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Browsers (16-bit)

First, here are the browsers that i use.

Microsoft's internet explorer 3.03 service pack 1 full  Alternate Downloads
IE 3.03 SP1 in 4 floppies for 1.44 MB Floppy Disks installation
  - Small and fast but starting to show its age like all the Win 3.1 browsers.
  - Includes a dialer. Problems installing? Get some help here
Microsoft's internet explorer 4 with outlook express download full
128-bit encryption package for IE4  Alternate
Outlook Express 4.01 (16-bit) y2k update KB article q237823  Download
  - I don't use this one but decided to put it here to make it easier to find.
  - If you're upgrading i recommend you skip this one and get version 5 below.
  - If you get a "not enough memory" error but have plenty of RAM, see this.
Microsoft's internet explorer 5.01 with outlook express download full  Alternate
128-bit encryption package for IE5  Alternate
Outlook Express 5 (16-bit) y2k update KB article q237824  Download
  - The most "up to date" browser available for Win 3.1. It includes a dialer and
  - the Outlook Express email client. If you get a "not enough memory" error
  - but have plenty of RAM, try using setup /f:16.
Netscape Communicator 4.08 complete (17 MB)   Same via FTP
Netscape Navigator 4.08 (browser only, 8.67 MB)   Same via FTP
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.04 (2.97 MB)  Alternate  Installation help
  - Netscape's FTP Archive
  - Netscape Spell Checker's Dictionaries (Add Additional Languages)
  - The Communicator version includes an Html editor, AOL Instant Messenger
  - and an email client with interesting features: lower left email icon and
  - programmable sound alert. Both versions support 128-bit encryption and java
  - No dialer included. You can use the IE dialer or one of these:
  - Trumpet Winsock 3  Help for TW3 or Trumpet Winsock 2  Help for TW2
  - NetDial 2.76b
Arachne 1.70 revision 3 Main Download Page (official)  Direct download
Arachne GPL archive (v 1.71 to 1.90J3)  Alternate  1.75 1.77 1.81 1.83 1.85 1.87
Arachne 1.93 latest GPL release
  - This Dos based browser is small (about 1 MB) and will work on almost any
  - system. It includes email capability and its own dialer. A bit slow for image
  - intensive sites.

Other 16-bit browsers and email clients.

Aol 4.0 for Windows 3.1 (6.7 MB)
Aol 3.0 US Version floppy size setup  Aol 3.0 Canadian version
Opera 3.62 for win 3.x (fits on a floppy)  Alternate  Opera for Win 9x
Lynx text browser 2.8.6
Mosaic 2.1.1 for win 3.x  Requires Win32s  For 9x
Browsers evolt, a huge browsers archive
Eudora Light 3.06, freeware email client for Win 3.x  Setup Help
Pegasus 3.12b, freeware email client for Win 3.x  Setup Help
Pegasus 3.50, freeware email client for Dos
Foxmail 1.6, small freeware email client for Win 3.1 (English version, 294k)
e-Mail Notify 1.22 for Windows 3.1, checks POP3 account for new mail (169k)
Various email clients and utilities for Win 3.x from Bookcase
Main Menu

Boot Disks


Powerload's Boot Disks for all versions of Windows & Dos
Micron PC - various Boot Disks with CD-ROM Support - various Boot Disks + Drivers and Utilities
My own Dos 6.22 based Win 3x Boot Disk (3.x/9x/ME)  Image file  Winimage
Dos 6.22 Boot Disk with CD-ROM support from  Putergeek
Boot Disks for most versions of Windows by DEW associates
Span's Boot Disks for most versions of Windows
Bob Bale's Boot Disks with CD-ROM Support
Terri's Boot Disks page
Tealtech's Disktest PRO 1.3, test, recover or repair floppies (freeware, 266k)
Main Menu

