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Last updated on July 26th, 2008.

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Getting Started / Updates

      In this section i will describe the first steps i consider important to take after installing Windows 95 on a system. It is a good idea to get the latest updates to allow your system to surf the net in the most efficient way possible. Although Windows 95 is ready for the net after installation (as long as you have a modem and it was detected and installed properly), there are 2 important updates that i recommend installing to allow for faster, more efficient browsing, as well as better security and more efficient use of your CPU resources.

Microsoft's Windows Sockets 2.0 for Windows 95  Direct download
  - This update resolves a number of Winsock2 issues. It also resolves a number
  - of TCP/IP stack issues. This update is required for several security programs
  - such as Spybot or Avast! to name a few, to run on Windows 95.
Microsoft's Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade  Direct download
  - This upgrade includes the latest security updates, networking related updates
  - as well as Y2K related updates.

      Special Update 3/11/2007
US & Canadian updated Daylight Saving Time values for 2007 onward (Win 9x)
  - This registry file will modify the DST duration from the second Sunday of
  - March to the first Sunday in November in accordance with the new regulation
  - for the following Time Zones: Newfoundland, Atlantic, Eastern, Central,
  - Mountain, Pacific & Alaska. These changes will be made directly in your
  - Windows registry. Make a backup for your safety and use at your own risks.
  - You can use Atomic Clock Sync to view the changes.

      The following updates are available to fix a number of other issues. Install as required.

Windows 95 Service Pack 1  Alternate (Powerload)
Windows 95 Year 2000 Update
DirectX 8.0a for Win 95, 98 and ME  Direct download
DirectX latest version (not for Win 95)  DirectX 9.0c Redistributable
Microsoft Libraries Update for Windows 95  Alternate (Powerload)
Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable for Windows 95, 98, and Me  Direct d/l
DCOM95 Redistributables 4.71.1015.0  Direct download
ComCtl32 Redistributables 5.80.2614.3600  Direct download
HTML Help Redistributable v1.3  Direct download
Microsoft Layer for Unicode 1.1.3790.0  Direct download
Visual Basic Script Support v5.5 (, aka Vbscript or Windows Script)
  - VBScript is typically installed along with IE, but can be added later if left out
  - via IE custom install (under Web Authoring). Main file is vbscript.dll.
  - This download is a standalone installer for version corresponding to IE 5.5
  - Next, this security patch should be applied to upgrade vbscript to
Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Build 3810 for Win95 to XP  Build 3805
Sun Microsystem Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.3.1_20 for Windows 95
Sun Java 1.5 latest release for Win 98 SE and later  JRE 1.4.2 for Win 98
  ->Visit this archive for any other version
  ->Test your Java version here
Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8g for Windows  Determine your version
Windows 95 USB Guide and drivers  Download Files
Euro Currency Support for Windows 95
CD-ROM Extras for Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade
Installing Windows Desktop Update (aka Active Desktop)
Root Certificates Update  Direct download
MS+ for Windows 95

      Finally, a good number of other useful updates can be found in the following pages.

Microsoft's Windows Update for Windows 95
  - IE 4.0 or newer set at default security level required. Click Product Updates.
Powerload's Home Page  Win 9x resources page
Axcel216 / MDGx Windows essential free upgrades and patches
ERPMan's Windows 95 SP1 & OSR2.x System Updates page
HPC Factor's Windows 95 Installation Procedure, Patches & Updates Guide
Ben Jos Walbeehm's Windows 95 system updates page
  - Disable Javascript before loading this page. JS modifies the d/l links.
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      Now that your system is up to date, you want to protect it. The first and most obvious step is to get an anti-virus program installed. Be advised that these programs are becoming more powerful all the time to defeat ever growing threats. This means low powered CPUs will suffer from the increasing computational demand of a resident AV, resulting in reduced system speed.

AVG 8.0 Free Edition anti-virus from Grisoft  Manual Updates
  - The new AVG requires Windows 2000 or above   and reviews aren't great.
  - AVG 7.5 is the last version for 9x/Me (including W95) and is still available
  - from AVG or AVG Australia, but hurry up and get it while you still can!
  - AVG 7.5 is the best free anti-virus available on the net in my opinion, unless
  - your CPU is slower than 300 MHz in which case Avast below would be
  - a better choice. Be patient, the installation interface takes a moment to open.
  - The resident shield real-time protection is excellent. The scanning engine
  - is a little slow. Configuration is easy and intuitive. Updates download speed
  - is good, but they can take a while to get installed and ready if CPU is slow.
  - Online email scanner can be left out using custom install (older machines)
Avast! 4, Home Edition from ALWIL Software Version 4.8  Manual Updates
  - Another excellent freeware anti-virus software, packed with features!
  - A bit slow loading at boot up. Automatic updating is very 56k friendly.
  - Highly configurable. The resident scanner delays starting of applications
  - slightly, but can be paused easily while working offline to increase system's
  - speed. The scanning engine runs almost seamlessly in the background
  - (light on resources). System requirements are clearly displayed before the
  - installation process begins. Installation takes a while and may appear to stall.
  - Be patient and wait until the Setup finished message instructs you to restart.
F-Prot 3.16f, Free AV for Dos  Manual Fp-def updates  Macrdef2 updates
  - This product is discontinued. Last definition update is dated May 31st 2008
  - This excellent freeware Dos based AV offers no resident real-time protection
  - nor automatic updating utility, but third party utilities are available right here.
  - However, it provides scanning capability directly from Dos in the event
  - Windows is compromised by a virus. Scan downloaded files easily by simply
  - adding a shortcut to it in the sendto folder of Windows. Advanced users can
  - add "Scan with F-Prot" to Explorer's context menu to quickly scan folders.
  - This key will only work if F-Prot.exe is located in C:\Program Files\F-Prot
  - Safe to install even if you run a resident Windows AV, it won't interfere.

