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"Baby T" Color Character Study
In the prehistoric levels of Warped, Crash befriends one of the most intimidating creatures that ever walked the planet. Of course, a T. Rex hatchling doesn't exactly inspire fear, but just wait until he starts teething.
(ND) (P&P,PS)
"Pura the Tiger" Color Character Study
For Coco's pal, we needed a cute and hugable critter that fit the Chinese theme. We originally considered a panda bear, but that seemed too similar to Crash 2's polar bear. The tiger kitten provided the purr-fect alternative.
(ND) (P&P,PS)
"Riding his Trike" Color Character Study
We originally envisioned one of Cortex's minions riding the triceratops as it chased Crash through prehistoric times. Rob Titus even did the animation. Whenever the trike got stuck, it thrashed the poor little guy around. The rider was cool, but had to be removed for technical reasons.
(ND) (P&P,PS)
"Coco, Crash and Pals 1" Main Character Emotion Sketch
"Every good bandicoot deserves friends." Use this phrase to remember what notes to play on the lines of the treble clef. Coco has her tiger, Crash has his T. Rex. What more could a bandicoot ask for?
(AE) (P&P)
"Coco, Crash, and Pals 2" Main Character Emotion Sketch
Apparently, bandicoots enjoy riding on the backs of other animals. Crash fans couldn't be happier.
(AE) (P&P)
"Ride'm Dinoboy" Main Character Action Pose
Crash's wackiness really shines through as he rides these critters.
(AE) (P&P)
"Supporting Character" Main Character Emotion Sketch
Every star needs the support of his fellow cast members. In this drawing, Crash literally needs it.
(AE) (P&P)
"And Away We Go" Main Character Action Pose
Look out for the lava pit!
(AE) (P&P)
"Thanks for the ride" Main Character Emotion Sketch
A friendly pat on the head and a warm smile seals their friendship.
(AE) (P&P)
"Go, Now!" Main Character Emotion Sketch
The problem with Baby T is he wants to eat every second of the day, not unlike Morgan the "beggin' dog."
(AE) (P&P)
"Baby T" Main Character Sketch
Bob Rafei's character designs greatly improved over the development of the Crash Trilogy as evidenced by these original sketches of the Tyrannosaurus hatchling. Note the chicken-like proportions.
(ND) (P&P)
"Scuba Crash" Main Character Sketch
Having established that Crash can't breathe underwater in the previous Crash games, we needed to give him some serious scuba gear.
(ND) (P&P)
"Coco and Pura 1" Main Character Emotion Sketch
A shared look of concern.
(AE) (P&P)
"Coco and Pura 2" Main Character Action Pose
This playful image screams cuteness.
(AE) (P&P)
"Coco and Pura 3" Main Character Emotion Sketch
Don't we all wish Coco looked at us like this.
(AE) (P&P)
"The Great Uka Uka" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
Crash 3 reveals the evil force behind Cortex's plan for world domination, the Great Uka Uka. Aku Aku's evil twin is freed by the destruction of Cortex's space station.
(AE) (P&P)
"Cortex Kneels Before Uka Uka 1" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
With Uka Uka, we needed a presence which would cause Cortex to cower in fear.
(AE) (P&P)
"Cortex Kneels Before Uka Uka 2" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
These images of Cortex begging for Uka Uka's forgiveness inspired the shot design and animation for the cinematic introductory sequence of Crash 3.
(AE) (P&P)
"Cortex Kneels Before Uka Uka 3" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
Honestly, did you ever expect to see Cortex on his hands and knees?
(AE) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Pirate" Supporting Character Sketch
In the previous Crash games, we featured numerous iterations of Cortex's lab assistant, but never had the opportunity to explain their origin until Crash 3.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Wizard" Supporting Character Sketch
These guys are not clones, they are cybernetic flesh over metal endoskeletons.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Chinese worker" Supporting Character Sketch
They can't be reasoned with. They can't be bargained with. They don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear...much like the Naughty Dog programmers.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Knight" Supporting Character Sketch
These cyborgs are programmed to blend in with their surroundings in an effort to catch Crash off guard.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Mummy" Supporting Character Sketch
Of course, these guys are easily identified by their distinct proportions and facial features. And even under the best disguise, those glasses are a dead giveaway.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as an Ancient Egyptian" Supporting Character Sketch
Could thousands of these guys built the pyramids?
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as a Chinese Guard" Supporting Character Sketch
