How to Use the Account

  • Introduction:Welcome to the hello kitty world!
  • Here is some advice from the OFFICIAL about these Account :
    Please click the links for Video tutorialsof Hello Kitty Online. Our support email is: onlinegame@hellokitty.comSome intructions for Hello Kitty Online Game if they have problems connecting to our server:
    1. Check and make sure they got the right password ( case sensitive)
    2. Make sure they run the "C:Program FilesSanrioTownHello Kitty Online CB v0.1AutoUpdate.exe" instead of "C:Program FilesSanrioTownHello Kitty Online CB v0.1hko.exe". "C:Program FilesSanrioTownHello Kitty Online CB v0.1AutoUpdate.exe" is where the desktop HKO shortcut point to.
    3. If 2 doesn't work, help give out instruction to download the patch
    4. If 1 - 3 all checked ok, and still not working, that may be a client firewall issue. They have to open up the following port on the firewall (these ports in theory are not blocked, but in a secure office environment they may be blocked) - TCP 40000 - TCP 41000 - TCP 35000 - TCP 35001

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