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Chapter 10: D & D: Just A Game?
Reproduced by permission.
© 1988 by Rick Jones

The devil is using many different tools today to trick young people into riding the fast lane down the stairway to hell.

One of the most dangerous and widespread of all those tools is his fantasy role playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

Literally millions of young people are unknowingly participating in genuine occult practices and opening the doors for demons to enter their bodies through this seemingly innocent game.

By the time they find out they were hood-winked, it's too late. They have taken that last step down the stairway to hell and are greeted by the engulfing flames.

Here are just a few who have seen first hand what hell is really like because they fell for this dangerous deception:

Murder – Suicide

Daniel (16) and his brother Stephen (14) died together in a D & D "murder – suicide." Stephen shot and killed his brother, then turned the weapon and used it on himself.

Authorities are convinced their deaths were related to D & D. The local Police Detective who handled the case, came to this conclusion about the two brutal deaths:

"There is no doubt that D & D cost them their lives."1

Murdered Four People

Daniel sat in a Kansas jail cell after a crime spree that left four dead and four others wounded. When a reporter visited his cell and asked about his motives for the killings, he replied:

"Have you ever heard of Dungeons and Dragons? That had a lot to do with it." He added, "It's not just a board game, it's a lot deeper than a board game."2

The youth also said he had five friends who were "locked up for the same thing right now (because of the game)."

A retired police officer who lectures police groups on the occult said D & D is:

"...supposed to be a board game, but kids play it for life and death on the street."3

Strangled Two Children To Death

The headline read, "Boy was driven to kill." A 14-year-old boy who "loved playing the fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons" admitted strangling a 9-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother.

Under hypnosis, the young murderer recalled seeing the boy "with a rope around his throat, purple, bleeding, struggling, falling to the floor."

The director of a local mental health clinic testified that the boy "became obsessed (a nice way of saying possessed) with the sudden need to kill." A psychiatrist agreed that the boy was "suddenly obsessed with killing." According to testimony, the boy killed "coolly, as if he were a spectator, and with no feeling."4

What happened? How could a 14-year-old child murder two young children in cold blood for no reason and with no feeling? Simple. He had been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a year and a half and had been a dungeon master for 5 months.

Through D & D, the demons entered his body and drove him to commit the murders.

Did you notice that this child became "obsessed" with the sudden need to kill? That doesn't describe a normal (or even abnormal) 14-year-old. That describes a boy who is possessed by demons.

The newspaper reported that the child killer said he felt like a "spectator" at the killings. That's because he was. It was Satan's evil demons who were interested in killing those innocent children, not the boy. Since they completely controlled him, they drove him to kill those children. He was just a human vessel the demons used to kill two more precious lives.

This poor boy really was a bystander. But because he was deceived, it will haunt him for the rest of his life.

How did the demons get in him? Through the D & D. That's the ultimate (but well hidden) purpose of the "game." When a player begins worshipping a new deity (Satan) and asking help of characters in the game (demons), they are doing exactly what out-and-out Satan worshipers do, they just don't realize it.

Around the world, teens and adults are opening the door for demons to enter their bodies through D & D. The heartbreaking part is that they have no idea what's happening to them.

If you are a D & D player, Satan's plans for you are the same as the youngsters we've just listed. Before you say it will never happen to you, do you suppose any of these teens thought they would become cold blooded murderers while still in their teens?

Satan has deceived you just like he deceived them. You're on the stairway to hell and don't even know it. That's just the way Satan wants to keep it.

You say, "I don't believe D & D has anything to so with Satan or religion." Then let's turn to page 25, paragraph 3 of "Deities and Demigods (instruction manual) and see what D & D says about itself.

"Serving a deity is a significant part of D & D, and all players should have a patron god."5

Surprise D & D player! Guess which deity you are serving? Satan! The list of deceived victims of this deadly demonic "game" never stops:


A 16-year-old active D & D player shot himself through the heart just hours after a D & D curse was placed on him during a D & D game at his high school.6

Murdered His Father

A 17-year-old boy from Wisconsin murdered his foster father after becoming "obsessed (there's that word again) with playing D & D." At his trial it was revealed that he played D & D "several hours per day," and had reached a "high level of expertise."

