Muslims Speak Out On Barbaric Police Raid

Muslims that were recently raided speak out against the police, against how they were treated and abused.

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Tax: legalised fraud

Tax: legalised fraud

Almost 1/4 of your wages goes directly to the government in tax, and as a result, may force you or someone you know to live a very uncomfortable life. What makes the situation worse is to see all of this public money wasted on the things such as the London Eye and Millenium Dome. Why not look to Islam for the solution? 

article thumbnailAbu Hamza a Victim of British Injustice

The case of Sheikh Abu Hamza is one that should spark rage within the Muslim community. Having committed NO crime under Islam...
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Following Sheikh Abu Hamza's recent refusal of appeal against extradition to the US by the tyrannical British government,...
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article thumbnail:: PUBLIC CONFERENCE :: STRANGERS 27TH JULY '08

Living in a time where the disease of man-made law has spead far and wide we find a group among mankind striving to change the...
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article thumbnailThe Islamic Verdict on Adultery and Fornication

Promiscuity has become the trademark symbol of western civilisation - so what is a Muslim's duty in such a society? 
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