      Some software makers provide a freeware online version of their scanner. This helps them to identify new threats, gather statistical data and advertise at low cost. Support for Windows 95 however is uncertain.

Housecall Anti-Virus
  - Free Online Virus Scanner by Trend Micro.
Symantec Security Check
  - Free Online Virus Scanner by Norton.
eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner
  - Free Online Virus Scanner by Computer Associates.
BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan
  - And what might that be?

      Next, lets take care of possible intrusions by hackers. This is accomplished by using a Firewall software. There are several good firewalls available for free on the internet. Here are a few.

ZoneAlarm 3.1.395
  - This is the last version of ZA for Windows 95. In my opinion, this is
  - the best and easiest to use free firewall software available on the net.
  - Any problem? Don't like the interface? ZA 2.6.362 is still available
  - and is the firewall i currently use on my Windows 95 test computer.
Sygate Personal Firewall 5.6
  - This is a great alternative to ZA. If you are having any difficulties with ZA
  - this is probably your next best choice. Symantec acquired Sygate in 2005 and
  - discontinued SPF. The last freeware build 2808 runs on W95 OSR2 or better.
  - Some, but not all, Win 9x users report a bug in SPF v5.6.2808 causing it to
  - alert that KERNEL32.dll is trying to connect to the internet. Previous
  - version 5.5.2710 is apparently not affected by this bug.
Outpost Firewall Free 1.0
  - One more good free firewall alternative.
Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15
  - This is an older freeware version of Tiny still appreciated by many.
Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.4
  - This older version of Kerio works nicely on Windows 95. Freeware.
Steve Gibson's Shields UP!
  - An excellent test for your firewall. Good security info as well!
PC Flank: Make sure you're protected on all sides
  - Find a variety of tests, news and tips here.
Browser Security Test  Older Test
  - These tests will attempt to crash your browser using known vulnerabilities.

      Other useful security software.

Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6.0 (freeware, 14.3 MB)  Alternate
  - Detects and removes Spyware/Adware, views startup entries, processes...
  - This latest release version is fully compatible with Windows 95.
  - I'll keep the Spybot 1.3 download available for a while, but the few bugs still
  - affecting v1.5.1 in Windows 95 have now been successfully ironed out.
  - Detection rules updates are available manually from here.
Lavasoft's Ad-Aware 2008 Free (17.07 MB, Not for Windows 9x)
  - This program detects and removes Spyware/Adware pest programs.
  - The new 2008 version requires Windows 2000 or above. Win 9x/ME users
  - should use this Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06 msi installer (freeware, 4.12 MB)
  - (tested in W95), or if you run into problems, use this workaround solution.
  - The program takes quite a while to load definitions on my test system (P166),
  - but scanning is still rather fast and appears to work properly. If you run Avast,
  - pausing the standard shield before starting AA speeds up the process.
AnalogX Script Defender 1.02 (196k)  Review
  - Intercepts execution of the most common scripting types used by viruses.
Spyware Warrior's list of Anti-Spyware NOT to use
  - You'll be amazed at how many rogue anti-spyware there are out there!
Steve Gibson's freeware utilities
  - Some rather useful utilities here, mostly security related.
HijackThis! v2.02, hijacker tricks detector (freeware, 392k)
  - Your browser has been hijacked? This tool will help zap the highjacker.
Winpatrol 2008 (freeware, 705k)
  - Protects against a variety of threats and nuisances. This version produced the
  - following error after launching on Windows 95: "The PATROLPRO.DLL file
  - is linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:IsDebuggerPresent". Win 95
  - users should keep using older Winpatrol for now. Still, you must
  - visit this page before proceeding with this installation.