Download Sites


Powerload homepage  Win 3.x page
  - This interesting site by Mick C. offers many resources for Windows and Dos
  - The Win 3.x page contains several updates and other utilities.
OldOs  Win 3.1 page  Dos page
  - My forum partner's site.
ZeroSky's ...freaked homepage  Forum
  - Your one stop resource for Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT 3.51, DOS, and more...
Gaby's (in english)
  - Tips, links and downloads for Windows 3.1x and Windows NT 3.1.
Axcel216 / MDGx
  - Updates, fixes, tricks and downloads for Win 3.x and Dos.
PeteWeb PC Refurbishing Resources
  - Useful forums and downloads for old operating systems and old PCs.
  - Windows 3.1 site offering games and utilities among other things.
Terri's Homepage
  - Help, downloads and support for Windows from Terri Kaduck
Bob Bale's Homepage  Win 3.1 page
  - Help, drivers, utilities and freeware/shareware
Abandoned Zone Abandonwares
  - A nice abandonware site, well worth a visit!
  - Here is an assortment of DOS & Win 3.1 utilities, applications and games.
Short.Stop's Free Software for Dos
  - Lots of Dos programs, with alphanumeric index.
Interesting Dos programs
  - Here you can find lots of amazing little Dos programs. You won't believe
  - what some of these can do!
DOS Solutions
  - Help, links and several downloads for Dos.
Dos... the ghost in the machine
  - Downloads and info for MS-Dos and Dos alternatives.
Download: DOS
  - Some programming languagues such as C, C++ & Pascal are available here.
  - Find also some Dos archivers as well as useful individual downloads.
  - This website is dedicated to 4Dos and Dos related material.
DDB: DOS Websites
  - A nice collection of Dos sites sorted by main content.
Flop Stuff
  - Some floppy sized Win 3.x freeware not found anywhere else
Maxim's old 16-bit/Calmira stuff
  - Find some unique programs and patches for Win 3.1/Calmira here.
Slovak Anti-Virus Center  Mirror
  - AV, Graphics and Communication software and LOTS of utilities.
  - Alphabetical index.
386 Experience
  - Many interesting downloads, including old OS, Games and Applications
Quality Freeware for Windows 3.x
  - Here you'll find a good number of free programs and utilities for Win 3.x.
Abandonware France
  - Trouvez ici une impressionnante collection de vieux logiciels, dont plusieurs
  - sont en français. De nombreux jeux pour les nostalgiques!
Cool Whittle's Homepage
  - Some games and apps for Win 3.x and Dos.
Bob Groves' Dos and Win 3.1x freewares
  - Find some uncommon 16-bit software here.
  - A collection of really hard to find pieces of software.
DR-DOS unofficial resources  Download DR-DOS 7.03  Alternate
Winsite  Win 3.x page
Vetusware for Windows 3.x  For Dos
The Freeware Site  Win 3.x Page
Garbo for Win 3.x downloads  For Dos
University of Koeln's ftp server for Win 3.x  For Dos
Trilobytes toolbox collection for Win 3.1x  For Dos
Bookcase Win 3.x software  Dos software
Actrix ftp server for Windows 3.x  For Dos  Games
Alex-Soft, free games for Windows and Dos
PLBM Games
Dos Games
Dos Games Archive (Games and Programs)
Bookcase Win 3.x Games page (huge!)
C-DOS Abandonware, lots of games
Abandoneer's links to abandonware games
Main Menu



Cute Mouse 1.9 (serial and ps/2)
Microsoft Mouse Driver 9.01 for Win 3.x and Dos
MS Mouse with Intellipoint v1.0 (supports single click activation)
ChampMouse 4.0, a small Dos mouse driver from IBM (serial and ps/2, 11k)
Speaker Driver to make system speaker behave like a sound card
SVGA generic driver from Microsoft
DrDos Fat32 driver for Dos and Win 3.1 with setup instructions  Driver d/l
Long File Names (LFN) drivers:
  - Doslfn 0.40e  Doslfn 0.32n (02.06.2003)
  - Instant File Access 4.00
  - LFNDOS v1.06 , LFN for Win NT & more
Ontrack DiskGo! 2.50, driver that allows you to use a HD larger than 540 MB
 ->Use Winimage to extract the .IMZ file to a floppy. Read the Readme file
Brand specific HD overlay programs (a.k.a. disk manager) similar to above
PlayAtWill 1.05, utility to install PCMCIA driver for Dos and Win 3.1  Readme
Support information for CD-ROM installation  Alternate
 ->Download for Generic CD-ROM driver  Alternate
Iomega zip drive Jaz Tools 5.51 for Dos (Zip 100 & 250)  Driver only
Iomega zip drive IomegaWare 1.0 for Win 3.1 (Zip 100 & 250)  Driver only
Adaptec drivers for networking cards for Win 3.1
IBM Card Soft PCMCIA driver diskette for Windows 3.1
3Com and Intel Ethernet and PCMCIA card drivers for Win 3.1
EnvoyData PCMCIA drivers for Win 3.x & DOS (Systemsoft Cardwizard)
Addonics Technologies PCMCIA Card Driver for DOS/Win 3.1 & Win NT 4.0
USB Driver for Dos!!!
USB DOS Resources
PCI USB 2.0 Enabler for DOS
Avira NTFS4DOS Personal 1.9  Direct d/l  Alternate  User's manual  Alternate

