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The Vice Squad: How 'Vice' magazine became the new teen bible

'Vice' magazine has been redefining style and pushing back the frontiers of taste for 15 years with images of nudity, death, drugs, war and more. Its creators say they're in the great tradition of satire – telling their readers what the mainstream media won't dare to. Really? Charlotte Philby reports on a new exhibition of its provocative photographs

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Janet Street-Porter: 'You don't need to go to Tesco to eat well on budget'

Crunch time: Our writers hit the high street

As recession looms, consumers are tightening their belts as never before. We gave three retail experts £50 each and sent them in search of better value on the high street

Graham Gough and Lucy Goffin in the garden they have nurtured over the past 10 years

Gardens: 'There had to be a garden'

Marchants Hardy Plants in Sussex is a busy and successful nursery. So what possessed its owners to take on a large and complex garden as well? Anna Pavord finds out.

Sarah Doukas:

My Secret Life: Sarah Doukas, Model Agent, age 50

The house I grew up in... I don't have a traditional sense of "home" as my parents moved a lot when I was young. I "grew up" at my grandmother's farm in the New Forest. My parents were busy focusing on my younger siblings and I loved spending time with grandmother who always treated me like an adult.

Jonny Woo:

How do I look? Jonny Woo, Drag artist, age 34

I got into drag while I was living in New York, about eight years ago. I was hanging out with friends who performed on the downtown Burlesque scene. I started with tranny lip-synching – literally, miming a song while dressed in drag. I'd be in heels and a pair of pants, the little boy look; though I've always had the beard.

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Deborah Orr: Face the facts: men are more prone to violence than women

What is murder? It is a much more complicated question than it may seem


Hamish McRae: Don't despair over house prices

So what's to be done about the mortgage famine?


Mark Steel: Why do the unions keep handing over money?

Where unions have defied the trend and grown has been where they're seen to be defending the workforce

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