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Please read the Site Notes for updates and information. The main attraction here at the Coconino County Homepage is the material relating to George Herriman's classic comic strip, Krazy Kat!  All material is published with the permission of King Features, inc.  Note that this material has quite a few graphics, and therefore will be slow to load on most modem connections.

Site Features

I've started a personal blog about the topics that interest me, primarily technology as it applies to the social, non-profit sector, where I work. The blog will also mention Krazy Kat on occassion, but those items will be republished here, in the site notes or current events.

The site features Krazy Kat dailies from 1922 and 1937. These are strips that were originally posted to the Yahoo! Krazy+Ignatz Group. Unfortunately, the posting seems to have ceased. If I find a new source, I'll add it. These can be found at the bottom of the left-hand column on the main Krazy Kat page.

It's exciting times for Kat fans, with so many reprint efforts alive that they seem to be stepping on each other. Read all about it on the News and Trivia page.

Add your voice and Krazy Knowledge (um, that K is silent!) to the mix in the Tiger Tea Room.

In addition to the Krazy Kat materials, please take some time to review my personal pages. They include the only online archive for the "might have been famous" band Arcade Ambo. Lyrics and MP3's are available from here.

Also on display are photographs by my brother, Kenneth Perrin. Ken also took the portrait of my wife Linda and I on the "About the Author" page.


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