      And now, here are some interesting security related sites.
  - A nice collection of security software with ratings (several freeware).
SpywareInfo - Spyware and Hijackware Removal Specialists
  - More great info and software. Find useful security programs here.
SANS Institute - Computer Security Education and Information
  - Another very good source of security related information.
The CERT® Coordination Center
  - Center of Internet security expertise, lots of info.
Suzi's Computing Topics
  - This page has a lot of great security tips written in easy to understand
  -  language and presented in an easy surfing environment. Nice!
  - Spyware Guide Database - Spy Software, Malware and Adware.
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Internet Explorer 5.5 Service Pack 2 and Internet Tools
  - This active setup works properly in Windows 95. If you prefer, you can
  - find several sources to download the IE 5.5 SP2 full install setup file here.
  - The last cumulative security patches available for this version on Win 95 are:
            Q832894.exe  (February 2, 2004. Tested in Win 95)
            Q867801.exe  (July 13, 2004. Tested in Win 95)
            vbs55men.exe  (Vbscript security update, February 14, 2002.)
  - Look up IE's Help -> About to verify which updates are installed in your IE.
  - These updates are already dated and will not protect you against all threats.
  - I strongly recommend disabling ActiveX for all sites other than Trusted Sites
  - See some useful security tips and more on how to secure your browser
  - This version runs well on a 486 dx2 66 MHz with 16 MB ram or better.
  - It's also the last version of IE that will run on Windows 95.
Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 2
  - You may be better off with this older version of IE on a slower system.

Opera 9.51 (Freeware)  Opera's archive 9.10 to current  9.02 and prior
  - MSI installer (6.70 MB) or Classic installer (4.72 MB)
  - The latest version works properly in Win98se (after complaining of an
  - outdated Msimg32.dll), and is now fixed for Win95 as well (tested on
  - OSR 2.0). If you upgrade from Version 9.27 and are using the mail client, i
  - suggest you make a backup copy of your \Opera\Mail folder. The new
  - version won't let you rollback to your previous version if something goes
  - wrong because it uses a new mail format. You'd have to reinstall from scratch
  - and import your mail from that backup. If you don't like the new look,
  - right-click the top toolbar and click customize, select the skin tab, click the
  - find more skins check circle then find and download a replacement (i went
  - for Opera 9 Classic Skin). It will be applied automatically, just click [yes].
  - Note: A spell checker is available for use with the built-in email client.
              You can download GNU Aspell for Windows and dictionaries here.
  - Note: Java is no longer included. Windows 95 users should download and
              install the last release of Sun's JRE 1.3.1_20 Sun has completed the End
              of Life process for the Java Runtime Environment v 1.3 on Windows.

Firefox 3.0 and Mozilla 1.7  Plugins for Mozilla
  - Mozilla is the (outdated) suite. Firefox 3.0 (browser only) requires Windows
  - 2000 or above, however Firefox and earlier will work on Win 95.
  - This last working version runs fine on my Windows 95 OSR2.0 test system
  - (P166, 32MB RAM), as long as no more than 2 or 3 windows or tabs are
  - opened, but becomes sluggish when opening more. Localized releases of this
  - version in other languages are available in this archive.

Netscape Communicator 4.80  Security Update for prefs.js (use "Workaround")
  - Complete download (22.7 MB)
  - The web browser in this version cannot use external css files used by an
  - increasing number of websites, so expect several sites to display incorrectly.
  - It's still the best at handling images, particularly progressive Jpegs, so it has
  - not yet outlived its usefulness to browse badly designed image boards that
  - can choke other browsers. The email client is my main reason for using it.
Netscape's Archive
  - Browse in here to find versions 4.7x to 9.x of the Netscape browser.
  - Note: I've been told 7.2 runs well on Win 95 OSR2.1 (4.03.1212)
Netscape 9.0 (Win 98 SE or higher)
  - Netscape Spell Checker's Dictionaries (Add Additional Languages)
  - Netscape Cookie Editor 3.2a  Direct download

Browsers Evolt
  - Find almost any browser in this huge browsers archive! Very fine site .
Pegasus 4.41 freeware email client for Win 9x
  - Pegasus constitutes a good alternative to Outlook Express.
Foxmail 5.0 freeware email client for Windows
  - Foxmail is another good alternative.
Eudora 7.1 freeware email client for Win 98  Read this before "upgrading"!
  - Yet another popular alternative. The latest version of Eudora however is not
  - compatible with Windows 95. Find older versions at Eudora's archive
  - You should aim for version 6.1 or earlier for Windows 95
Main Menu

Boot Disks

Powerload Boot Disks for all versions of Windows & Dos
Micron PC - various Boot Disks with CD-ROM Support - various Boot Disks + Drivers and Utilities
Boot Disks for most versions of Windows by DEW associates
Span's Boot Disks for most versions of Windows
Bob Bale's Boot Disks with CD-ROM Support
Terri's Boot Disks page
Tealtech's Disktest PRO 1.3, test, recover or repair floppies (freeware, 266k)
Main Menu