Drivers sites

Totally Drivers
Micron PC's drivers page
ABCdrivers (spanish)
Paco's Drivers
Winsite Win 3.x video drivers  Printer drivers
Bookcase, numerous video drivers for Win 3.x (no search utility)
Galttech Drivers
Various boot disk with CD-ROM drivers
Garbo's list of drivers for Win 3.x  Alternate
Main Menu



FCC ID search from the FCC
FCC ID search from Driverzone
FCC ID search from ABCdrivers (spanish)
Main Menu


WARNING: Do not replace dll files on your system unless you know what you
                    are doing, you may render Windows inoperable. This section offers
                    a way to replace a corrupted file with a working copy of the same
to repair Windows, not a way to upgrade a system. Always
                    scan for viruses and keep a backup copy (.old) of the file you
                    replace so you can revert if problems arise.

Dll-Downloads  DLLs for Win 3.x
Dll World
Paco's Drivers Dlls
Freeware Files Libraries & Dlls

Visual Basic Runtime dlls

Vb4Run.exe (The file contains both the 16-bit and 32-bit versions.)
Visual Basic Runtime Dlls 3.0 to 6.0
Main Menu



F-Prot 3.16f, Free AV for Dos Official Download Page (4.58 MB)
   ->, latest update of the virus definition file for F-Prot
   ->, latest macro definition file for F-Prot (Word/Excel)
   ->Find free update utilities for F-Prot for DOS here
Main Menu


Archivers   Download manager   Editors   Fax   File Managers   FTP Clients
HC-Formatters   IM/Chat   Imaging/Multimedia   Memory Utilities   Partition
Shell/Desktop   Uninstallers/System   Viewers   Win32s   Misc



WinZip 6.3 for Win 3.x (615k)  Alternate
Minunzip, free easy to use unzipping utility for Win 3.x (only 33K)
Winimage 6.0 for Win 3.x, 9x and NT  Requires Win32s
Winimage 3.0 for Win 3.x (older version that doesn't require Win32s)
Image for Dos, freeware, for IMG format (9K)
PKzip 2.50 for DOS (202k)  Alternate
PKzip 2.63 for Win 3.x (665k)
Stuffit Expander, free multiformat archive decompressor for Win 3.x (346k)
Winrar 2.06 for Win 3.x (475k)  Alternate  Requires Win32s
Dos Rar 3.71, handles .RAR format (647k)  Older version (2.50)
Winarj25 3.01.0x for Win 3.x, handles .ARJ format
Dos Arj 2.75, handles .ARJ format (464k)
Splitz, intuitive freeware file splitting utility by Diego Barros (115k)  Alternate
HJSplit 1.4, another freeware 16-bit file splitter for win 3.1 (110k)
Software Menu   Main Menu

Download manager

Getright 1.3b, Download Manager for win 3.x (298k)  Requires Win32s
Software Menu   Main Menu


WordPerfect Library Shell (version 4.0c)
WordPerfect 6.1 ED.EXE (version 3.1) text editor for Dos (help = F3)
WordPerfect 5.1 for Dos
WordPerfect 6.0 for Dos
WordPerfect's 5 and 6 web site
Utilities from WordPerfect and Corel
Corel FTP, downloads for WordPerfect for Dos 5.x  WPDos 6.0  WPDos 6.1
VE (Visual Editor) powerful text editor for Dos with manual (freeware, 812k)
MS WORD for DOS version 5.5 (freeware, 3.33 MB)
WinVi 2.94, free text editor for Windows 3.1
Notespad 5.0, text editor with tabs to flip between multiple files
Notepads+, freeware text editor with spell checker and toolbar  Registration
Quinion's Freeware Universal Spell Checker for Win 3.x/9x
EZSpell, Spell Checker for Notepad and Write (or Wordpad)
Gpage 1.9, generates html page from text page with addresses
AOLpress 2.0 HTML Editor for Windows 3.1
16-bit HTML editors from Actrix FTP
Software Menu   Main Menu


