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Deborah Orr: Face the facts: men are more prone to violence than women

What is murder? It is a much more complicated question than it may seem


Hamish McRae: Don't despair over house prices

So what's to be done about the mortgage famine?


Mark Steel: Why do the unions keep handing over money?

Where unions have defied the trend and grown has been where they're seen to be defending the workforce

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Ben Nicholson (Abbot Hall, Kendal)
Famed for his pure and wiry-lined abstractions, Ben Nicholson appears here as an artist of place, attached to particular areas of England (01539 722 464) to 20 Sept

The Lure of the East (Tate Britain, London)
Nineteenth-century British painters do the Near and Middle East: William Holman Hunt, Lord Leighton and Richard Dadd and others contemplate turbans, harems and hookahs. (020-7887 8888) to 31 Aug

The Grand Tour (Various venues, York)
High-definition, actual-size reproductions of 49 old masters, including Stubbs’s Whistlejacket, are hung around the city’s streets. (01904 687 687) to 8 Sept

Nowhere Is Here (The Drawing Room, London)
Five artists from around the world explore the natural environment, in memory, in fantasy, and extremely literally. (020-7729 5333) to 20 Jul

Cy Twombly (Tate Modern, London)
An overview of the past 50 years for an old American artist doing romantic gestural painting: burning colours, gnarled splurges, shimmering streaks, mythic resonance. (020-7887 8888) to 14 Sept