Download Sites
  - An excellent archive site for older software. A good place to look for
  - software compatible with Win 95.
  - Another archive site, similar to above.
  - Yet another archive site, similar to above.
Last Freeware Version - 321Download
  - Find the last version of your favorite program that was freeware.
AnalogX Downloads
  - A great source for all kinds of small freeware utilities that all work with
  - Windows 95! Security, maintenance, audio, etc...
  - Looking for Audio/Video or CD/DVD burning software? It's all here!
  - Here you will find a lot of small yet powerful programs of all kinds.
SureCool - Freeware Downloads - Betas - Tips - Troubleshooting
  - A good collection of freeware utilities, very useful.
OldOs downloads for Win 95
Tucows for Windows
Garbo Win 95 archive  Mirror
Simtel Windows 95 Collection
University of Koeln's ftp server for Win 95 to XP
Trilobytes toolbox collection Win 9x resources
Bookcase Win 9x & NT software
SnapFiles (formerly Web Attack)
Free Downloads Center
Freeware Files
BrotherSoft Freewares
NoNags Freeware/Shareware
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WARNING: Do not replace dll files on your system unless you know what you
                    are doing, you may render Windows inoperable. This section offers
                    a way to replace a corrupted file with a working copy of the same
to repair Windows, not a way to upgrade a system. Always
                    scan for viruses and keep a backup copy (.old) of the file you
                    replace so you can revert if problems arise.

Dll-Downloads  DLLs for Win 95
Windows DLLs and Drivers for Windows 95A  For Windows 95B
Dll World
Paco's Drivers Dlls
Freeware Files Libraries & Dlls

Visual Basic Runtime dlls

Vb4Run.exe (The file contains both the 16-bit and 32-bit versions.)
Visual Basic Run-time Libraries 3.0 to 6.0
Main Menu


Dos Mouse Driver v7.04
IntelliPoint 4.01 Mouse Software for Windows 95
IntelliPoint 4.12 Mouse Software for Windows 98, Me and NT 4.0
Logitech MouseWare 9.61 for Windows 95 to XP
IntelliType Pro 1.1 Keyboard Software for Windows 95
IntelliType Pro 2.22 Keyboard Software for Windows 98, Me and NT 4.0
Disk overlay programs to let you use big HDs
Avira NTFS4DOS Personal 1.9  Direct d/l  Alternate  User's manual  Alternate

Drivers sites

Totally Drivers
Micron PC's drivers page
ABCdrivers (spanish)
Paco's Drivers
Winsite Win 9x/Me video drivers  Printer drivers
Cnet drivers page
Galttech Drivers
Bookcase, drivers for Win 95/98 (no search utility)
Support information for CD-ROM installation  Alternate  Generic driver
Main Menu



Archivers   CD/DVD   Diagnostic   D/L Managers   FTP Clients
Office/Word   Imaging/Multimedia   IM/Chat   P2P File Sharing
System Tools   Viewers   Misc



Winzip 11.2 (2000-XP)  Winzip 10.0  Winzip 8.1 SR-2 for Win 95
  -> Command line support add-on  Version 1.0 for Win 95 (Wz 8.x)
PowerZip 7.2, powerful multiformat archiver for Windows 95 (Shareware)
  - Need to extract AES encrypted zips? This will do the trick.
Freezip 1.4.9, free alternative to Winzip. Creates self-extracting files
Enzip 3.00, freeware archiver similar to Winzip. Creates sfx (1.47 MB)
Minunzip, a very small and easy to use freeware unzipping utility (only 33k)
PKzip 2.50 for DOS (202k)  Alternate
Winrar 3.71 and RAR for Dos 3.71, handle .RAR, .ZIP and more
Winimage 8.10, handles .IMG, .IMA, .IMZ and .VFD formats.
  - Version 8.1 won't run in W95. Look down the page and get v8.0.
Winace 2.69, handles .ACE, .ZIP, and .RAR formats among others  D/L Page
Power Archiver, free (v. 6.x and earlier) multiformat archive utility  Alternate
Winarj95 4.10, handles .ARJ format
Dos Arj 2.75, handles .ARJ format (464k)
Finesplit 1.05, an amazingly small freeware file splitting utility (only 5k!!!)
HJSplit, freeware file splitter for Windows
2xExplorer, Windows Explorer replacement with built in splitter (391k)
Software Menu   Main Menu

Exact Audio Copy, freeware audio CD ripper for Windows
Audiograbber, freeware audio CD ripper for Windows
Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic (11.1 MB)
  - I use this one on my test system with good results.
  - Upgrade only, prior installation of older version required.
DeepBurner Free Portable 1.8
Burn4Free 4.6, freeware data and audio CD/DVD burning software
  - Setup on W95 (while offline) proceeded without problem and works well.
  - On W98SE, the setup required installing a toolbar to continue, but failed even
  - after accepting. Was the install successful in W95 because the toolbar requires
  - IE6 and therefore was skipped? Bad policy to impose a toolbar anyhow (all
  - updates above 4.3).
CDCheck, freeware to compare, verify or recover data on your CDs/DVDs
  - The latest version occasionnaly finds errors where none exist while
  - verifying freshly burned media against HD files. I never experienced this
  - problem with previous version To revert, just install over.
Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier, freeware file recovery utility for damaged CDs
Software Menu   Main Menu