Cheyenne Bitware 3.24 for Win 3.x and Dos (Freeware, 3.48 MB)
Cheyenne Bitware 3.30 for Windows 3.x (Freeware, 2.98 MB)  Download
FaxMail 9.78.01 for Win 3.x from Electrasoft (shareware, 1.02 MB)
FaxSav 3.1, easy to use printer driver to send faxes (shareware, 1.00 MB)
Just The Fax 2.8, another small, easy to use shareware fax program (1.03 MB)
Bgfax 1.70, free fax software for DOS (397k)
Software Menu   Main Menu

File Managers

Updated File Manager (y2k compliant) for Win 3.1  For WFW 3.11
File Manager StepUp For Win 3.x/9x and NT
Total Commander 6.57 shareware File Manager/Archiver/FTP for Win 3.x
Directory Freedom 4.61b, free Dos File Manager/Archiver (223k)  Alternate
Xtree Gold 3.0 for Dos Download
Xtree Gold 4.0 for Dos  Original (3 IMZs)
NTFS Reader for Dos 1.0.2
Software Menu   Main Menu

FTP Clients

WS_FTP LE 5.06, free ftp client for Win 3.1 Download
Cute FTP 2.0 Download (shareware)
Software Menu   Main Menu


FDFormat 1.8, high capacity formatter formats floppy to 1722k = 1.68 MB
 ->FDF Shell v3.5, GUI for FDFormat above
FMT v1.00, high capacity formatter formats floppy to 1722k = 1.68 MB
Superformat v2.8, high capacity formatter formats floppy to 1722k = 1.68 MB
Maxi Disk 4.2, high capacity formatter formats floppy to 1722k (shareware)
2MegFormat v3.0, high capacity formatter formats floppy to 1804k = 1.76 MB
Software Menu   Main Menu


AOL Instant Messenger for Windows 3.1, NT & 95  Direct d/l for Win 3.1
Mirc 5.91, Chat IRC client for Win 3.x  Alternate
ICQ 1.111b for Win 3.x  Requires Win32s
Software Menu   Main Menu


Xnview, very good free image viewer/editor for all platforms  Requires Win32s
Irfanview 2.05, free image viewer/editor for Win 3.x (229k)  Requires Win32s
ACDSee 2.2 for Windows 3.x , a good shareware pictures viewer (693k)
Sea3, Photodex's excellent pictures viewer/converter for Dos (704k)
Paint Shop Pro 3.11 for Win 3.x (1.83 MB)  Alternate
Graphics Workshop 1.1y for Win 3.x
Neopaint 3.2d, image editor similar to PSP for Dos
Gif Construction Set from Alchemy (creates animated Gifs - shareware)
Animated GIF Editor v1.0 for Windows 3.1 (only 46k !)  Alternate
Winplay3 v2.3b, MP3 Player for Win 3.x & 9x
Winplay3 v1.3 (freeware, 2nd in the list)
Audioactive 1.3, MP3 Player for Win 3.1  Alternate
Windows 3.1 Audio Software (this site is loaded!)
Mpxplay 1.55, Dos audio player for MP3 and other audio formats
SBPlay 2.58, sound player/converter (does not require a soundcard, 186k)
DOSAmp 0.8, free basic command line MP3 player for Dos (106k)
DOSAmpex v0.9.5, adds playlist repeat, reverse, shuffle, etc... to DOSAmp
Damp 0.97 WIP 8, MP3 Player for DOS
QuickView Pro 2.58, excellent video, pictures and sound player for Dos
Xing Mpeg Player v1.3 for Win 3.1
VMPEG v1.7 Lite, Mpeg Player for Windows 3.1
Windows Media Player 5.2b for win 3.x (5.42 MB)  Alternate
Video for Windows 1.1E  Alternate
SJG Play, free media player for Win 3.1, 95 and NT  Download 16-bit package
QuickTime 2.12 for win 3.x  Alternate
RealPlayer 5.0 for win 3.x  Alternate
Software Menu   Main Menu

Memory Utilities

Ramdoubler 1.03, Ram compression utility for Win 3.x  Version 1.12 Updater
 -> What it does and how it works
XMSDSK, small and efficient program to create a resizable Ramdrive  Alternate
DocMemory, freeware memory diagnostic utility (RAM)
Memtest86 3.4a, stand-alone memory diagnostic utility (66k)
Software Menu   Main Menu


3XSTART.EXE, patch that lets you run win 3.x with Dos7/FAT32
Delpart, Partition Deletion Tool (look below the boot disks)  Alternate
Partition Resizer v.1.3.4 for Dos (FAT16/32) Freeware
Ranish Partition Manager 2.40 for Dos (FAT16/32) Freeware
Software Menu   Main Menu