Three months before the murder, he wrote one of his D & D playing buddies that this would be his last letter "because I will probably be in jail for (first) and (second) degree murder and arson. This is no joke."7

In his book, "None Dare Call it Witchcraft, "Dr. Gary North describes D & D as:

"...the most effective, most magnificently packaged, most thoroughly researched introduction to the occult in man's recorded history."8

I remember talking with a desperate boy who had played D & D for several years. Though it started as just a game, it didn't stay that way for long.

To progress in the game, he asked D & D "creatures" to help him win battles. He had no idea, but those creatures were literal demons. When he asked them to come to him and help him, he was unknowingly inviting actual demons into his body.

As he got deeper and deeper into the game, fear began to overtake him. He eventually caught on that he was into more than what he bargained for. It was then he decided to quit the "game."

When he started talking about quitting, he began hearing voices in his head. The demons inside him threatened to kill him if he stopped playing the game.

The last time I saw him, he admitted becoming posessed with demons through D & D. He also confessed that the demons now controlled his entire life. He was terrified! He feared that remaining in the game would lead to his death, and trying to get out would bring the same fate.

If only he had known all that before he let some of his friends persuade him to play D & D for the first time. Satan counted on his ignorance, and won.

Official Investigation

To find out if D & D used authentic occult materials, the CBN television network assigned an investigator to study the question. He appeared on a CBN interview, along with a former employee of the company that makes D & D to announce their findings.

They concluded that D & D does contain authentic occult materials. Rituals, magic spells, charms, names of demons, etc. were all authentic. They said a list of names of demons and devils that were in a new D & D book kept showing up in the Bible.

The conclusion of the study should send shivers up and down the spine of every D & D playing teenager. They found that D & D is "not fantasy."9

Shot Himself In The Head

The parents of a 17-year-old boy watched their son calling up D & D demons only moments before he took his own life by shooting himself in the head.10

Suicide By Auto-Erotic Hanging

Before ending his own life, and 18-year-old boy from Marion, Ohio was noted to be "posessed (there it is again) by D & D as though he were living the game."11

Murdered by Two D & D Friends

An 18-year-old girl was murdered by two friends with whom she played D & D frequently. The killers were heavily into D & D. The victim was bound and gagged and died by strangulation.12

One last grizzly story.

Murdered Both Parents and A Clerk

Sean, 17, was found guilty of first-degree murder for shooting both his parents and a convenience store clerk. He supposedly shot the clerk to see what it felt like, then shot both his parents in their sleep so he could do whatever he wanted.

After the verdict was announced, Sean told reporters that he wanted to warn other youth about satanism, the occult and "Dungeons and Dragons."

"I wanted to warn teenagers who are out there. It's not the way. It's not the way. Jesus is the only answer that's out there...and it's time teenagers got serious about Jesus in America. It's time now."

Sean said he didn't remember if he killed his parents.

"I loved my parents" he cried out. "And if something like this – satanism and 'Dungeons and Dragons' could have caused me to do something like this. Think, people, think."13

Once he had been tricked into the occult through D & D, Sean's satanic beliefs led him to recruit his friends to form a coven, drink blood during rituals and pledge to "serve only Satan" in a blood pact.

According to official court testimony, Sean, an experienced D & D player, told a friend that he saw flying demons when he prayed to Satan.

During the trial, an attorney read a tear-jerking letter Sean's mother had written to her son just hours before he brutally murdered her. In it, she wrote of her love for him and her desire to help him. Part of the letter read:

"My son, my son, I see so much pain, so much anger. How can I help you?"

Sean wept as his attorney read the letter. What happened? Two parents loved their son and he loved them. Yet he brutally blew their brains out while they slept...all for no reason. Why?

D & D provided the doorway for demons to enter the body of this unsuspecting teenager, which led to full blown Satan worship. Then the demons, totally controlling him, drove him to murder the two people who loved him more than anyone else.

What a tragedy! And in his own words, Sean admits that it was all caused by his participation in Dungeons and Dragons.

Many teenagers have committed suicide when their D & D character dies. Others have murdered friends, parents and others because they played the "game." Rapes, tortures and untold other gruesome and sick crimes have also been linked to D & D.

Teenager, before you play your first game of D & D, ask yourself:

Do I want to invite real demons into my life so they can do to me what they did to Sean and the others we've talked about?"

If your answer is no, then stay away from D & D!

Dungeons and Dragons is one of Satan's sneakiest tactics, leading a long parade of unsuspecting souls down the stairway to hell.

If you want to stay off that deadly stairway, steer clear of Dungeons and Dragons.

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