Aida32 v3.94.2, powerful freeware system information and diagnostic tool  Alt.
SiSoft Sandra 99 Std (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant)
WCPUID, displays detailed CPU and motherboard information (freeware)
HWiNFO 2.00, hardware detection and information utility for W95  Download
System Analyzer 5.3t, detects all the hardware in your computer (only 242k)
DocMemory, freeware memory diagnostic utility (RAM)
Memtest86 3.4a, stand-alone memory diagnostic utility (66k)
Hard Drive diagnostic utilities from Micron PC
Hard Drive diagnostic utilities from Rino Canada
Hard Drive diagnostic utilities from TACKtech
More Diagnostic Utilities from Softpedia
Software Menu   Main Menu
Download Managers

FlashGet 1.9.6, versatile download manager for Win 95 (freeware)  Plugins
Getright 6.3e, programmable d/l manager  Full install direct d/l
  - Error "linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:IsDebuggerPresent" occurs
  - with the latest version. I like to use older version 4.5e in Windows 95.
Free Download Manager (FDM) 2.5 for Win 9x
Stardownloader 1.45, freeware download manager for Win 95
Download Express 1.9 Build 341, freeware download manager for Win 95
LeechGet Personal Edition 2007 v2.1 Build 2000 (freeware)
  Note:Leechget 2007 is not entirely functional in W95 / IE 5.5 (IE 6.x required).
          I recommend leaving out IE Extension and using clipboard monitoring.
Fresh Download 7.96, freeware D/L manager for Win 95
More Download managers from Tucows
Software Menu   Main Menu
FTP Clients

WS_FTP LE 5.08, freeware FTP client (690k)  Guide
LeechFTP 1.3 Build 207, freeware FTP client (620k)
FTP Commander 8.0 (or 7.67), freeware FTP client (655k)
Core FTP LE 2.1 Build 1546, freeware FTP client (3.31 MB)
Using Internet Explorer as FTP client
Software Menu   Main Menu

XnView 1.94, excellent freeware multimedia viewer/converter for Windows
  - The browser in this latest version doesn't work in Windows 95. It causes an
  - invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL. The picture viewer works
  - properly and appears faster than the previous version. If you need to use the
  - browser, you should stick with XnView 1.82.4 until a bugfix is released.
  - Plays video formats such as MPG, WMV, ASF and even AVI with DivX.
Irfanview 4.20, another excellent freeware multimedia viewer/converter
FastStone 3.5, one more very good freeware multimedia viewer/converter
More image viewers for Windows 95  picture viewers
Graphics Workshop and GIF Construction Set from Alchemy
QuickView Pro 2.58, the amazing Dos full screen movie viewer (only 634K)
  - This version's default settings were causing it to crash when attempting to
  - view video files. Switching Video Scale from Hardware to HiQ Software in
  - Options (Alt+O) fixed the problem. SPC to check/uncheck, C to save config.
  - Want older version? Replace version number in d/l link with what you want.
VideoLAN VLC media player 0.8.6i (freeware, 9.06 MB)  Older versions
  - This pearl supports formats such as wmv, mov, qt, flv & many more, all via
  - its built-in codecs. Its low CPU power requirement makes it friendly to older
  - Windows 95 machines. Previous version 0.8.6e and current 0.8.6i won't run
  - on Win9x (wxWidgets Fatal Error) despite unicode support installed as
  - suggested here. The last release known to work is version 0.8.6f, a very
  - impressive lightweight player loaded with features, a must try for W95 users.
Flash Movie Player 1.5 (freeware, only 446k)  Alternate
  - This small application plays flash movies without opening a web browser.
  - Allows seeking, playlists, full screen play, snapshots creation and more.
Windows Media Player 6.4 (last release for Win 95 , 3.42MB)  Direct Download
   -Codecs package for WMP 6.4 (down the page, 1.26 MB)  Direct Download
   -Latest cumulative security patch for WMP 6.4 (Q320920, June 26th 2002)
Windows Media Player 7.1 (installation tested in Windows 95)
   -Codecs package version 9 (1.13 MB, tested with WMP 7.1 installed in W95)
   -Latest cumulative security patch for WMP 7.1 (Q320920, June 26th 2002)
DivX 4.12 codec
XviD 1.1.3 codec
Various Codec Packages from
  Note: Most of these won't work properly (or entirely) on Win 95.
RealPlayer 8 Basic, build (Freeware, 4.89MB)  Alternate
   -Detailed Installation instructions  RealPlayer 8 Basic FAQ
   -realplay8_upto_realvideo9 v1.2 (codecs update)
   -To install this update, run file, press [enter] twice, then click [A] (yes to all).
QuickTime 5.0.5 Stand-alone  Alternate
Winamp 5.24 and prior  Winamp 5.09 lite
   -Winamp is no longer supported in Windows 95 (v5.5 or newer will produce
   -error linked to missing export USER32.DLL:MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx).
   -Version 5.24 or earlier will work, 5.09 lite works best for me.
Sonique 1.96, cool looking free MP3 player for Win 9x
Audio Active 2.08, free MP3 player for Win 95  Audioactive Recorder v1.1
Winplay3 2.3b5, small and simple MP3 player for Win 9x (982k)
The Sonic Spot - Audio Players (big list!)
MP3 Workshop 2.01, a small freeware MP3 editor/transcoder for Win 9x (768k)
dBpowerAmp Music Converter 10.0 (freeware, 1.35 MB)
BeSweet v1.4 & v1.5b31, freeware audio format converters (transcoders)
Media Box audio/video software, choice of free multimedia editing software
Software Menu   Main Menu