And they absolutely will not stop, ever.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as Arabian Guard" Supporting Character Sketch
Now that's a knife.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant on Flying Carpet" Supporting Character Sketch
What would an Arabian level be without flying carpets?
(ND) (P&P)
"Chinese Dragon Kite" Character Sketch
Is it a kite? Or is it a creature? We can't decide.
(ND) (P&P)
"Arabian Monkey" Supporting Character Sketch
This tough guy carries a stack of barrels in the game. Spin him and one of the barrels falls on his head.
(ND) (P&P)
"Egyptian Monkey" Supporting Character Sketch
This skiddish little guy hides in a series of vases, popping up just long enough to throw a coconut at Crash.
(ND) (P&P)
"Dingodile 1" Boss Character Sketch
Joe Labbe asked for a character that's a cross between a dingo and a crocodile. We thought Joe should be committed. But then character designer Charles Zembillas turned this odd mix into something special. We still think Joe should be committed.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dingodile 2" Boss Character Sketch
"Gonna make toast!"
(AE) (P&P)
"Dingodile 3" Boss Character Sketch
Dingodile's primary weapon is a flame thrower. His monstrous fuel tank is filled to the brim, ready to be dispensed on Crash.
(AE) (P&P)
"Arabian Cocktail Waitress" Supporting Character Sketch
The game's not over unless the fat lady hits you with a malatov cocktail.
(ND) (P&P)
"N. Tropy 1" Boss Character Sketch
Since the plot involved time travel, Crash 3 called for a time traveling boss. The result was N. Tropy, the nefarious and smug inventor of the Time Twister quantum warp technology.
(AE) (P&P)
"N. Tropy 2" Boss Character Sketch
N. Tropy's appearance needed to reflect an unhealthy obsession with time, so he was given a piston-driven, smog generating, time machine to wear wherever and whenever he goes.
(AE) (P&P)
"Lab assistant as a frog" Supporting Character Sketch
And you thought this was just an ordinary frog! Using a form of holographic-technology, Cortex has cleverly disguised his lab assistants as frogs.
(ND) (P&P)
"Tiny's Lions" Supporting Character Sketch
If Tiny can't crush Crash, then he'll feed you to his hungry lions.
(ND) (P&P)
"Tiny as a Roman Gladiator 1" Boss Character Sketch
One of the popular bosses from Crash 2 makes his return. This time, Tiny assumes the role of a Roman Gladiator, attempting to crush Crash or skewer him with his trident.
(AE) (P&P)
"Tiny as a Roman Gladiator 2" Boss Character Sketch
One thing is for sure, Tiny isn't tiny.
(AE) (P&P)
"Bandifish" Supporting Character Sketch
By the Jurassic era, the bandicoot emerged from the primordial ooze as a fish. Later the bandicoot grew legs and crawled onto land. Three years ago the bandicoot, bombarded by Dr. Cortex's Evolv-O-Ray, emerged as the dominant species in video games.
(ND) (P&P)
"Baby Cortex" Boss Character Sketch
What did Cortex look like as a baby? Here's your answer. Note the lowercase "n" on his forehead.
(ND) (P&P)
"Baby N. Tropy" Character Sketch
When you're too preoccupied with time, things never go your way.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant as Highway Patrol Officer" Supporting Character Sketch
Speed may be enforced by Sheriff Cortex, but these guys are constantly slowing Crash down.
(ND) (P&P)
"Lab Assistant in Hot Rod" Supporting Character Sketch
Who could pass up a high speed race in a turbo charged automobile?
(ND) (P&P)
"Eel" Supporting Character Sketch
This is one of the enemies from Crash 3's underwater levels.
(ND) (P&P)
"Sharky" Supporting Character Sketch
The shark which appears in Crash 3 was actually one of Jason's first PowerAnimator models. He built it for the first game, but it didn't get used until now.
(ND) (P&P)
"A Few Modifications to My Mechanics" Boss Character Sketch
After his prized mech gets destroyed in Crash 2, N. Gin starts constructing a superior suit of mobile armor, one that can transform into a space fighter and dock with a huge weapon platform.
(ND) (P&P)

    (ND) Naughty Dog: Art done by Charlotte Francis, Malcolm Hee, Eric Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Bob Rafei, Jason Rubin, Rob Titus, or another Naughty Dog...but never a programmer...we promise.
    (AE) American Exitus: Sketches done by Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson, professional cartoon designers that worked with us to design the characters, backgrounds, and atmosphere of Crash.
    (UCS) Universal Cartoon Studios

    (Oil) Oil Paints
    (P&P) Pencil, Pen, and Paper
    (Maya) Alias | Wavefront Maya on SGI or NT
    (PA) Alias | Wavefront PowerAnimator on SGI
    (Acr) Acrylics Paints
    (G) Gouache
    (P) Painter on NT
    (PS) Photoshop on NT, Mac, or SGI
    (NPS) Naughty Dog's Proprietary Renderer
    (SGI) game backgrounds grabbed from SGI version of Crash Bandicoot


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