Calmira II v3.31, shell giving the look and feel of Win 95 to Win 3.x  Alternate
Calmira XP 4.0B, similar to above but uses the XP theme
WinBar 1.2, a freeware Win 95 style taskbar for Win 3.x
TaskTool 2.3, a Win 95 style taskbar and start menu for Windows 3.1  Alternate
DosBar v1.43, Toolbar for DOS windows
Software Menu   Main Menu


Faros3 Uninstaller
InCtrl2 installation monitor/uninstaller
BootSave 2.5, lets you save, verify and restore your HD's master boot sector
CmosSave 4.0, lets you save, verify and restore your Cmos settings
Clean System Directory v1.7 cleans unused DLLs out of Windows
Advanced Task Manager for Windows 3.1x
XOSL - Extended Operating System Loader, freeware Boot Manager  Alternate
Smart Boot Manager, freeware OS independent and full-featured boot manager
Aida16 v2.14, powerful freeware system information and diagnostic tool (505k)
HWiNFO 5.2.0, hardware detection and information utility for DOS  Download
System Analyzer 5.3t detects all the hardware in your computer
Syschk 2.46, system diagnostic utility for DOS
SAW 1.10, system analyzer for Windows 3.x
Modem Doctor, modem diagnostic utility for Windows 3.x
Hard Drive diagnostic utilities from Micron PC
Hard Drive diagnostic utilities from Rino Canada
Software Menu   Main Menu


PowerPoint 97 Viewer for Win 3.1 (16-Bit)
Word 97/2000 Viewer for Win 3.1 (16-Bit)
Macromedia Flash player plugin  Direct Download  Test your flash installation
Adobe Acrobat viewer 3.01 for Windows 3.x (views PDF files)
Software Menu   Main Menu


Win32s v1.30c Build 1.30.172 (last available version) Info and D/L  Via FTP
Win32s list of compatible programs  Alternate
How to remove (uninstall) Win32s  Alternate
How to Troubleshoot Win32s Installation Problems
Software Menu   Main Menu


GW-Basic 3.23 for Dos  GW-Basic User's Manual
KindlyRat's GW-Basic Manual, Compiler, tutorials, examples and games
World Atlas, (PC Globe Maps-n-Facts v1.0, 6.09 MB)  Read Me
MS Entertainment Packs 1 to 4
Mini-Windows16, bootable floppy size Win 3.1 emulator by Digitalfish Alternate
Mini-Windows 3.1 by Roytam1
Peephole's Mini-Windows 16-bit and 32-bit versions
Shards, mini-windows 16-bit by Micheal D.
PicoXT, free IBM PC-XT emulator to play those old 80's games  Download
Win 3x Euro Symbol Core Fonts
Updated calculator for Win 3.x (fixes subtraction errors)
World Clock 4.0 shows time in 1250 cities on 12 digital clocks at a time
Capclk 5.0, puts time/resources in title bar for Windows
Freeware PC-Tools for Dos
NoiseKiller 1.3, stops inactive HD from spinning, like newer Windows versions
Software Menu   Main Menu



World of Windows Networking by J. Helmig
  - This is a very well designed site for support on networking. Different OSes.
  - Well illustrated. Some answers on other communication problems as well.
Networking for WFW 3.11
  - By the same author, this is the page for WFW 3.11 (and Windows 3.1)
  - Javascript is required for the linkage of this page to work properly.
Direct Cable Connection
  - By the same author, this is the page for Direct Cable Connection
Networking Windows 3.11, v1.0
  - This page explains networking for Windows 3.11 (not WFW).
Networking Windows 3.11 under Virtual PC
  - This is Virtual PC Guy's take on accessing the net with W311 under VPC.
Direct Connect Pages at Kime.Net
  - Another interesting site for networking help using Direct Cable Connection
Networking software for DOS and Windows 3.x  More here
  - A useful resource for advanced users. Descriptions, instructions
  - and downloads.
Microsoft's Interlnk/Intersvr explained  Download
  - Learn how to use MS interlnk/intersvr to connect 2 computers via DCC.
  - Theses programs work fine in 32-bit systems, but only read and write on a
  - FAT16. Always use the Win 3.1 (or Win95a) system as the server.
Help about what kind of cable to use
  - A nice page by Powerload about Null Modems and Data Transfer Cables.
Downloads for Microsoft DLC and Microsoft TCP/IP for WFW 3.11
Microsoft Network Client version 3.0 for MS-DOS
Novell NetWare Client 2.71 for DOS and Windows 3.1x  Alternate
Laplink3 for Dos Download  Laplink 3
Laplink4 for Dos Download  Laplink 4
Laplink5 for Dos Download  Laplink 5
Laplink5 product overview
Fastlynx 1.1 for Dos Download
Fastlynx 2.0 for Dos Download from XTreeGold v1.23 for Dos Download
File Maven 3.5a for Dos Download  Alternate
Link Maven 2.03, shareware for Win32 to Dos transfers (from XP to Win 3.1)
  - Dos / Win 3.1 systems must run Dremote.exe found in the Link Maven folder.
Stirling Technologies' WinQVT/Net 3.98 for Win 3.1x
Stirling Technologies' QVT/Term 4.1.5 for Win 3.x
Main Menu

