool - 25% of the total money raised, but no less than $16,000 USD.

Charity Donation Pool - 25% of the total money raised, but no less than $16,000 USD.

Monthly Prize Pool - 1% of the total money raised, but no less than $100 USD.

Minimum prize pool of $16,000 USD and charity donation pool are guaranteed with Egor Lavrov's personal funds.

1. What is Tatoolizator?

Tatoolizator is a brainchild of a russian tycoon Egor Lavrov. It's a project where the internet community will design and select a tattoo to be placed on Egor Lavrov's arm.

Initially, this project started to put itself together on Egor Lavrov's LiveJournal blog, where it rapidly gained notorious popularity. The very first day after the project’s announcement, it became the most popular blog post amongst the Russian speaking community on the Internet. As a result, we decided to bring this groundbreaking contest to the international level.

Anyone can participate by either sumbmitting a tattoo design or voting for their favorite design.

Author of the most popular deisgn will win at least $16,000 USD or 25% of the total accumulated funds.

At least $16,000 USD or 25% of the total accumulated funds will be donated to charity.

Monthly prize of at least $100 USD or 1% of the total accumulated funds will be awarded to the author of the tattoo holding first place that month.

Contest duration is 12 months from July 17th 2008 or until a total sum of $10,000,000 USD is raised, whichever comes first.

Absolutely any tattoo design, chosen by majority of votes, will be placed on Egor Lavrov's arm, filmed, and placed on YouTube for public viewing.

Download sample picture

2. Who is Egor Lavrov?

Egor Lavrov is a 27 year old impresario, famous for his numerous projects in the Russian Internet, political and business sectors. Egor made his first 1.5 million dollars at the tender age of 16 while working as a publisher of the first printed internet-related magazine in Russia.

At the age of 18, he became a chief of the election campaign for one of the presidential candidates in Russia. He also became a partner in one of the biggest Russian Internet companies.

Currently, Egor Lavrov resides in Latin America and is doing business with Apple Inc. and Vertu, as exclusive brand distributor for the Caribbean Region. He is also an owner of the most successful gourmet restaurant in Santo Domingo, called Pravda.

3. How can I participate?

There are two ways you can participate in this exciting contest:

If you would like to win the grand prize of at least $16,000 USD, simply create a tattoo design, upload it to this site and encourage your friends to vote for it.


Vote for any tattoo design, including yours or your friends, and help to select the one that Egor Lavrov will get done on his arm. A donation of $1 USD equals to 1 vote.

We encourage you to get your friends involved to vote for your design and help you win the grand prize. You are allowed to use MySpace, Facebook,, Hi5, or any other social networks to promote your tattoo design.

Absolutely any tattoo design is eligble to win, including sports teams logos, brand logos, you name it! Find the people who will support your idea and vote!

Once you register your tattoo design, you will receive a link to your tattoo that will allow you to place it anywhere you want to draw attention to it and to convince others to support it. You can even purchase advertisement in Google AdWords if you really want to win the contest! :-)

4. Why does a wealthy person like you need more money?

Well, apart from the money, I appreciate the attention and being responsible for developing groundbreaking concepts over the Internet. I'm especially pleased that projects like these become increasingly popular at an international level. As stated in the contest rules - 25% of all donations will be destined for charities.

It is also my intention to promote and reward talented and creative people who partake in this project. Therefore, I will consider offerring a great job to the most talented ones.

I also expect the costs for running the site to not come cheaply, as this web site will require resources for programming and hosting. The rest of the money is a reasonable compensation for me to change how my arm will look for the rest of my life.

The potential amount of money from this project will not change my lifestyle whatsoever, but it will definitely give me more space to maneuver in business. I'm considering investing all of the proceedings into the alternative energy companies. I firmly believe they are the future, and they will help the world to fight the economical and enviromental crisis.

5. Where will you have the tattoo done at?

I will auction off the chance to make my tattoo for any tattoo salon, anywhere in the world. I think, I will do it on eBay with $1.00 USD starting bid. The process will be filmed and placed on YouTube.

6. Are you really going to have ANY tattoo done on you?

Yes, absolutely. Any tattoo that earns the most votes. If it ends up being a commercial tattoo, I will include having a photo shoot with me and using the images for their publicity. I promise not to remove the tattoo for 10 years, unless something serious happens (e.g. I lose arm in a car accident).

7. How can I make sure that amount in "Funds Raised" is not altered?

We will be publishing statements from PayPal and our SMS provider monthly, so you can see everything.