Aol Instant Messenger 4.8.2790, last version released for Windows 95 (2.71MB)
  - Because of a Security Vulnerability in this version (minimal risk, really a
  - non-issue AFAIC), some users may prefer using previous version 4.7.2480
  - which is unaffected
AIM+, removes ads, logs chats and more. (freeware, 200k)
  - A nice little add-on to make AIM more customizable.
Yahoo Messenger With Voice 8.1
  - This version won't work in Win 95. Error "YAUDIOMGR.DLL file is linked
  - to missing export USER32.DLL:MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx" will occur.
  - However version 7.0 works surprisingly, even though the 6.x series didn't.
  - A basic installation of the messenger only (no add-ons) works properly on
  - my test system. For those who might run into problems, i will continue to
  - offer YM 5.6 for download (basic installer, 2.79MB) since OV doesn't yet.
  - Note: Deleting the file yupdater.exe removes upgrade notification nagging.
MSN Messenger 5.0 for Windows 95 (3.89MB)
Miranda v0.7.8, freeware multi protocol instant messenger client
  - The 9x/ME installer works in Win 95, but a zip download is also available.
  - Basic and lightweight. Customizable by means of downloadable plugins.
Pidgin 2.4.3, freeware multi-protocol IM client (AIM, YM, MSN...)  Alternate
  - Formerly known as Gaim, the latest version won't install on Windows 95.
  - The last version that will run without error loading gaim.dll is Gaim 0.79.
Trillian, freeware cross network IM client (8.64MB)  Alternate
  - This installer doesn't work in Win 95. You can use older version 0.74i
Odigo 4.0, cross network IM client for AIM, YM, ICQ... (2.87MB)
Google Talk 1.0
  - This IM client from Google requires Windows 2000, XP or Vista to run.
  - It is however possible to access the Google Talk network using Gaim
  - I was successful with version 0.79 above using my Gmail account details.
  - It's also possible to access GTalk using Miranda  (OpenSSL required)
Jabber Windows Clients, list of Jabber type IM clients
ICQ Official download page  ICQ Pro 2003b  ICQ 4 Lite  ICQ 4 Lite (français)
Mirc 6.33  Older versions
Picophone 1.64, an amazingly small VoIP webphone (only 57k!)
Software Menu   Main Menu

OpenOffice 2.4.1, free Office Suite by Sun Microsystems (127.0 MB, not W95)
  ->Patch for OpenOffice 2.0 on Windows 95 (untested, for v2.0.x only)
      ->OpenOffice 2.0.x is still available here
 *Legacy Release: OpenOffice (for Win 95, 51.3 MB)   Alternate
 *OpenOffice version française  Alternate  Alternate 2  Alternate 3
  ->Dictionaries for OpenOffice
AbiWord 2.6.4, free word processor similar to MS Word® (5.66 MB)  Download
  The latest stable version doesn't run in Windows 95. An error "linked to
  missing export:KERNEL32.DLL:IsDeguggerPresent" occurs on start.
  Win95 users can download and use previous stable release 2.4.6 (5.16 MB).
Jarte 3.2, free word processor similar to MS Word (2.58 MB)
  Unfortunately the latest version won't run in Windows 95. It will cause an error
  "linked to missing export USER32.DLL:GetClipboardSequenceNumber".
  Win95 users can download and use older Jarte 2.6 (1.39 MB) instead.
Editor² 2.5, small yet powerful notepad replacement (57k)  Alt.  Translations
WinVi 2.97, another powerful lightweight editor (189k)
Spread32 v2.02, freeware spreadsheet editor (Excel)  Direct d/l (english, 703k)
FreeSpell 4.2, Freeware Universal Spell Checker (2.71 MB)
Quinion's Freeware Universal Spell Checker 3.02 (several languages)
TinySpell 1.7, Freeware Universal Spell Checker (585k)  Alternate
  On W95, the latest version produced error "The PSAPI.DLL file is linked to
  missing export NTDLL.DLL-_stricmp". Build 1.5.014 will do the job on 95.
WordReference, a very useful online dictionary. Translations and definitions
Software Menu   Main Menu
P2P File Sharing

