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I presented sandbag to the geekyoto conference today. The first public outing of the idea. Nerves aside it was an excellent day with a very diverse range of speakers and topics.  Things that stuck in my mind were: someone (who's name I sadly didn't note, but whose presentation along with all the others will soon appear on the geekyoto website) installed a swing in my local bus stop, to explore ideas around how we can modify our environment to better meet our needs, sadly it's no longer there - such a shame....  Gavin gave an update on the AMEE project which has come a very long way since we first met and together got the UK Government involved. Using recycled batteries has got a whole lot easier thanks to Moxia's USBCell. And Ben Saunders, record-breaking polar explorer is completely mad but very inspiring. Congratulations are due to Ben and Mark for organising the whole thing so well and for creating such a relaxed, fun and inspiring environment in which to share ideas.

The point of speaking was to get people's feedback on the sandbag idea - and it was pretty positive which is good news.  Thanks to all who offered to help out in anyway - and if anyone's reading this and wondering how to get in touch you can e-mail us at info@sandbag.org.uk.

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I've been told about this video about the story of 'stuff' by a number of people over the last few days so it has obviously caught people's attention. And after watching it I've suddenly become much more attuned to the idea that the things we buy might have been designed to fall apart and fail. Take for example the headphones for my mobile phone - I'm on about the fourth set in as many months because they have a pathetic design that makes the ear pieces fall apart within minutes of putting them into your bag....