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C R A S H   B A N D I C O O T   2   :   C O R T E X   S T R I K E S   B A C K
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"The Komodo Bros." Boss Character Emotion Sketch
"Laurel and Hardy", "2/3 of the 3 Stooges". Whatever you call these two, there's no getting over the classic comedic pairing. They are the sad result of Dr. Cortex's attempts at multi-creature "Cortex Vortex" application.
(AE) (P&P)
"Komodo Joe" Boss Character Action Pose
The more competent of the brothers, Komodo Joe, takes a lunge at the player.
(AE) (P&P)
"Komodo Moe" Boss Character Action Pose
You just know that Komodo Moe is going to trip before he lands this attack...
(AE) (P&P)
"You Idiot!" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
The typical result of any plan the Komodo Bros. try to carry out together.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. N. Gin" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
Dr. N. Gin fulfilled with flying colors the difficult task of replacing Dr. N. Brio as Cortex's right hand man in the second title. N. Gin is truly original.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. N. Gin" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
The sad result of a budget cut in the defence industry, Dr. N. Gin has a live missile lodged in his head. Only through his genius is he able to "stabalize" the weapon and continue to experiment in the sciences.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. N. Gin" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
Wouldn't you be confused if you were half robot, half human, and half solid fuel propellant. Life just wouldn't add up.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. N. Gin" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
A calmer moment with the Doctor.
(AE) (P&P)
"Dr. N. Gin" Boss Character Emotion Sketch
When Dr. N. Gin is stressed or angry, the missile lodged in his head can become active. This leaves him with quite a headache. Coincidentally, Jason, who came up with the character idea, suffers from chronic migraine headaches. Coincidence? ...we don't think so.
(AE) (P&P)

    (ND) Naughty Dog: Art done by Bob Rafei, Eric Iwasaki, Erick Pangilinan, Charlotte Francis, Jason Rubin, or another Naughty Dog...but never a programmer...we promise.
    (AE) American Exitus: Sketches done by Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson, professional cartoon designers that worked with us to design the characters, backgrounds, and atmosphere of Crash.
    (UCS) Universal Cartoon Studios

    (P&P) Pencil, Pen, and Paper
    (Maya) Alias | Wavefront Maya on SGI or NT
    (PA) Alias | Wavefront PowerAnimator on SGI
    (Acr) Acrylics Paints
    (G) Gouache
    (PS) Photoshop on the Macintosh
    (NPS) Naughty Dog's Proprietary Renderer
    (SGI) game backgrounds grabbed from SGI version of Crash Bandicoot


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