Zeropaid - The File Sharing Portal
Slyck - File Sharing, Digital Media and Tech News
FileSharingPlace - File Sharing Directory
Ratiatum - Info en français sur le P2P

Shareaza 2.3 (open source, spyware-free)  Tahoma font (required for Win 95)
  ->Download for X-Ray Security Filter 7.5
  Gets fast and reliable downloads across several networks. Excellent!
  Version works well in Win 95, but subsequent versions crash on start
  ("illegal operation" error while loading GUI). Looks like Shareaza abandoned
  Windows 95 support from this last working version onward . This version
  can no longer access the eDonkey network which should be kept disabled.
SoulSeek 156c (spyware-free)  Slsk Forum (see for technical issues)
  Soulseek sometimes crashes on start (failed to create empty document). If this
  happens to you, delete the attributes.cfg and shared.cfg files in the soulseek
  program files folder and restart slsk. You'll then need to reshare your files.
eMule 0.49a (open source, spyware-free, supports use of proxy)  Emule Forum
  The latest eMule installer works flawlessly on Win95. The program is also
  distributed in zip format. This version runs perfectly on my W95 test system
  and offers full access to both the eDonkey network and Kad network. Note that
  unicode support is required by eMule on Win9x (extract to c:\windows\system)
  For information about eMule security, lookup IPFilter.dat.
eDonkey v1.4.3
  Note: Not tested in Win 95
KaZaA Lite K++ 2.4.3 (spyware-free)
  Note: I recommend v2.1.0 b3 for Win 95. Newer than 2.4.1 won't install.
Kazaa Lite Resurrection  and  K-Lite 2.7
  Note: Not tested in Win 95
Gnutella Windows Clients (updated)  Alternate
Software Menu   Main Menu

System Tools

JV16 PowerTools, free system maintenance tool (last freeware)  Setup
RegSeeker 1.55, excellent freeware registry cleaner (439k)
  This new version doesn't appear to work on Windows 95 (nothing happens,
  does not start). I suggest sticking with tested and trusted RegSeeker 1.45.
RegCleaner 4.3, by same author as JV16 above. Stand alone (540k)
Crap Cleaner 2.09, cleans internet cache, registry and more (freeware, 2.78M)
  Error "linked to missing export KERNEL32.DLL:IsDebuggerPresent" occurs
  in Windows 95 with Ccleaner 2.0x. Seems like W95 users will have to stick
  with last working version 1.41 from now on.
Registry Defragmentation 8.9, improves system performance (shareware 2.60M)
Compressing Windows Registry using Updated Regedit in Dos mode
2xExplorer, free dual-pane Explorer replacement loaded with features
Startup Control Panel 2.8, easily configure which programs run after reboot
Starter, configures startup, views processes, CPU clock, free memory
  This new version crashes on start on W95. Version works for 95 users.
Msconfig for Windows 95
More Properties 2.03.0276, easily change many hidden Win 95 settings (351k)
Windows ME defrag utility (much faster)  From Surecool
Microsoft's Windows 95 Power Toys
Microsoft's Windows 95 Kernel Toys
Microsoft's Tweak UI 1.33
Clean System Directory v1.7 cleans unused DLLs out of Windows  Alternate
Xen cleaner 1.89, comprehensive system cleaning and backup utility (814k)
BootSave 2.5, lets you save, verify and restore your HD's master boot sector
CmosSave 4.0, lets you save, verify and restore your Cmos settings
Software Menu   Main Menu

PowerPoint 97 Viewer for Win 95
Word 97/2000 Viewer for Win 95
Excel 97/2000 Viewer for Win 95
Cabviewer for Windows Explorer (right-click cabview.inf and select "install")
Macromedia (Adobe) Flash player  Test your flash plugin
  ->  Direct Download for IE (ActiveX)  For other browsers (Dll Plugin)
Adobe Acrobat viewer 5.0 for Win 95 (views PDF files)  Direct d/l  Alternate
Foxit Reader 1.3, PDF viewer lighter and faster than Acrobat above (1.2 MB)
  Note: Version 2.0 also available at OV will not work in Win 95.
Software Menu   Main Menu