Support's Windows 3.1 Support Forum  DOS Forum
  - Excellent support site where users go to help/get help. Forums for other
  - OSes also available and accessible through this page.
Tech Support Guy DOS Forum
  - Forum for DOS and other older OSes.
Virtual Dr's Windows 3.1 and DOS Support Forum
  - Other OSes forums also available through this page.
  - Un forum en français pour les usagers de Win 3.x. Vous trouverez
  - ici support technique et liens utiles pour faire revivre cette vieille machine.
DR-DOS Forum
  - DR-DOS Forum by DrDOS.Ws.
Lightspeed's Dos & Windows Forum
  - Now a member of the OSForum Affiliate Sites community.
Vintage OS
  - Support for installing Dos, Windows and Calmira among other things.
Troubleshooting GP Faults
  - Description and Troubleshooting for General Protection Faults from
  - Microsoft Support.
Infini Source Win 3.1 Support Page
  - Interesting information page for win 3.1 including a tutorial, tips and tricks,
  - GP Faults and GDI mem troubleshooting, plus info about TCP/IP and
  - internet connection.
Help, fixes, tips and tricks for Win 3.x from ChasM's Helpdesk
Windows 3.1 FAQ
Windows 3.x and DOS Technical Support from OIT Helpdesk
Setup Options, Shortcut keys and Run options for Win 3.x from Computerhope tips, tricks, fixes and tweaks for Dos and win 3.1
Windows 3.1 tutorial from University of Strathclyde Computer Centre
Windows 3.1 Support from University of Oregon
Stephan Großklaß's Windows 3.1x tuning page
Windows 3.1 Tips from TipsDr
Windows 3.1 Tips from Centreline 2000
Windows 3.1 Tips from Robelle Support
Windows 3.1 Help and Tips from MalekTips
Windows 3.11 Desktop and File Manager Tutorial
UBIS - Getting started with Windows 3.1
Windows 3.x page at Wikipedia, interesting read
MS-Dos Reference, list of Dos Commands
DOS Manual by Everett Murdock
DOS Tutorial by Russell D. Hoffman
DOS FAQ by Christoph Fuchs of DrDos
Batfiles: The DOS batch file programming handbook & Tutorial  Links Page
The World of DOS - Subject Index and Links
A quick and simple DOS tutorial
Help for computer problems from Data Doctors Computer Services
Support information for CD-ROM installation  Alternate
Winmodems vs Hardware Modems
Wilbur 3.1, help file containing list and use of HTML coding
HTML Help by the Web Design Group (WDG)  Wilbur 3.2
Dr Clue html web page coding info and support
HTML code tutorial
Gifart's HTML Directory
Help with compatibility problems of Win 3.x programs used under Win 9x
Help installing IE 3.03
Help Installing Trumpet Winsock 3 (twsk30d.exe)  Download
Help Installing Trumpet Winsock 2 (twsk20b.exe)  Alternate  Download
How To use Microsoft At Work Fax (WFW 3.11)
More about Microsoft At Work Fax (WFW 3.11, look for chapter 13.0)
How To use Cheyenne Bitware
Microsoft's support page for Win 3.1
WFW Stabilization Techniques
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Initialization Files
Pegasus mail Setup Guide
Eudora mail Setup Guide
Help uninstalling Win32s manually  Alternate
Help uninstalling IE 3.0 16-bit manually
Help uninstalling IE 5.01 16-bit manually
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Calmira iWarp Program
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