IE New Window Maximizer 2.4 (freeware, 412k)
  Keeps your Internet Explorer windows maximized. Requires Microsoft Active
  Accessibility update v1.3 (msaardk.exe, 1.18 MB) in order to work in Win 95.
Webshots, turns your boring desktop into a work a art! Very nice!  Direct d/l
  Latest version works in Win 95 provided you have msimg32.dll.
  This file must be unzipped in your /Windows/System folder. I left out the IE
  toolbar. Some may prefer using older version (no dll required).
EMS Free Surfer mk II, freeware pop-up blocker (tested in W95)  Direct d/l
Pop-Up Stopper 3.1.104, freeware pop-up ad blocking utility (tested in Win 95)
Pop-Up Stopper Classic v2.92, some prefer the older "more aggressive" version
HTTrack 3.42-2, freeware web site downloader / offline browser (3.33 MB)
IEradicator 2001, removes all trace of IE from your PC (only 101k)  Alternate
Rename Master 2.8.2, powerful and easy to use freeware mass renaming utility
  Although this latest version works, it produces an error on exit in Windows 95.
  You may prefer, as i do, using older v2.7.5, better suited for use at 800x600.
UFO 96, dual-pane freeware 32-bit file manager for Dos (397k)
Restoration 2.5.14, freeware file undelete utility for Win 95 to XP (229k)
Disk Investigator 1.4, directly reads raw drive sectors (freeware, 358k)
HDCopy 2.104, freeware HD copier for Win 9x and ME (151k)
AM-DeadLink 3.2, free validation software to test bookmarks (1.13 MB)
Atomic Clock Sync, freeware to set your system's clock precisely (628k)
  Look down the page for the Win9x/ME version.
Novell NetWare Client v3.4 for Windows 95/98/ME (15.7 MB)  Alternate
Software Menu   Main Menu
Support's Windows 9x Support Forum
  - Excellent support site where users go to help/get help. Forums for other
  - OSes also available and accessible through this page.
Tech Support Guy Windows 95/98/ME Forum  Internet & Networking Forum
  - In my opinion, this is one of the best Win 95 support forum around! Windows 95 forum
  - There is more than just a forum here. This site contains lots of info and is
  - worth exploring. Try out the links in the articles menu to the left and learn!
AllExperts for Windows 95/98
  - Similar to a forum, a place where you can ask a question and get an answer
  - from an expert. Find also a good collection of Q&A.;
Windows BBS for Windows 95
  - Help forum for Windows 95. Other versions of Windows also supported.
Lightspeed's Dos & Windows Forum
  - Now a member of the OSForum Affiliate Sites community.
Comment Ça Marche
  - Un forum en français pour vos problèmes d'ordinateur, incluant Win 95.
  - Un intéressant forum francophone dédié à l'optimisation PC et Windows.
Windows Networking - Windows 95/98/ME Articles & Tutorials
  - Most if not all of your networking questions will get an answer from that
  - excellent site by author J. Helmig.
Direct Connect Pages at Kime.Net
  - Another interesting site for networking help using Direct Cable Connection
95 Is Alive
  - Find lots of great tips and tricks here, and some useful utilities.
InfiniSource Windows 9x Support Page
  - Updates, tips and some useful utilities for Win 95.
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page
  - Lots of useful information regarding Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP
Mesich Win 98 Help
  - Many of the tips you'll find here can be used on Windows 95 as well.
Windows 95 Tips and Tricks - HelpWithWindows
  - Learn some of the intricacies of Windows 95 on this page.
Windows 95 Tips and Tricks - RSH Web Services
  - Well presented selection of Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Windows 95.
Windows 95/98 Technical Information - 5 Stars support
  - Great place for tips, tricks and tutorials for Win 9x. See page 2 as well.
Windows 95 Help - Computerhope
  - Information about Windows 95 for novice to advanced users.
Windows 95 Help - ChasM's Helpdesk
  - Table of content for several help topics.
Windows 95 Help and Tips - MalekTips
  - All kinds of Windows 95 tips can be found here.
The Windows 95 Home Page - Techadvice
  - A List of Windows 95 issues and solutions.
Windows registry tutorial - PC Tools (be careful!)  Start learning here
  - Excellent site, very useful! See also security, drivers and software guides.
Windows registry and other settings - FiveAndDime (again, be careful!)
Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/ME/XP/Vista
Putergeek's Windows 95 Tweaks, Tips, and Step By Step Guides
Windows95 FAQ  More here  And here
Windows 95/98 minimum system requirements and installation help
FAT32, FDISK and Format Guide
MS-Dos7 Commands
MS-Dos Reference, list of Dos Commands
What to do if IE's "open in new window" function doesn't work
Useful Internet Explorer Tips  More Tips Here
How To get Windows' dialer to remember your password
How To change text size in major browsers
How To enable/disable Javascript "on the fly" in major browsers
How To enable/disable ActiveX and Java in Internet Explorer
How To speed up data transfer from HD using DMA  Setup DMA (Win 9x)
How To clean Windows Temporary files manually
How To install the Task Scheduler in Windows 95
How To install TCP/IP in Windows 95/98
How To recover a Windows Backup (.QIC) file
How To uninstall MS-JVM  Download removal utility UNMSJVM.EXE
How To speed up a sluggish start menu in Windows 95
56K Modem Tweaks
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